Kolaps – ex yu vibes [Beat Tape] [2019]

Kolaps – ex yu vibes [Beat Tape]
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01. Kiša
02. Nema Sunca
03. Život
04. Zima
05. Dani
06. Iz Zagreba
07. Beograd (Rejected Struka Beat)
08. Demoni u meni
09. Tužno popodne
10. Divni dani

Kolaps – ex yu vibes

Beat Tape

Kolaps – .​.​.​Some Files [Beat Tape] [2017]

Kolaps – .​.​.​Some Files [Beat Tape]
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01. Blue World
02. Push You
03. Echo
04. On The Corner
05. Streets Of Harlem
06. Promises
07. Cold
08. Long Time
09. Stay

Kolaps – .​.​.​Some Files


Kolaps – Airports Remixes (Instrumentals) [Instrumentals] [2017]

Kolaps – Airports Remixes (Instrumentals) [Instrumentals]
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01. Intro (Instrumental)
02. Airports (Instrumental)
03. Fly Away (Instrumentals)
04. The Light (Instrumental)
05. Lottery Ticket (Instrumental)
06. Outro (Instrumental)
07. The Light 2 (Instrumental)

Kolaps – Airports Remixes (Instrumentals)


Kolaps – Lajtmotiv 2​.​0 (Kolaps Remixes) Instrumentali [Instrumentals] [2017]

Kolaps – Lajtmotiv 2​.​0 (Kolaps Remixes) Instrumentali [Instrumentals]
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01. Trojica U Trnju (Instrumental)
02. Ana (Instrumental)
03. Demoni (Instrumental)
04. Divni Dani (Instrumental)
05. Semafor Zivota (Instrumental)
06. Divni Dani Verzija.2 (Instrumental)
07. Sve Najbolje (Instrumental)
08. Kraj (Instrumental)
09. Okupacija (Instrumental)
10. Manjaca (Instrumental)
11. Je-Nije (Instrumental)
12. Rudnik (Instrumental)
13. Banana (Instrumental)
14. Lajtmotiv (Instrumental)
15. Sto Posto Ja (Instrumental)
16. Kolo Srece (Instrumental)
17. Misolovka (Instrumental)
18. Tekstomat (Instrumental)

Kolaps – Lajtmotiv 2​.​0 (Kolaps Remixes) Instrumentali

ONI is the rap group made of MCs: Jantar, Amber, Kali and Scriptor, DJ Noki Nole and producer KolAK47. After several years of joint action, in 2011, they formed by a group and start work on the album. Debut album “Lajtmotiv” comes out in 2015, and was announced by three live sessions, published on youtube channel groups: Ludbreg session, Laginjina session and Gorica session. With their sound based on the influences of classic hip-hop from the 90s, the songs are dominated by samples of music from films and other secret sources that KolAK47 carefully selected on his MPC, with accentuated drums. MCs in vocal terms remained consistent in what they were doing on their previous projects.

This is my RAW version of the Lajtmotiv album that contains most of the EX YU Samples, beats that have that old boom bap feel.

This is the Instrumental Version of the same album.

Beat Tape

Kolaps – SoundCloud Beats: 2011​-​2013 [Beat Tape] [2017]

Kolaps – SoundCloud Beats: 2011​-​2013 [Beat Tape]
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01. Nema Sunca
02. Beograd
03. Untitled #1
04. Tužno Popodne
05. Untitled #2
06. Untitled #3
07. Evergreen
08. Krenuli smo zajedno
09. Untitled #4
10. Untitled #5

Kolaps – SoundCloud Beats: 2011​-​2013

Batch of beats from my old SoundCloud accounts. Beats that I did for the local artists from my hometown, beats that didn’t make the final cut on various projects.

Beat Tape

Kolaps – Lost BAP Files [Beat Tape] [2016]

Kolaps – Lost BAP Files [Beat Tape]
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01. Cold Outside
02. Basics
03. Knock His Fronts Out
04. Refuse To Lose
05. Gutter Muzik
06. Recognize
07. CREAM Part 2
08. Grown Folks Music
09. Weeping Willow
10. West Coastin
11. Come And Get Me
12. Kill Your Favorite Rapper
13. Everywhere I Go
14. Wake Up
15. Wicked
16. Late Morning
17. Positive Vibrations

Kolaps – Lost BAP Files

Okay. So, this is the part 2 of my leftover beats, and beats that I lost during these last two years. This tape is kinda more in that Boom Bap Feel, not too much soul joints like on the previous tape. Most of this beats are made in the early 2015, late 2016. There is a few joints that are similar to earlier DJ Premier productions, cause I had that period every now and then, when I be making the DJ Premier beats, The Alchemist beats, the Just Blaze beats, haha. Just improving my craft as a beatmaker, testing the sounds, style of beats, trying to find my own style,etc. Hope u enjoy it!

Beat Tape

Kolaps – Lost Soul Files [Beat Tape] [2016]

Kolaps – Lost Soul Files [Beat Tape]
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01. Wild Flower (For You)
02. The Jam
03. The Late Late Show
04. Down
05. If I Fall
06. Wanna Be The One
07. Pushin On
08. Such A Fool
09. The Rain
10. Tough Love
11. Heaven
12. Soul Slap Joint
13. Blind
14. Special
15. The Melody
16. So Bad
17. No Place To Go
18. E.N.E.M.I.E.S.
19. So Real
20. Stuck To You

Kolaps – Lost Soul Files

I made a lots of beats during the last two years and most of them are lost, without stems and sessions.Some of them are rejected by other artists,didn’t make the final cut on certain projects, and others just sitting on my hard drive for a very long time, so I decide to make an compilation instrumental album and let some joints to finally see the light of day.There is a 20 straight soul instrumentals for you to listen and vibe to them! Since some beats are very old, I didn’t have a chance to mix them properly, so you need to be ready to witness some raw and gritty sound! Enjoy and have a nice day!