Hotwax – Fascinator [E.P.] [2018]

Hotwax – Fascinator [E.P.]
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01. Fascinator
02. Slink

Hotwax – Fascinator

Collective Resonance are proud to present a new single from Clearwater, Florida based artist Hotwax AKA Adam Keilbach.This release features a fusion of genres, from Hip Hop to Footwork and everything in between. Both tracks have an element of “chillness” to them, but “Fascinator” offers moments of it among the rapid fire hi-hats and IDM-inspired chords.

Side-B AKA “Slink” is a more straightforward, stripped-back instrumental that will get the listener’s head bobbing and mind relaxed, as the dusty downtempo beat and intoxicating synth pads envelop you. We asked Hotwax to summarise this release in a couple of short sentences:

“These couple of tracks are a summarized compendium of my sound and how I often oscillate and explore many different sounds and genres while still retaining elements that make each track distinctly “Hotwax”. Both fans of downtempo and footwork will find something to like here.”