SP-Mato x IROCC x Fona – Dusty Space [E.P.] [2020]

SP-Mato x IROCC x Fona – Dusty Space [E.P.]
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04. Zonin

SP-Mato x IROCC x Fona – Dusty Space

Beat Tape Instrumentals

IROCC – Minerals [Beat Tape] [2020]

IROCC – Minerals [Beat Tape]
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01. Wavellite
02. Kosmochlor (Feat – Cap Kendricks)
03. Amethyst
04. Olympit (Feat – L-One)
05. Opal
06. Fluorite
07. Purpurite
08. Heliotrope
09. Olivine
10. Quartz (Feat – Packed Rich)
11. Limonite
13. Dolomite (Feat – C-Ras)
12. Silver
13. Lapis Lazuli (Feat – L-One)
14. Emerald
15. Iron
16. Brazilianite (Feat – SonoTWS)
17. Anthracite
18. Gold
19. Jade
20. Zincite (Feat – dasd)
21. Xiangjiangite (Feat – Maniac)
22. Uranite
23. Outro

IROCC – Minerals

Also Available On: Limited Cassette of 50 copies @


IROCC & Cap Kendricks – Kosmochlor [Single] [2020]

IROCC & Cap Kendricks – Kosmochlor [Single]
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01. IROCC & Cap Kendricks – Kosmochlor

IROCC & Cap Kendricks – Kosmochlor

Beat Tape Remixes

Various Producer & Artist – Da Blends [Remixes] [2018]

Various Producer & Artist – Da Blends [Remixes]
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01. Olivier X Nas – Hail 2 The Burb King Systematic
02. Ruff-T X Fat Joe – Here MC New Wave
03. Etnnia Beatz X Volume 10 – Da Boombappa’ In Ya Ear Pistol Grip Pump
04. funky wavs x Yancey Bros – The Rhythm The Throwaway
05. D. Dand X DMX – Bottom Watcha Gonna Do
06. Cuth X Redman – Evil Things Rap Scholar
07. Brous One X Dilated Peoples – Campana Pay Attention
08. Mellowolf X The Visionaries – Untitled All Long
09. IROCC X Murs – One Two – Def Cover
10. Mike Flips X Mac Mall – Once Again Sic Wit Tis
11. Sadiva X The Nonce – 4EVA Turnin It Out

Various Producer & Artist – Da Blends

Beat Tape

IROCC – THIS [Beat Tape] [2017]

IROCC – THIS [Beat Tape]
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01. Nuvibe
02. Cloud3 feat. Dr. Love on the Trumpet
03. Interloot 1
04. One Two
05. Robot
06. Flutes
07. Is this Love
08. Sferric
09. Fall
10. Out of Range
11. Just a Paper feat. Benjamin Soul on the Synth
12. Light
13. Interloot 2
14. Southway
15. Outro


Also Available On: IROCC – THIS Tape or IROCC – THIS Limited Edition Vinyl

IROCC, Member of the GREENERYFORCE proudly presents his first Instrumental Album „THIS“. Supported by the Munich musiclabel „KELLERFLAVOUR“
Inspirated by his roots as a Breakdancer and DJ, he found his way to express him self thru music.

IROCC was born 1992 in Munich. Without a doubt his parents gave him a lot of musical talent since his Dad had some Arabic Rhythm and his Mum served some classical melodies branded by the choir where his parents got to know each other.
They recognized very early that Leon is chosen by the god of music so they sent him to dancing classes of dancing crew Aloun Petnoi and Step2diz. The probably most important step for his career as a DJ and Producer was joining the breakdance crew of “Crossed Colors” in the year 2007 in the age of 15 years. At that time he got to know the BBoy and future founder of “Hansi’s Room”, K-HANS-K (alias Hans Kohler) of the Los Caballeros Crew. Together with Crossed Colors Crew Member C-Ras (aka Christoper Smith) IROCC learned the basics of DJing in K-HANS-K’s flat which was more than just a living area. As time passes IROCC and C-Ras started to compete in several HipHop-Events and Competitions.