Phife Dawg – French Kiss Deux (Feat – Illa J) [Single] [2021]

Phife Dawg – French Kiss Deux (Feat – Illa J) [Single]
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01. Phife Dawg – French Kiss Deux (Feat – Illa J)

Phife Dawg – French Kiss Deux (Feat – Illa J)


Illa J & Atamone – The Bakery [E.P.] [2019]

Illa J & Atamone – The Bakery [E.P.]
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01. Showtime
02. I’m Thru
03. Why I Came To You
04. MJ (feat. Fawna)

Illa J & Atamone – The Bakery

Also Available On: Double 7 Inch Gatefold

When good friends come together in synergy to create art, magic happens. In that space when we’re comfortable to be ourselves, raw and vulnerable, creativity can flow organically. This is exemplified in The Bakery from Montreal producer Atamone and M.C. vocalist and beat maker Illa J. With an audible nod to classic hip hop production Atamone skillfully drizzles in the sweet and soulful foundations while Illa J brings the verbal icing. Each track will take its turn being your favourite so bake at 420 for 12 minutes, let cool and let the feast for your ears melt you like butter cream.


Illa J – John Yancey [Album] [2018]

Illa J – John Yancey [Album]
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01. Shine On
02. James Said
03. Weather Report
04. Enjoy the Ride
05. DTW
06. Find One
07. On the Side
08. Rose Gold
09. 12 AM
10. Tokyo
11. Sunday
12. 32

Illa J – John Yancey

Also Available On: 1LP vinyl edition or Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

“John Yancey” is the second album Illa J will release on Jakarta Records, following the suc- cessful release of HOME last year. The project is the second collaboration with Los Angeles based producer Calvin Valentine, who once again contributed all of the production for the long player. While “Home” was largely inspired by Illa’s native city of Detroit, “John Yancey” now focuses on his time in California.
“(This album is) Definitely more personal than all of my projects, nothing specific, but I basical- ly talk about about the ups and downs of all my relationships over the past 10 years, still grieving about my bro, etc. This one is trippy because the first single comes out a day before my 32nd birthday and the original title was 32 because this is a special year to me because my brother died at that age so it had a lot of meaning. But it makes sense that it ended up being called John Yancey because for so long in my career I felt like I was tryna be me and my brother, and I’m fi- nally at peace, like I’m not J Dilla’s younger brother Illa J, I’m James younger brother John.”
While the story of the album might have changed, there are certain continuities as well, built around the strong foundation of the combination of Illa’s voice and Calvin Valentine’s soulful sample based production. The previous album already saw Illa J incorporate more singing into his raps and he goes down this path even further: “I wanted to emphasize the singing but use more of my natural singing voice, as well as rap more than on HOME.” In regards to the music, Calvin wanted to make the project sound “a bit more polished where HOME was purposely rough around the edges.” Still, the production remains soulful and rich with layers to leave things interesting for the listener, the more spins you give the record.
The cover was created by Robert Winter, a Cologne based photographer who was also behind the visual appearance of HOME.


Illa J – Home [Album] [2017]

Illa J – Home [Album]
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01. Turn It Up (feat. Dank)
02. Sam Cook
03. I Know
04. Photosynthesis
05. 7 Mile
06. Snow Beach
07. Silencers (feat. Moka Only)
08. Detroit Bad Boys
09. Maureen
10. Home

Illa J – Home

Also Available On: Vinyl Edition + Photo Booklet

“Singing was always a big passion for me..I was always fascinated at all the acrobatic vocal runs some singers do with their voice. To me it’s an athletic thing and I definitely see myself as a vocal athlete..and for that deeper understanding of my voice that I now have I have to thank my vocal coach Betty Lane. She literally helped me to push out the voice that had been waiting there for years, ready to come out, like “John use me, I’m your voice” and It was always a goal of mine to make a project that showcases my singing. I see myself as a singer songwriter first, I just grew up in the generation of rap, so the 2 styles just fused together naturally. I started writing poems around 8 or 9 years old, then songs, and then raps. I eventually put it all together…22 years later…the journey to my heart , through all the ups and downs of my career trying to discover my voice, who I am, all my travels around the globe. It all leads back to Home, in the most literal sense. The house I’m sitting in front of on the video for “Home” is the house my parents brought me home to as a baby. So for me it’s like going back to the original source, the original purpose. That purpose for me is to sing. That’s why this album is so special for me…and Calvin made the perfect soundtrack for me to take you on a soulful stroll through my hometown, Detroit Michigan aka Motown. Hope you enjoy! As Dank would say..”Bless up!!!!!!!!””

Illa J


Illa J – Illa J Instrumentals [Instrumentals] [2016]

Illa J – Illa J Instrumentals [Instrumentals]
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01. She Burned My Art (Instrumental)
02. Cannonball (Instrumental) [co prod Noo Bap]
03. Universe (Instrumental)
04. Strippers (Instrumental) [co prod Kaytranada]
05. All Good Pt. 2 (Instrumental) [co prod Birthday Boy]
06. Sunflower (Instrumental)
07. All I Need (Instrumental)
08. French Kiss (Instrumental)
09. Who Got It (Instrumental) [co prod Mosaic]
10. Perfect Game (Instrumental)
11. Never Left (Instrumental)

Illa J – Illa J Instrumentals

Also Available On: Illa J LP


Illa J – Sunflower (DJ Spinna Remix) [Single] [2015]

Illa J – Sunflower (DJ Spinna Remix) [Single]
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01. Sunflower ft. a l l i e (DJ Spinna Remix)
02. Sunflower ft. a l l i e (DJ Spinna Remix Instrumental)

Illa J – Sunflower (DJ Spinna Remix)

Beat Tape

Astronote – Astroblacked [Beat Tape] [2014]

Astronote – Astroblacked [Beat Tape]
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01. The Coming ft. Stacy Epps
02. BYM Pt.1
03. Astroblacked
04. Lightitup
05. Ka Libre ft. Rasheeda Ali
06. Transponder
07. Rhymes On Paper (Vivid) ft. Blu
08. BYM Pt.2 (IKYK) ft. Séou
09. Out Of The Unknow ft. The Forty Fivers
10. Ghost Funk ft. Ay. Avah
11. Emptiness Eaves ft. Ay. Avah
12. Souffle
13. Fisainana ft. Slikk Tim
14. MDMTM ft. Slikk Tim
15. World ft. Blakk Soul & Séou
17. IWLY ft. Nick Walker
18. Crunch Time ft. Illa J
19. POM ft. Mansool
20. To You (Bonus)
21. One (Bonus)

Astronote – Astroblacked