IceRocks – Crossing The Rubicon [Album] [2021]

IceRocks – Crossing The Rubicon [Album]
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01. Pain & Suffering feat Flee Lord & Madhattan
02. Draft Day feat Rick Hyde & Ren Thomas
03. Kennedy feat Rome Streetz & Madhattan
04. Grandmas feat UFO Fev
05. Fed Time feat Heem
06. Buck Fifty Shave Club feat Skrewtape
07. Red Presidents feat Benny The Butcher & Meyhem Lauren
08. Feed The Fam feat ElCamino

IceRocks – Crossing The Rubicon

Beat Tape Compilation

Beat Tape Co-Op & Various Producers – The Black Book Tape [Compilation] [2019]

Beat Tape Co-Op & Various Producers – The Black Book Tape [Compilation]
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01. LoFidel: Session 1
02. Matt Bloom: Session 2
03. Edison: Session 3
04. Inner Sound: Session 4
05. Prozak Morris: Session 5
06. Ill Clinton: Session 6
07. IceRocks: Session 7
08. Ben Boogz of 2 Hungry Bros (Feat – Doc Reevez): Session 8
09. Deep of 2 Hungry Bros: Session 9
10. FredOnes: Session 10
11. Serringe: Session 11

Beat Tape Co-Op & Various Producers – The Black Book Tape

The Black Book Tape has taken some time to come together… but I don’t think it will ever be completed. The idea started roughly 3 years ago to have a blank cassette inside a black book and have it sent out to various producers to record anything they wanted on it. Along with recording on the tape I also said feel free to tag the book. Well… fast forward to the present and after some hiccups and delays I decided to just release what has been record so far on the cassette. The cassette will always be available to any producers in the states to record anything you want on it, until the cassette is full. I hope everyone enjoys what is available for your listening pleasure thus far and hope people can envision the idea I had for the project. It’s a one of a kind book & soundtrack. Enjoy

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Cover Art By: Kista


IceRocks – Bunker Beats 2 [Instrumentals] [2019]

IceRocks – Bunker Beats 2 [Instrumentals]
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01. Starker – Lemonade (Instrumental)
02. Al Boges – Outroism (Instrumental)
03. Dolo Boat – Curfew feat Conway (Instrumental)
04. Does Bros – Nowhere (Instrumental)
05. Ren Thomas – Showdown (Instrumental)
06. SicWitDaPen – That Real (Instrumental)
07. Meyhem Lauren – Flexxin (Instrumental)
08. SicWitDaPen – That Real (Instrumental)
09. Al Boges – Ice Cold feat Meyhem Lauren (Instrumental)
10. Firewater Remix
11. XP – No Doubt Son Remix feat Madhattan (Instrumental)
12. SicWitDaPen – Hoodie Rap (Instrumental)
13. Benny – Don’t Make Me (Instrumental)
14. SicWitDaPen – Recognize (Instrumental)
15. Duffel Bag Hottie – Crenshaw feat Jonezy (Instrumental)
16. Madhattan – High Noon (Instrumental)
17. Skrewtape – Sell It For Two (Instrumental)
18. Dirty Llingo – Helicopters Remix (Instrumental)
19. Dirty Llingo – It Gets Ruffa Remix feat DXA

IceRocks – Bunker Beats 2

Also Available On: Limited Cassette


IceRocks – Live From The Bunker [Album] 2018]

IceRocks – Live From The Bunker [Album]
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01. Represent Queens feat Too Deep
02. Timbs In The Summer feat Ag Da Coroner Cuts by PF CUTTIN
03. 3 Eyes Closed fear Calamity, Spit Gemz & SicWitDaPen
04. Turn It Up feat Blabbermouf
05. George Feilds-Worldwide feat Glad2Mecha & DXA (IceRocks Remix)
06. Bring It On feat SicWitDaPen Cuts by DJ M-Tri
07. The Waltz feat Calamity Chris
08. Forever Dignified feat Meyhem Lauren
09. AND1 feat XP The Marxman
10. Smoke Signals feat Al Boges & Ms. Anne

