Jumbled – Classic Rock Breaks Vol​.​1 [Breaks] [2021]

Jumbled – Classic Rock Breaks Vol​.​1 [Breaks]
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01. JimiACDCsabbathguesswho
02. zztopWingsrushhearturiahheap

Jumbled – Classic Rock Breaks Vol​.​1

Also Available On: Classic Rock Breaks vol.1 Cassette + Digital Album

Compilation Single

Jumbled – Just the Singles [Compilation] [2021]

Jumbled – Just the Singles [Compilation]
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01. Only Available On Compact Disc (CD)

Collection Of Songs Produced By: Jumbled
songs from Dwell, Taylo, Nyoka Ny-D, Ill Conscious, Vans_Westly, JBerd, ALYX Ryon, Jack Wilson, Berko Lover, Cody Cody Jones, Alaska, Action Bastard, Dot Com Intelligence, Butch Dawson, salk., Ullnevano, Drew Scott, Special Berriez, Torito, Bito Sureiya and more.


Vans_Westly – ‘East’ (Prod: By Jumbled) [Video] [2021]

Vans_Westly – ‘East’ (Prod: By Jumbled) [Video]


Vans_Westly – Rapscallion (Prod By Jumbled) [E.P.] [2020]

Vans_Westly – Rapscallion (Prod By Jumbled) [E.P.]
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01. The Worst Days
03. East
04. Kicks
05. Bishop

Vans_Westly – Rapscallion (Prod By Jumbled)

Beat Tape

Jumbled – Dots [Beat Tape] [2020]

Jumbled – Dots [Beat Tape]
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01. Friday morning jazz
02. I got it
03. Choppin
04. Mozart
05. Baby baby
06. No rings
07. Saturday morning jazz
08. Riding hood chops
09. Old bells
10. The flock
11. Muddy boots
12. Hard blues
13. Sunday morning accoustic
14. Wah Wah
15. Rockin
16. 5 bridges
17. My planet needs me

Jumbled – Dots

E.P. Instrumental Album

Jumbled & Eben Dennis – Orsulak [Instrumental Album] [2020]

Jumbled & Eben Dennis – Orsulak [Instrumental Album]
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01. 93
02. Falling Stars w/ Swampwalk
03. Saddle
04. Stupid
05. Tiny Bell
06. Leadoff
07. Let Go w/ Sarah FM
08. Turnaround
09. Swing and a Miss w/ CodyCodyJones

Jumbled & Eben Dennis – Orsulak

Also Available On: Orsulak 8″ lathe (orange logo) or Orsulak 8″ lathe cut records – Yellow logo

In Summer of 2018, Jumbled was approached about creating a film noir style song for use in a film…so he reached out to friend and old band mate, guitarist Eben Dennis.

The two had collaborated on tracks before; including ‘Sam Adams’ from Jumbled’s first album Wish it Was Longer, creating a track for a Twin Peaks tribute album, and playing in Baltimore band Soft Peaks.

While the film never came out, Jumbled is proud to present a new project called Orsulak (a nod to lesser known baseball journey man Joe Orsulak).

Instead of collaborating on just one track, Dennis sent 15-20 isolated guitar tracks that Jumbled chopped up into these 9 songs. Adding some bass and other layers, he then reached out to a few friends for vocals.

This is his first time adding sung vocals to his beats, working with Swampwalk and Sarah FM. While each take a different approach, both flow over the tracks. The final track on the EP, “Swing and a Miss,” is another home run from Jumbled and CodyCodyJones.

The performances from Swampwalk and CodyCodyJones (both living in Pittsburgh) alongside Baltimore’s Jumbled and Sarah FM, make a fitting tribute to Orsulak- who spent time with the Pirates as well as the Baltimore Orioles.


Jumbled – August Heat [Album] [2019]

Jumbled – August Heat [Album]
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01. Not what I asked for (intro)
02. Torito – Bubble play
03. 83 Cutlass – Praise Irma Thomas
04. Its hot too
05. Berko Lover – Tobasco
06. Moemaw Naedon – Who Up?
07. Heavy rains
08. Luke Sick – Party On
09. Dot Com Intelligence – Greatness
10. Summertime lovin’
11. Ialive – Cosmic Egg
12. Alaska – Quiet Assassin
13. It’s hot in Topeka
14. Bully Preston – Challenge Accepted
15. Blumajk – Sixteens
16. REASUN – Smiling Face
17. Wickenberg

Jumbled – August Heat

heat (noun) –
1. hot beats / raps
2. oppressively hot or humid weather
3. pressure

“Triple entendre, don’t even ask me how”- Jay Z.

In early June, Jumbled compiled a list of his heat: heavy boom-bap beats that meshed together to create an album. Although it was originally conceived as an album with a single emcee; many artists reached out with an interest in contributing, thus…August Heat was born.

