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Lanzo – Chop Shop [Beat Tape] [2020]

Lanzo – Chop Shop [Beat Tape]
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1. Lay Some Tread
2. Dream Sequence
3. Make Ya Move ft _stepchild
4. Vibe Tribe
5. Padiddle
6. Wasted America
7. Drobushi
8. Gone In Sixty ft Encyclopedia Brown
9. Swing It
10. Love Montage
11. Gold Caps
12. Zoe Royalty ft RTST
13. Knights of the Round
14. Bimmer Nights
15. Bridges

Lanzo – Chop Shop

High Risk Records · Chop Shop by Lanzo [CASSETTE]

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Beat Tape

Lanzo – Omnipotent [Beat Tape] [2017]

Lanzo – Omnipotent [Beat Tape]
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01. Marianas Web
02. Hardware Native
03. Comfort Zone
04. Caution To The Wind
05. Gutter Balls
06. Insure This Planet
07. Between Friends
08. Major
09. Against The Wall
10. Think & Grow
11. Colours
12. Brainwork
13. Fears Den
14. Bump
15. Vacancy

Lanzo – Omnipotent

Also Available On: Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl or Limited Edition Cassette & Limited Edition Compact Disc

Chicago’s Carington Pierre, also known as Lanzo, has bestowed evidence of his cosmic hip hop beatology to the Cold Busted label in the form of a new album, Omnipotent. Previously recording for BLVNT Records and the Natural Selection label, Lanzo specializes in a style of experimental hip hop that draws from boom-bap, soulful downtempo, and atmospheres that lean toward the celestial. Lanzo and his trusty MPC 1000 have been actively producing since 2008 and Omnipotent confirms his upward trajectory, presenting fifteen tasty sonic morsels that groove in a confident but abstract fashion.

Highlights include “Comfort Zone” which envelopes a swinging rhythm in dreamy strings, distant voices, and rolling bass, and the odd but appealing “Gutter Balls”, featuring some deliciously drunken synths. There’s also the melancholy quiet storm of “Colours”, “Against The Wall” and its heavily processed beat magic, and the loping sci-fi jazz of “Between Friends”. Omnipotent is a heady listen, displaying textures and swirls that accentuate the sturdiness of its drum beats. Lanzo has provided a distinctive soundtrack that’s ready-made for day blazing or night groovin’.

Beat Tape

Lanzo – Gratitape [Beat Tape] [2015]

Lanzo – Gratitape [Beat Tape]
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01. 2,000
02. Rekwit
03. Fantom.rev
04. Keyboard.kowboy
05. Faded
06. Sweater.swing
07. Signals
08. Dilate
09. Gandola
10. Moonlight

Lanzo – Gratitape

Beat Tape

Lanzo – City​.​in​.​Motion [Beat Tape] [2014]

Lanzo – City​.​in​.​Motion [Beat Tape]
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01. 92130
02. Paris.on.the.Prairie
04. Light.of.the.Moon
05. Tide.Predictions
06. My.Ocean.Doh
07. Cloud.9

Lanzo – City​.​in​.​Motion

Also Available On: Cassette

Rugged, lo-fi, sampled goodness is what you get from Lanzo! Completed during his stay in San Diego, we get it all. Gritty vinyl chops to the abstract drum lines. Amazing project.


Lanzo – Cosmic Slop IV [Mix] [2014]

Lanzo – Cosmic Slop IV [Mix]
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01. doopligga (whowantIT) – deadxbeat
02. Carington.hoo – Lanzo
03. Turn Me On – goldenbeets
04. Smoke.Some – ShunGu
05. The Bird (Interlude) – SpellWorks
06. Ipanema – Cohoba
07. complicate.the.narrative – Lanzo
08. Survival – Jeremiah Jae
09. Move For(up)ward – Radius
10. For Her – Khryo
11. freaky gurl (mellowdafckoutgurl) – deadxbeat
12. Nature Hike – Silhouwette
13. Just.Chill – ShunGu
14. Vidiots -Sev Seveer • Defcee
15. Corvus – Chester Watson • Art Vandelay
16. Dirty Bastards – the $hoots
17. Smokers Theme Ride Out – Radius

Lanzo – Cosmic Slop IV


Lanzo – to.hi [Video] [2014]

Lanzo – to.hi [Video]