IceRocks – Live From The Bunker

Also Available On: Cassette & Vinyl @

DXA Records would like to present Live From The Bunker, Producer IceRocks follow up to Bunker Beats. Unlike the instrumental beat tape, Live From The Bunker features lyrics. There are the usual suspects, Meyhem Lauren, DXA, and AG Da Corner (among others), as well as first time collaborators Blabbermouf, PF CUTTIN, and DJ M-Tri. The Live From The Bunker release invites listeners to IceRocks inner circle of artists, presenting a diversity of styles. The experience can be accessed through cassettes, vinyl, graphics and merch. Inside the vinyl sleeves find a comic by artist Sabin Cauldron that illustrates the story of Live From The Bunker. Sabin’s black and white graphics further adds to the album’s post apocalyptic feel.

Live From The Bunker is a statement piece. It showcases an impressive selection of artists that IceRocks works with. There are live instrumentation from musicians, as well as samples which weave together the fabric of the album and the rappers enrich with their lyrics, content and flow. Between tracks are audio snippets that instruct the listener what to do if they need to bunker up for a period of time. The album intends to act as a survival guide.


Skrewtape – Sell It For Two (Prod By: IceRocks) [Single] [2017]

Skrewtape – Sell It For Two (Prod By: IceRocks) [Single]
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01. Sell It For Two (Prod By: IceRocks)

Skrewtape – Sell It For Two (Prod By: IceRocks)


ICEROCKS – Represent Queens (Feat – TOO DEEP) [Video] [2017]

ICEROCKS – Represent Queens (Feat – TOO DEEP)

Beat Tape Instrumentals

IceRocks – Bunker Beats [Beat Tape] [2016]

IceRocks – Bunker Beats [Beat Tape]
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Side A
01. Meyhem Lauren – Guns In The Playpen (Instrumental)
02. DXA – I Get Up (Instrumental)
03. IceRocks – Maniac (Instrumental)
04. IceRocks – R.I.P. (Instrumental)
05. Meyhem Lauren – Critical Thinking (Instrumental)
06. Ice Rocks – Life Check Remix
07. DXA – Progression (Instrumental)
08. Eastkoast – The Ave (Instrumental)
09. IceRocks – Mistaken Identity (Instrumental)
10. Triple Double – Mama Always Said (Instrumental)

Side B
11. Too Deep – Represent Queens (Instrumental)
12. DXA – All The Mc’s Part 1 (Instrumental)
13. DXA – All The Mc’s Part 2 (Instrumental)
14. T.R.A.C. – Stay True BBQ Mix (Instrumental)
15. Eastkoast – Laser Beam Profits (Instrumental)
16. IceRocks – Soul In The City (Instrumental)
17. Eastkoast – Tango & Cash (Instrumental)
18. DXA – Welcome Back Part 1 (Instrumental)
19. Spit Gemz – El Estudiante (Instrumental)
20. DXA – Move Wit It, Rrock Wit It Remix feat Lu…Reals

IceRocks – Bunker Beats

Available On: Cassette

IceRocks and DXA Records would like to present to you the Bunker Beats cassette release. This project was a concept birthed out of the time IceRocks spent 48 hours locked in the studio during deadly Hurricane Irene. IceRocks was in full preparation mode to be around incase any type of disaster occurred or go out doing what he loved. During his time in the bunker, Ice decided he would stay there and make beats until the power went out or worse. Supplied with thousands of records and a few drum machines IceRocks got to work. Fortunately, the power only went out for a short period towards the end of the process and he was able to get lost in the music and build the foundation for what would become the Bunker Beats experience.

Today emerging from the bunker we have the release of Bunker Beats. We hope you are fully prepared for this weather induced audio experience. Get your Gore-tex on and bump the cassette which features 20 tracks, 18 beats with two remixes. Available now.