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!LLMIND – Presents: The H!ttaz Beat Tape Volume 1 [Compilation] [2016]

!LLMIND – Presents: The H!ttaz Beat Tape Volume 1 [Compilation]
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01. Silent Killer (Produced by Nokturn)
02. Buju (Produced by Bigg Kid)
03. Forsight (Produced by EFF3X)
04. Cosmos (Produced by Nokturn)
05. Way Up (Produced by Fouche)
06. Switch It Up (Produced by Fouche)
07. Satellite (Produced by Jedi Jordan)
08. Bankroll (Produced by Bigg Kid)
09. Lay (Produced by Nick Pacoli)
10. All The Way Inside (Produced by Nick Pacoli)
11. With You (Produced by Jedi Jordan)
12. Pulling Away (Produced by EFF3X)

!LLMIND – Presents: The H!ttaz Beat Tape Volume 1

@illmind brand new production collective “The H!ttaz” releases their highly-anticipated beat tape. The H!ttaz are a collective of producers from all across the globe, hand picked by !llmind over the course of years. Hailing from New Jersey, Los Angeles, Ohio, Ukrane, United Kingdom, San Francisco and New York City. Although they come from different parts of the world, the mission is simple. To push the artistic creative limits to the MAX, with nothing to hold back. Attention to detail, musicality, sound design, swing and a sense of effortlessness. This is just a 1st course meal of what’s to come!

The H!ttaz are:
Nick Pacoli
Bigg Kid
Jedi Jordan


!llmind – Graduation On Mars [Single] [2016]

!llmind – Graduation On Mars [Single]
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01. Graduation On Mars

!llmind – Graduation On Mars

Beat Tape

!llmind – Vista Gloriosa [Beat Tape] [2016]

!llmind – Vista Gloriosa [Beat Tape]
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01. Gangsta
02. Red Lights
03. The General
04. On A Sunday
05. Chainsmoke
06. Stellar

!llmind – Vista Gloriosa

In January of 2015, I converted a house on Vista Gloriosa Blvd. in Los Angeles into a studio. For 2 weeks straight, I made beats. This is a collection of some of my favorites. – !llmind


The Drum Broker – !llmind – KING Z3US Acapella, Create Your Remix to Win Blap Kits + More from the Drum Broker [Contest] [2016]

The Drum Broker – !llmind – KING Z3US Acapella, Create Your Remix to Win Blap Kits + More from the Drum Broker [Contest]
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Grammy Nominated Producer !llmind is best known for his production work for 50 Cent, Ariana Grande, J Cole, Drake as well as the mastermind behind creating the “Blap-Kit” drum pack series.

!llmind recently produced the new hot single “Cosmos” for Harlem’s KING Z3US on his own imprint Roseville Music Group. KING Z3US and !llmind have teamed up again with the Drum Broker to have the Blend community remix “Cosmos” for an opportunity to win some cool prizes.

Here How It Works:

  • Pull “Cosmos” from The Drum Broker
  • Create your remix
  • Publish your update by February 29th 2016 

The Drumbroker and !llmind will reward the Grand Prize Winner with credits to the Drum Broker store and 2 runner ups will receive the Blap Drive Platinum Bundle with 16GB of samples valued at $149.00


!llmind – Happy B-Day J Dilla EP [E.P.] [2015]

!llmind – Happy B-Day J Dilla EP [E.P.]
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01. Never Too Far
02. Just Bangin
03. Bumption
04. You And I

!llmind – Happy B-Day J Dilla EP

Produced by @illmind between the years 1999 – 2001.

“J Dilla, what more can I say about the man that hasn’t been said already. He’s one of the greatest. When I started messing with beat making in the late 90’s, he was the one producer I studied. I still study him, to this day. During a time period of about 5 years, I was in “beat-making-boot-camp”, or “5 beats a day for 3 summers” as Kanye would say. I trained my ear and was inspired by Dilla the whole time. This is a collection of 4 beats (out of thousands) that I made during that time period. I hope you enjoy! Rest in power J Dilla. Forever.” – !llmind



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01. Psycho
02. Blinded
03. A Common Space
04. Neverland


Synesthesia; noun – “The production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body.”

Some musicians see colors when hearing music.
I’m one of them.
This EP is a collection of abstract musical textures that I felt the need to express.
– !llmind

Beat Tape E.P.


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01. Fuck You
02. Not A Regular Jam
03. Mamma Said
04. Garden Of E
05. Birfday
06. End Of The World
07. Get Money
08. Fat


!llmind is back with the 2nd installment of his “#BoomTrap” instrumental album series “BoomTrap Volume 2”. It features 8 brand new high-energy tracks, going off his signature boomtrap sound of pulsing synthesizers, heavy 808 bass, moving kick drums, dirty drum breaks & pop sensibility.

“The #BoomTrap movement is so exciting for me, so I wanted to keep the party going with my new Volume 2 EP. To me, it’s a step up in terms of energy and creativity. I’m having so much fun with 808 bass, and I hope you enjoy it just as much as I enjoy creating it!” – !llmind

Remixes Single

Notorious B.I.G. – Picasso Biggie (Picasso Baby Remix) (Feat – Jay-Z) (Prod by !llmind) [Single] [2014]

Notorious B.I.G. – Picasso Biggie (Picasso Baby Remix) (Feat – Jay-Z) (Prod by !llmind) [Single]
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01. Picasso Biggie (Picasso Baby Remix)

Notorious B.I.G. – Picasso Biggie (Picasso Baby Remix) (Feat – Jay-Z) (Prod by !llmind)