Beat Tape

htrspltn – Oмут [Beat Tape] [2017]

htrspltn – Oмут [Beat Tape]
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01. A01 934x texas
02. A02 friendly inner demons
03. A03 drama (lostpoet)
04. A04 trpfrhn
05. A05 oldschool psych ward
06. A06 again and again (feat. Swall)
07. A07 hrlqn
08. A08 come slowly
09. A09 wonderlandinultraworld
10. A10 mmstrmndsng
11. A11 mystic qm
12. A12 feed me honeysuckle
13. A13 tomorrow crystal morning
14. B01 wndnrhr
15. B02 morning self-ignites
16. B03 the girl who sleeps with white flower
17. B04 bloodflow mosiac
18. B05 vibe garden
19. B06 hh
20. B07 if i can
21. B08 something beautiful is far away
22. B09 dance, laugh, fight
23. B10 vomit (mf doom)
24. B11 silvan finds magic shrooms
25. B12 bt kk
26. B13 like a knife

htrspltn – Oмут

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

An anthology release from the very talented artist, htrspltn. A collection of 26 tracks + 2 digital, bonus tracks (produced between 2012-2014) have been selected from 15 previously released projects by htrspltn. Seamlessly woven together, this anthology paves an audio-mosaic abyss of otherworldly craft that is the deep web of thought known as ‘htrspltn.’

The development of htrspltn’s lyricism is described as a removal of any differences between internal and external experience. Identity becomes an endless extension…

“htrspltn himself is a complex web of thoughts, feelings, and associations. There’s a sense of morbid beauty.” – Ivan Zhurovich

…a complex web of thoughts, feelings, and associations.
Beauty and morbidity are conflated by htrspltn’s discussion of the bodily differences between “inside” and “out” — or, more accurately, by speaking of their erasure:

“htrspltn is somewhat like a pornographic actor–except for the fact those people offer audiences their naked body, whereas htrspltn offers, instead, the nakedness of internal experience.”