Josh Furey – Zither [Video] [2014]

Josh Furey – Zither [Video]


Josh Furey – Blue Blood Oranges [Mix] [2014]

Josh Furey – Blue Blood Oranges [Mix]
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01. Blue Blood Oranges

Josh Furey – Blue Blood Oranges

Presented by U Call That Love and Nocturne Records “Blue Blood Oranges” comes highly recommended for all music lovers. With a solid foundation in instrumental hip hop and electronic music, this mix is made up of twelve hand crafted instrumental gems from the likes of The Sound Defects, Guts, Lack Of Afro, The Big Knife, Damu The Fudgemunk, Saukrates, DJ Format, Lewis Parker, Oddisee and East Flatbush Project (classic instrumental of “Tried By 12”), as well as some of Josh Furey’s original tracks.

From Josh himself:

“There is a very simple concept behind this mix. Sample based beats and compositions. “Blue Blood Oranges” is made up of some of my favorites from over the years. Not too genre specific although it’s pretty safe to say these are all coming from a hip hop background. 46 minutes of pure instrumental magic with cuts from Nocturne Records co-owner Miran. Enjoy!”

Beat Tape

Josh Furey – Archaeology [Beat Tape] [2008]

Josh Furey – Archaeology [Beat Tape]
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01. Separator Intro
02. Behavior Control
03. Covered In Dust
04. Into Your Heart
05. The Things We Love
06. Drift & Weave
07. Sac Actun Surface
08. Sac Actun Submerged
09. Faders
10. Pieces of Her
11. Winter Solstice
12. Against the Flow
13. Sigma 7
14. Spending Days
15. Lost City
16. Re-Animator
17. Separator Outro

Josh Furey – Archaeology

The first solo release from producer and beat-smith Josh Furey, Archaeology is a sample heavy instrumental album made up of a broad range of musical styles. This album consists of 17 tracks, each with its own rich sound scape of layered sampling.

Also Available On: A very limited run of Archaeology is available on cassette while supplies last.

Beat Tape

Josh Furey – Petals [Beat Tape] [2013]

Josh Furey – Petals [Beat Tape]
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01. Begin
02. Circles
03. Isles
04. North
05. Katana
06. Roses
07. Petals
08. Ossein
09. Zither
10. 93
11. Pachena

Josh Furey – Petals

Also Available On: Compact Disc (CD) Petals is available in a very limited run of compact discs. Packaged in a cardboard sleeve with artwork by Josh Furey.

Limited Edition 12” A very limited run of Petals will be available on 12” Vinyl. With a special vinyl only version of album artwork created by Josh. Vinyl will ship as soon as it arrives from the factory.