Album Instrumentals

John Robinson – The LvL Up [Album / Instrumentals] [2020]

John Robinson – The LvL Up [Album / Instrumentals]
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01. Anahata
02. The LvL Up Feat. Blackberry Jones
03. All City
04. Duck Duck Goose Feat. RIM
05. Honor Roll Flows Feat. Big Tone & Edson Sean
06. Aficianados Feat. Napoleon da Legend
07. Never Be The Same
08. Anahata (Instrumental)
09. The LvL Up (Instrumental)
10. All City (Instrumental)
11. Duck Duck Goose (Instrumental)
12. Honor Roll Flows
13. Aficianados (Instrumental)
14. Never Be The Same (Instrumental)

John Robinson – The LvL Up

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Beat Tape

John Robinson – Rhythms, Jazz and Politics [Beat Tape] [2018]

John Robinson – Rhythms, Jazz and Politics [Beat Tape]
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01. Political Prisoner Intro
02. Camp Out
03. Respect Keys
04. SatDAY
05. King Jewels
06. Rock Hard
07. Jazz Is
08. Peas N Carrots
09. Strive
10. Reflect Zone
11. Drum Break
12. Emeralds
13. We Good
14. Soul in the Morn
15. Chemistry
16. Soul Starz
17. South Americana
18. Notice Ya
19. The Other Story
20. Motivate
21. Human Family

John Robinson – Rhythms, Jazz and Politics

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

Not only is this a dedication but also a major salute and showing of gratitude to all the Great Minds that inspire people like you and I around the world. This music is aligned with thoughts of protecting women and helping put Black Women back in their rightful place as the Mothers of Civilization. These vibrations are channeled from the energy of both those before us and those with us presently. I give thanks for being the chosen conductor of these tones and soundscapes. Listen to the rhythms with an open heart and mind as I hope to inspire your inner being. Come catch a vibe on the journey of Rhythm, Jazz and Politics…

Remixes Single

ℂo∆chMoTΣl – Everywhere Remix [Single] [2015]

ℂo∆chMoTΣl – Everywhere Remix [Single]
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01. Everywhere Remix

ℂo∆chMoTΣl – Everywhere Remix

Remix ℂo∆chMoTΣl made to the track “Everywhere” of John Robinson & Chief new album.