Mix Mixtape

Lemonface – Espresso Beats Vol​.​1 – A Chillhop Blend by Lemonface [Mix] [2021]

Lemonface – Espresso Beats Vol​.​1 – A Chillhop Blend by Lemonface [Mix]
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01. Ian Ewing – Trinidad
02. Ruck P – Spring in La Coruña
03. Vhsceral – Alamein
04. Birocratic – Tony’s Belated Breakfast
05. deeB – Theme From Endless Sunset
06. Misha – Dove
07. Aso – Sun Child
08. Aviino – Slim Bobby
09. H.1 – Again
10. Axian – Ephemeral Flowers
11. Toonorth – Effervescent
12. cocabona x Ødyssee – Wonder
13. Leavv – lacuna
14. Drwn. – mirage
15. Monma – Yeah
16. Chris Mazuera, Strehlow – Medicinal Sushi
17. Comodo- Lone Wolf
18. clap cotton – Understatements
19. SwuM – Alwayshere
20. Psalm Trees, Guillaume Muschalle – Baby Blue
21. SAINT WKND – Girls Just Wanna Have Sun
22 Mr. Käfer – Birth
23. Miscél – String Along
24. Stan Forebee, Josh Jacobson, The Field Tapes – Snowland Sunset ft. Kennebec
25. Blue Wednesday, Dillan Witherow – Seafoam ft. Sleepy Fish

Lemonface – Espresso Beats Vol​.​1 – A Chillhop Blend by Lemonface

Beat Tape

Lemonface – Adventures in Lo​-​Fidelity [Beat Tape] [2021]

Lemonface – Adventures in Lo​-​Fidelity [Beat Tape]
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01. Kick, Push, Coast
02. Crescent Lake
03. Paper Route
04. The Trek
05. Meatball Lasagne
06. Spray Paint
07. Boomerang
08. MKWJ
09. The Thump
10. Walkman On
11. The Last Dance

Lemonface – Adventures in Lo​-​Fidelity

Beat Tape

Lemonface – Jah Lion [Beat Tape] [2016]

Lemonface – Jah Lion [Beat Tape]
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01. Genesis 49:9
02. Wǔ shī (Lion Dance)
03. Scratch Dub
04. Jah Lion
05. Hocus Pocus
06. Kung Fu Chops
07. On the Corner (Skit)
08. The Meek & The Humble
09. This Is Upsetting
10. Disk-O-Dub

Lemonface – Jah Lion

Scratch aka Super Ape aka Jah Lion. Lee “Scratch” Perry has been bustin’ out Reggae and Dub tunes since the 1950s and is an absolute legend in his own right. The man was one of the first producers on the planet earth to use samples, and just with that alone he has contributed to this beautiful thing we call Hip Hop music today. His immense history (and corresponding catalogue) has inspired Super Nice Music beat maker Lemonface to dig into Scratch’s golden years, just to honor the man himself with a 90’s sounding beat tape, heavily infused by Lee “Scratch” Perry’s genius.

The result, “Jah Lion”, is something that sounds familiar and comforting, yet refreshing. It’s where 90s Hip Hop beats meet the amazing Dub and Reggae of Scratch’s riddims from the early 60s to the late 70s. We skipped the 80s, which you all should be thankful for. Jah Lion is Lemonface’s first solo outing, but the follow up to his critically acclaimed LP “Post Crisis: Life After 30” with Associated Minds rapper Ralph Rip Sh!t.