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Kiefer – Between Days [Instrumental Album] [2021]

Kiefer – Between Days [Instrumental Album]
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01. Between Days
02. Superhero
03. Friends
04. Labored Breathing
05. Running Out the Clock feat. The Kount
06. Work and Purpose feat. 10.4 ROG
07 .His Heart Grew Three Sizes feat. Lakey Inspired
08. Everybody Loves The Sunshine feat. Theo Croker

Kiefer – Between Days


Kiefer – Friends [Single] [2021]

Kiefer – Friends [Single]
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01. Kiefer – Friends

Kiefer – Friends


Kiefer – Superhero [Video] [2021]

Kiefer – Superhero [Video]


The Visionaries – “V” [Album] [2020]

The Visionaries – “V” [Album]
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01. Foreword By Harry Allen
02. Put It Together
03. Shout From The Top
04. Memories Last
05. Right Palm
06. All Along
07. Go Off
08. Wazzup
09. Eye See You
10. Gold Medal
11. From The Turntable To The Tabernacle
12. Forefront
13. Father’s Day

The Visionaries – “V”

Instrumental Album

Kiefer – Superbloom [Instrumental Album] [2019]

Kiefer – Superbloom [Instrumental Album]
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01. Golden
02. Frozen
03. May 20
04. 10,000 Days
05. Good Looking
06. Be Encouraged
07. And Encourage Others

Kiefer – Superbloom

Also Available On: LP Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

Since the release of his last full-length Happysad in summer 2018, Kiefer released the mini-album Bridges, toured the USA and Europe, and produced three beats for Anderson .Paak’s albums Ventura and Oxnard.

Kiefer considers Bridges and Superbloom to be a single cohesive project, with his new songs building upon Bridges’ sound. Bridges saw him expand his musical palette beyond the piano, working with a number of analogue synths. On Superbloom he takes that a step further, with songs that he describes as “brighter, more imaginative, and vibrant” — much like the natural phenomenon that gives the record its name. He describes Superbloom as a “very active” work: “The first five tracks are invigorating, while the final two tracks act as a grand exhale following all that energy.”

Kiefer, who studied jazz at UCLA under musician Kenny Burrell — the programme counts Kamasi Washington among its alumni — is now a mentor to musicians at every stage in their careers. As both teacher and student, Kiefer has adopted the motto “be encouraged and encourage others” and his music reflects that duality, virtuosic yet filled with straightforward beauty. Kiefer strives to portray the intensity of his interactions with the world in music, via the bravura performance on ‘Good Looking’ and the beautiful extended piano solo on ‘Be Encouraged…’ and ‘And Encourage Others’ (originally one song that was split over two tracks), while ‘10,000 Days’ and ‘20 May’ home in on simpler pleasures found in the everyday.

As Kiefer puts it, “This music is naturally me. It sounds like me. As with everything that I release, I am showing you what I love about music. Making rhythm, harmony, melody, and sounds that move me. I spend everyday talking to students and mentors and listening to music and finding things that I think are beautiful, and then translating them through my unique musicality. I’m doing it in a way that only I can, and regardless of how good or bad it may be, I’m trying my best.”

Beat Tape

Kiefer – Bridges [Beat Tape] [2019]

Kiefer – Bridges [Beat Tape]
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01. Journey
02. Island
03. Orange Crayon
04. Cute
05. Sunny
06. Green Crayon

Kiefer – Bridges


Kiefer – Sunny [Single] [2019]

Kiefer – Sunny [Single]
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01. Kiefer – Sunny

Kiefer – Sunny

Instrumental Album

Kiefer – Happysad [Instrumental Album] [2018]

Kiefer – Happysad [Instrumental Album]
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01. Dope Nerd
02. What a Day
03. Highway 46
04. Highway 41
05. Magnetic
06. Socially Awkward
07. Memories of U
08. Thinkin of
09. Agoraphobia
10. FOMO
11. Temper
12. Upwards

Kiefer – Happysad


Kiefer – (we) coulda [Single] [2018]

Kiefer – (we) coulda [Single]
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01. (we) coulda

Kiefer – (we) coulda

Beat Tape

Kiefer – Kickinit Alone [Beat Tape] [2017]

Kiefer – Kickinit Alone [Beat Tape]
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01. Tubesocks
02. Evil Eye (feat. Castelluzzo)
03. 5000 Dollar Check
04. Butterfly Inside My House
05. Ghosted
06. IDK
07. U R What U Repeatedly Do
08. Happysad Sunday
09. Most Beautiful Grl
10. In Pursuit of U
11. Reinvent Yo Self
12. Kickinit Alone

Kiefer – Kickinit Alone

Also Available On: 12″ VINYL: Kiefer’s Kickinit Alone LP (SHIPPING LATE SPRING) or Kiefer Kickinit Alone CASSETTE

Californian keyboardist & beatmaker Kiefer (birthname Kiefer Shackelford) drops his debut LP. Catch Kiefer crushing the stage NOW in the touring Mndsgn LIVE trio (Ringgo, Swarvy, Kiefer).