During this brutally hot August in Baltimore, punctuated by intense and sporadic storms, Jumbled has spent most of his time moving boxes into his new home. This hasn’t dampened his desire to remain musically productive.

Jumbled turned up the heat on the album’s contributors as well, giving them only two months to write and record their songs.

This project has reunited Jumbled with old friends and collaborators:

Berko Lover (check out Berko’s nod to the good heat in Tobasco)
Bully Preston (Dwell)
Dot Com Intelligence

As well as showcasing contributions from first time collaborators:

83 Cutlass
Alaska (Hangar 18/Words Hurt)
Luke Sick (Grand Invincible/Gurp City)
Moemaw Naedon

August Heat also introduces the debut of Baltimore emcee, Blumajk.


Jumbled – dreamers ep [E.P.] [2019]

Jumbled – dreamers ep [E.P.]
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01. egypt DEMO
02. heights DEMO
03. dreamers DEMO

Jumbled – dreamers ep

Beat Tape

Jumbled – Padre [Beat Tape] [2019]

Jumbled – Padre [Beat Tape]
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01. L-side
02. B-side

Jumbled – Padre

Padre is a new instrumental beat tape from Baltimore beat maker Jumbled.

The concept is pretty simple – Jumbled (aka John Bachman) became a father about 17 months ago. After that, Jumbled had to move his records and equipment to the home’s guestroom, entering the ‘green room’ phase of his career – which has spanned almost 13 years.

The theme with this tape is beats made in the last 12 months or so, in the ‘green room’, mostly in the early morning hours before his daughter wakes up, or the rare occasion that his wife goes out and he doesn’t have work for school to do.

The formula is pretty simple. Catchy samples pulled from vinyl over a drums and bassline added for depth. These beats flow together, and are connected through the sound clips discussing various challenges and triumphs that come from being a father.

**some of these beats will be used on future projects

Beat Tape

Jumbled – You don’t know​?​! [Beat Tape] [2018]

Jumbled – You don’t know​?​! [Beat Tape]
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01. Moments like this
02. Hi-hats (intro)
03. Playing those games (with Berko Lover)
04. Baltimore bells
05. Get down ppl
06. Don’t try it (with Ms Tony)
07. Heavy Organs
08. My City
09. Doot doot
10. Reppin your hood
11. Keep your hands to yourself
12. Shoot Back (with Berko Lover)
13. What we’ve got

Jumbled – You don’t know​?​!

Album Beat Tape

Jumbled – Merry Christmess [Album] [2017]

Jumbled – Merry Christmess [Album]
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01. Santa and Friends (intro)
02. Dot Com Intelligence – Hallelujah
03. Sleigh Bells
04. Reason – Just Another Holiday
05. Driving Bells
06. Darko the Super – Stealing Shit on Christmas Eve
07. Three Kings
08. Che Rock – 38 Winters
09. Nutcracker
10. JBerd – Mall Santa
11. Most Wonderful Time
12. Darko the Super – Another Very Darko Christmas
13. Here We Go
14. ALYX Ryon – Chestnuts
15. Sleigh Ride (outro)

Jumbled – Merry Christmess

I like Christmas, and Christmas songs. But I’m also tired of hearing the same ones (or covers of the same ones) over and over again. These beats were created for a collaboration that never came to fruition, so I sat on them for a year. (most are pretty simple — but all were sampled from Christmas songs) In fall of 2017, I reached out to many artists, and a few responded and sent me some great tracks.


Bully Preston – The Insult [Album] [2017]

Bully Preston – The Insult [Album]
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01. Lovely Day To Bully
02. Bang The Bongos
03. Bully Kong
04. Bully ‘Em All
05. I Want Money
06. Tony Iommi
07. Let’s Get Saucey
08. Season Of The Bully
09. Bully Preston
10. Peace and Love
11. Reap, Sew, Repeat
12. Death Of A Bully

Bully Preston – The Insult


UllNevaNo – 86 DRAFT (prod. by Jumbled) [Single] [2017]

UllNevaNo – 86 DRAFT (prod. by Jumbled) [Single]
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01. 86 DRAFT (prod. by Jumbled)

UllNevaNo – 86 DRAFT (prod. by Jumbled)


Jumbled – record store mix [Mix] [2017]

Jumbled – record store mix [Mix]
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01. record store mix

Jumbled – record store mix


Jumbled – Action Shots [E.P.] [2016]

Jumbled – Action Shots [E.P.]
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01. Bully Preston (Dwell and Jumbled) – Bang the Bongo
02. Dot Com Intelligence – Puma Suede
03. Nyoka Ny-D – untitled
04. J Berd – Icy Fingers
05. Dot Com Intelligence – BBFVK
06. Jack Wilson – Time to Shake ’em

Jumbled – Action Shots