House Shoes x (iN)Sect Records – The First 10 Years Of The iN Mix [Mixtape] [2021]

House Shoes x (iN)Sect Records – The First 10 Years Of The iN Mix [Mixtape]
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Side A:
01. Kinder – creep
02. Butcher Bear – ineedyouneedme ft. Sir Froderick
03. A Better Tomorrow – falling
04. Lo Phi – Hot
05. Slautah – Lady Edaz
06. SelfSays – They Shootin ft. Doc Illingsworth
07. Butcher Bear – Texas Boys ft. Lo Phi
08. Multi-Tracker – Sstreeflip
09. Anthony Maintain – The Wise & The Wisdom (COZMOS REMIX)
10. Lo Phi – Fucking Clocks
11. Sir Froderick – itwasntyou
12. Georgia Anne Muldrow – A Friend
13. A Better Tomorrow – Magnets
14. Kev Brown – It Never Ends
15. Muamin Collective – Midwest Bank
16. Butcher Bear – This is How the Game gets you Played ft. SelfSays (soundfounder remix)
17. Audopilots – All Gone

Side B:
18. Chanes – Some Things
19. House Shoes – tHE sKY iS oURS ft. Jimetta Rose
20. Muamin Collective – J-1 4 theHomie
21. Chanes – INF
22. Slautah – Only Yourz
23. AADM OUR HATLEY – Check The Resume
24. Audopilots – AnalogHammers
25. Dakim – fiendstheme
26. Devonwho – Somethingelseagain
27. Ras G – Jet Rendered ft. Rogue Venom
28. KONE – Funk 3482 ft. SelfSays
29. Ras G – Fried Plantanos
30. Sampler & Son – Something Always Right About Home
31. aLive – NES
32. J-1 aka THE DEER – Slang Talk
33. Butcher Bear – 1 For J
34. Guilty Simpson – Closed Curtains ft. Ernest Gonzales
35. I, Ced – In The Place To Be ft. Quelle Chris & Black Spade
36. The Vegetable Kingdom – Branes
37. Atarimatt – Commuter
38. Computer Jay – The Slapper

House Shoes x (iN)Sect Records – The First 10 Years Of The iN Mix

Also Available On: House Shoes “The First 10 Years Of The iN” Yellow Cassette

(iN)Sect Records out of Austin, TX, are currently celebrating their 13th year of putting out experimental/hip-hop/punk rock/noise music in the form of vinyl, Flexi-disc, frisbee, chip clips, shirts and cassettes.
House Shoes is a Detroit-born producer and DJ, who now lives in Los Angeles and runs the acclaimed record label, Street Corner Music. He has been a friend and supporter of the label for the last decade.

We asked House Shoes if he would be down to mix some songs from the first 10 years of our releases (2008-2018). He turned in an absolute beast of mix to mark a chapter in our history.

This mix of over 30 songs from our catalog includes songs by: J-1 tHE DEER, Ras G, House Shoes, aLive, Sir Froderick, Chanes, SelfSays, Guilty Simpson, Butcher Bear, Kinder, Muamin Collective and more. Check the tracklist and head over to to listen and DL the mix for free.

This mixtape is limited to 75 copies total. Artwork by Laurel Barickman at Recspec. She also did the artwork for House Shoes’ “Let It GO” beat tape.

Thank y’all for the support.


House Shoes – Low Key Source, Vol​​.​​ 2 (Mixed By House Shoes) [Mixtape] [2020]

