Beat Tape

Kid Hum – Blizzard Blue [Beat Tape] [2015]

Kid Hum – Blizzard Blue [Beat Tape]
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01. Mittens
02. Eight Days of Juju Bee
03. Cold Like Snow
04. Merry Xmas & Ho Ho Ho
05. Roy Two (Dave)
06. Santa Claus Suit
07. Snow Angel (Interlude)
08. Blizzard Blue Flowers
09. Nipsey Weather
10. Happy New Years

Kid Hum – Blizzard Blue


Kid Hum – Post War Technology EP [E.P.] [2015]

Kid Hum – Post War Technology EP [E.P.]
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01. Shammy
02. Chronomentrophobia
03. The Avery
04. Redstone Castle
05. Post War Technology
06. Fat Joe’s Theory
07. Love Fights Back
08. Daffodyls

Kid Hum – Post War Technology EP


Kid Hum – Vamos / Bangin’ [Single] [2015]

Kid Hum – Vamos / Bangin’ [Single]
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01. Vamos
02. Bangin’

Kid Hum – Vamos / Bangin’

Beat Tape

Kid Hum – Fossil Fuel 2 [Beat Tape] [2014]

Kid Hum – Fossil Fuel 2 [Beat Tape]
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01. Zoe Columbiana
02. Monday McCoy
03. Lonesome Dove
04. Mi Corazon
05. Flauta Fridays
06. Freshwater Fury
07. Kaifeng
08. Chungking
09. Parachutes
10. Saturday Morning Cartoons
11. Chips N Queso
12. Prime Tortoise Of The Record Bureau

Kid Hum – Fossil Fuel 2

Also Available On: Future Boom Bap x Welcome to the Dope Game present the limited edition EP version of Kid Hum’s”Fossil Fuel 2″ on handcrafted artisan cassette tape! Only 100 copies available!

The sample based instrumental album has a long and illustrious history on the ultimate timeline of Hip Hop music. Within this tradition lies such classics as “Endtroducing”, “Donuts”, the “Beat Konducta” series, “Exile Radio”, and many others. Standing on the shoulders of these giants comes “Fossil Fuel 2.”

Denver based musician Dylan Avery aka Kid Hum is back again with another rich tapestry of psychedelic instrumental music. The sequel to the 2009 release “Fossil Fuel”, this album continues Kid Hum’s self expression through the use of harmonies culled from the dusty crates of Goodwill, and the voices of the many theatrical ghosts who speak for him from their respective tombs in entertainment media.

A journey through “Fossil Fuel 2” evokes a feeling of strange source material, the music of gun fights in the old west, sinking steam ships, a digital Bob Marley, dimly lit jazz clubs, rare spirituals from the Oaxacan jungle, and an infinite game of donkey kong country being played out in the heaven of your third eye.

At 77 minutes long, the album challenges the patience of its listener, who would be wise to avoid skipping through songs. A series of poetic skits and blurbs seem to tell a story about the creator of the album when listened to consecutively, and convey a deeper sense of both humor, melancholy, and stoner wisdom. Some say the Album Era is over, but for Kid Hum the Album Era is eternal.

“This album for me is a celebration of the years 1013, 1913, and 2013. It is a celebration of Bob Marley, John Coltrane, and the Great Lakes. It is a celebration of the Rocky Mountains, the ECCO program, John C. Lilly, and the invention of the Parachute.” -Kid Hum