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Various – Seasons in Jakarta [Compilation] [2019]

Various – Seasons in Jakarta [Compilation]
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01. FloFilz x The Deli – Green Flash
02. Otis Junioer & Dr. Dundiff – The Touch
03. K, Le Maestro – Café
04. Like – Sorry Not Sorry

Various – Seasons in Jakarta

SEASONS IN JAKARTA is compiled by Jakarta Records, alongside an impressive list of featured artists who have provided exclusive tracks for the release – including Ta-ku, JuJu Rogers, Suff Daddy, Ill Camille, K Le Maestro, J.Lamotta and many more.

To be released over three separate drops, initially exclusive for one week with Apple Music, the first four tracks from SEASONS IN JAKARTA (listed below) bring together lo-fi hip hop, rnb, and rap from true masters of their craft.

Kicking it off with the head-nod inducing instrumental hip hop vibe of FloFilz X The Deli, Otis Junior & Dr. Dundiff follow up by bring their funk filled rnb flow with the second exclusive track. K Le Maestro’s jazz influenced hip hop beat shines through to lead the way for the final track in the initial drop – a smooth as silk hip hop joint from Like.

Beat Tape

Like – GABRIEL [Beat Tape] [2018]

Like – GABRIEL [Beat Tape]
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01. AP3X
02. Sip Mo
03. Audacity
04. Black
05. Next To Me (Co-prod. by SLWJMZ)
06. My Side Of The Story (Co-prod. by Gwen Bunn & Iman Omari)
07. Compress
08. Goodness
09. Dr. Buzzards
10. Your Days
11. Echinacea
12. Moor Fiya
13. Full Kit
14. Lentil
15. Right Hand Neighbor
16. Sun Beams (Co-prod. by John Keek)


Also Available On: Limited Edition LP or Cassette

„Special thanks to my family, friends, and all those who’ve inspired me to keep making music. These compositions are a reflection of my musical journey, reminding me there’s always more room to grow.“
– LIKE (Pac Div)

“Gabriel brings the funk and the soul, fresh drum patterns with the right swing and most importantly, the diversity of every single track makes this record never boring.”
– Lefto (WorldwideFM, Brussels)

“GABRIEL is fusion cuisine at its finest. Like combines ingredients that shouldn’t work together, but do, because he’s a ill chef like that.”
– Ivan Ave (Mutual Intentions, Jakarta Records)

Beat Tape

LIKE – Emeralds [Beat Tape] [2016]

LIKE – Emeralds [Beat Tape]
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01. Emeralds
02. Anamoly
03. Gutterball
04. Mendes
05. Qd3
06. Jazz Cats
07. Ok, This Is Why I Came to Brazil
08. Even More Than More
09. Qd4
10. Strange Love
11. Somba
12. Yes McCann
13. Inspire
14. Yola Yola

LIKE – Emeralds

From their youthful mixtapes Sealed For Freshness, Church League Champions to their breakout mixtape Mania! and two studio albums The Div and G.M.B., the trend-setting California trio Pac Div (brothers LIKE & Mibbs and BeYoung) have always been a little ahead of the curve.

Since the group has been on a hiatus, they have released a few loosies here and there, but have been more focused on their respective musical directions as solo artists. Over the past few years, LIKE’s sonic evolution has come full-circle, as he has officially stepped to the forefront and has been quickly establishing himself as a multi-faceted renaissance man; solo-artist, producer and DJ.

LIKE secretly honed his skills behind the boards for years before making his presence as a producer known to the world; and that presence has definitely been felt. From Kendrick Lamar’s “Sing About Me, Dying Of Thirst” from Kendrick’s breakout Good Kid, m.A.A.d City, album (which earned LIKE a Grammy nomination) to Ab-Soul’s “Just Have Fun” which continued to build on his synergy with the TDE camp, Curren$y’s “Cruizin,” Med Blu/Madlib’s “Finer Things” f/ Phonte (with LIKE dropping a verse as well) to Anderson. Paak’s “Room In Here” f/ The Game & Sonya Elise from Paak’s runaway smash album Malibu have catapulted LIKE and his eclectic sound to new heights.

Never one to be relegated to just one creative medium, LIKE’s new instrumental album, Emeralds, is inspired by his travels abroad to Africa and Brazil and artists such as J Dilla, DJ Premier, Madlib, Blu and Radiohead.

Beat Tape

Like – LightWork [Beat Tape] [2014]

Like – LightWork [Beat Tape]
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01. Ambient
02. Cruisin Germany
03. Memories
04. LightWork
05. Early
06. Bjork!
07. Thanksgiving On Tour
08. No Sleep
09. Gnats
10. Groov
11. OoodooV
12. Bleu Collar
13. BirthStone
14. Survival
15. Greatness
16. Jazzy Bell
17. Spacey
18. LAliens

Like – LightWork

A Collection of Instrumentals composed from 2009-13.