House Shoes – Low Key Source, Vol​​.​​ 2 (Mixed By House Shoes) [Mixtape]
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01. K, Le Maestro – Dem Boyz
02. Vida Sunshyne – All Three Eyes
03. Plutonic Lab – Give It Up (feat. Natalie Slade, Raiza Biza & 8H)
04. Moe Dirdee & DertBeats – Business
05. K, Le Maestro – Pyrex
06. Dirt (feat. Oh No, The Alchemist & Roc Marciano) [Snips Remix]
07. Tall Black Guy, Allysha Joy – Sip Of You
08. Raiza Biza & REMI – Jiggy (feat. Sampa The Great)
09. Choicevaughan – Know One
10. Ladi6 – Royal Blue (Christoph Eltruento Remix)
11. Apollo Brown – Reminiscing (feat. Jehst & Tyler Daley)
12. Children of Zeus, Black Milk – Won’t End Well
13. Timber!
14. Bryzone_ybp – Dip
15. Sndtrak – Slippin
16. Silent Titan – Awake (feat. John Givez, Fly Anakin & Saint Marcel)
17. Tenacity – Distractions
18. Eric Lau – Jeff’s Piano
19. J-1 AKA The Deer – Green Smoke
20. Plutonic Lab – Blind Eyes (feat. Natalie Slade, Raiza Biza & 8H)
21. Dertbeats – Throwback Two Step
22. Planetself, Daniel Crawford – The Chosen (feat. Blurum13)
23. The Labyrinth
24. Tall Black Guy – Beware Of The Groove (feat. Mario Sweet)
25. Stro Elliot – Miles Funk
26. Stro Elliot – Marvin’s Mood
27. Haz & Miloux – All Night
28. Ghost McGrady – Parks & Shit
29. Eric Lau – By The Sea
30. Colourd Noyz – Terracotta
31. House Shoes & Big Tone = Big Shoes – Homage
32. Ladi6 – Royal Blue (Silent Jay, Sensible J & Leigh Fisher Remix)
33. Low Key Source, Vol. 2 (Continuous Mix)

House Shoes – Low Key Source, Vol​​.​​ 2 (Mixed By House Shoes)

Also Available On: Limited Edition Compact Disc

Sydney label Low Key Source drops their second mix CD showcasing the label’s catalogue and this time expertly mixed by Detroit’s own House Shoes, CEO of Street Corner Music. Since the inception of Low Key Source in late 2016 the label has released forward thinking Hip Hop, Reggae & Soul music with a heavy focus on production.

Included in this mix are tracks from Australia’s Plutonic Lab, Vida Sunshyne and Allysha Joy, New Zealand’s Ladi6, Raiza Biza, Haz & Miloux along with the UK’s Children Of Zeus who team up with Black Milk for “Won’t End Well”. Producers such as Apollo Brown, Tall Black Guy Productions, Stro Elliot, Eric Lau and Kase Avila are included in the mix too. Also featured are exclusive tracks from House Shoes, Sndtrk, Tenacity and J-1 AKA The Deer.

House Shoes, AKA Michael Buchanan, isn’t concerned with popularity. Unfailingly outspoken, the Detroit-born DJ and producer condemns and exalts music with equal vigour. If he hates your record, expect soul-atomizing honesty. If he loves it, he’ll play it endlessly. House Shoes spun Dilla beats ad infinitum at famed Detroit venues like St. Andrews Hall, and during his years in the Motor City, House Shoes also championed rappers like Danny Brown, Guilty Simpson and Quelle Chris, far before they were known to the general public.

Album Beat Tape

House Shoes – THE MAKINGS SIDE A/THE MAKINGS SIDE B [Album] [2016]

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01. Rich Speaks
02. Proof feat. Journalist/Mu – Broken
03. Danny Brown – High
04. MarvWon – Stomp
05. Med/Poke/Romes – Purist
06. Quelle/Roc Marciano – Slaves
07. Moe Dirdee – Let It Bang
08. Invincible/Finale – The Locust
09. Shoes – Newports
10. Rich Speaks
11. Elzhi – Boomerang Slang
12. Quelle – Golden
13. MarvWon/Danny Brown/Chips
14. Nosebleeds/MTFO – Danny Brown/Quelle
15. Shoes – The Look
16. MarvWon – Remember When


Beat Tape

House Shoes – The Gift Volume Seven [Beat Tape] [2015]

House Shoes – The Gift Volume Seven [Beat Tape]
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01. Boomerang Slang (elzhi)
02. Scattered Pictures (elzhi 1998)
03. Trauma Unit (fuzz scoota 2000)
04. Stroll (Elzhi 2000)
05. Broken (Proof 2001)
06. Do You (Proof 2001)
07. Remember When (MarvWon 2002)
08. For U (NowOn 2006)
09. Stomp (MarvWon 2006)
10. High (Danny Brown 2006)
11. Golden (Quelle 2009)
12. Slaves (Quelle/RocMarci 2011)
13. Nosebleeds/MTFO (DannyBrown/Quelle 2011)
14. Let It Bang (MoeDirdee 2011)
15. Biggie (2011)
16. Sunshine (HusKingpin 2011)

