Beat Tape

Mandog – Dead Hard Drive MP3s Volume Two [Beat Tape] [2016]

Mandog – Dead Hard Drive MP3s Volume Two [Beat Tape]
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01. Switchupbeat
02. Tight
03. Leaving
04. Morph
05. Dontchu Know
06. Delighted
07. Dome
08. Jimini
09. Tear Ya Down
10. Reversemastered
12. Trueschool
13. Go Go Go Zoom Zoom Zoom
14. Fuck Em
15. Kill The Paper Boy
16. Groovebot

Mandog – Dead Hard Drive MP3s Volume Two

A couple of years ago, my hard drive crashed. This was before I was smart enough to back everything up, export wav files of my mixdowns, etc. All I have from most of the beginning of my music making career are MP3 files, which I can’t do too much with. However, lots of them I think are super dope, and I want people to hear them. So, here ya go, the second installment…Volume Two of “Dead Hard Drive MP3s”

Beat Tape

Mandog – HandPaw [Beat Tape] [2015]

Mandog – HandPaw [Beat Tape]
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01. SPECIAL REPORT (Confidential Mandog Intro) (Good Luck)
02. Host (of Problems)
03. The Swarm (Insectivorians)
04. Skills (Decent Sword) (On Sale)
05. Loss (Round 1)
06. Round 2 (Won)
07. Hermit (the Dog)
08. Broken Back (Camel) (Straw)
09. Listen to This
10. Get a Job (No Dogs Allowed) (…..?)
11. Rally (feat. No one)
12. EXECUTIVE ORDER *Bite The Hand That Feeds* (Gotta train a dog) (Pawvolution Interlude) (Return of HandPaw)
13. Hunter (Good Nose)
14. Fuel (Not A Good Toilet but Snacks)
15. Safe House (Rest)
16. Bounce Back (Reflexes) (Fast) (Killed a fly) (Bear Hands) (Damn Near)
17. 77.7 (BPM) (Really Tho) (DJs)
18. Hive Mind (That Ol Boogie Woogie) (Brain Washed) (Population)
19. Lo Anne Ultz (Back Story) (HandPaw/Opossubly)
20. All Starry Sorry (Polite) (Scrapes plate) (Clean Version) (Yo)
21. Baloney Station (Bus Stop) (Extended OG Dog Version)
22. Caught (In Traffic) (No Frogger) (Look Both Ways)
23. Dead (All Dogs Go to Heaven) (Death) (Of HandPaw?) /Ferret Faucet (Gwyneth pOutroy) (Opossubly Outro)

Mandog – HandPaw