House Shoes – The Gift Volume Seven


House Shoes – The Gift: The Jay Dee Unreleased EP (House Shoes Records 1997) [Remixes] [2014]

House Shoes – The Gift: The Jay Dee Unreleased EP (House Shoes Records 1997) [Remixes]
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01. Stakes Is High (Remix) De La Soul
02. Woo Hah (Remix) Busta Rhymes
03. Electric Piano Solo (interlude)
04. Microphone Master (Remix) Das Efx
05. Sittin On Chrome (Remix) Masta Ace
06. Me & Those Dreamin Eyes (Remix) D’Angelo
07. Abandon Ship (Remix) Busta Rhymes
08. Jay Dee Unreleased EP – The Ultimate (Remix)The Artifacts

House Shoes – The Gift: The Jay Dee Unreleased EP (House Shoes Records 1997)

In 1997, Jay Dee was the still new kid on the block. With the success of singles like Runnin’ (Pharcyde), and Stakes is High (De La Soul), he had his own undeniable sound, but the majors still weren’t sold. This is proof of that. Jay was solicited by a lot of majors to do remixes for artists on their rosters. Time and time again, they would another route.
The joints he was coming up with were fucking nuts, but to no avail. In one case, he was led to believe that one of his mixes got thru, only to see another producers remix when the 12″ showed up at Record Time. I told him fuck it I wanna put it out. He trusted me. I had never put a record out.Got an investor.
Then I made a phone call. Chris Manak, aka Peanut Butter Wolf, was my rep at TRC distribution in California. I was working at Street Corner Music ordering records from him every week. I got the #’s from him. Sent the masters over and we had a record. The first pressing was on blue vinyl. Limited to 1500 copies. Gone.
Second press was on green vinyl. Gone.
I also learned to listen to test presses on multiple turntables. There was a skip in the middle of the fucking Woo Hah rmx that did NOT SKIP on my 1200. Swear to god I had the only 12 that could play that shit. It skipped on EVERY other turntable in the world. Fucked up. Check your test pressings on a few setups. But, that’s fixed now. Remastered by Dave Cooley directly from a sealed blue copy. Why? Because the plates broke at the plant, and I lost the master in a flood 3 years later. That’s why. Not giving up the HQ files tho. Fuck a bootlegger.

Enjoy the Gift…


Beat Tape

House Shoes – Presents: The Gift Vol. VI – Cream Of Beats [Beat Tape] [2014]

House Shoes – Presents: The Gift Vol. VI – Cream Of Beats [Beat Tape]
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A. 01 Cruise Control
A. 02 I’m Black
A. 03 Angel Dust
A. 04 Belle Isle Bathroom
A. 05 The Melody
A. 06 Give It Up
A. 07 Soul Queen
A. 08 The Rain
A. 09 Moods
A. 10 Boss Shit
B. 01 Run This Space
B. 02 The Hunter
B. 03 The Hunted
B. 04 Message Recieved
B. 05 Tandoori Chicken
B. 06 Through It All
B. 07 Beat Rox
B. 08 Mel
B. 09 Rubio
B. 10 Unbelievable

House Shoes – Presents: The Gift Vol. VI – Cream Of Beats


House Shoes – THE KING JAMES VERSION VOL. 2: The New Testament [Mix] [2014]

House Shoes – THE KING JAMES VERSION VOL. 2: The New Testament [Mix]
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01. THE KING JAMES VERSION VOL. 2: The New Testament

House Shoes – THE KING JAMES VERSION VOL. 2: The New Testament

In celebration of James “J Dilla” Yancey’s 40th birthday,
House Shoes presents the first half of the follow up to his
critically acclaimed “The King James Version” mix, paying
tribute to one of, if not the best producer in hip-hop’s history
by strolling through some more of the records that were mined
by Dilla for his productions. From jazz, to soul, to moog and
electronica and more, this mix serves as a reminder to show how
broad the range of music that inspired him was. Taken from all original vinyl. No youtube rips. No mp3s. None of that bulllshit.