Beat Tape

HOT16 – Spacesuit [Beat Tape] [2015]

HOT16 – Spacesuit [Beat Tape]
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01. Rå
02. Merkuri
03. Aphrodite
04. Terra
05. Moonrocks
06. Ares
07. Jupiter
08. Saturnus
09. U
10. Poseidon
11. Beaches of Europa pt. 1
12. Beaches of Europa pt. 2
13. Heaven
14. V4641 SGR – Blackhole

HOT16 – Spacesuit

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is Matt Nelkin, and I will be your your co-pilot for this flight. On behalf of HOT16 and the entire Liquid Beat crew, welcome aboard. A year and change after the release of producer/DJ HOT16’s 1983EP, Liquid Beat Records is proud to announce the new instrumental album entitled Spacesuit.

In this episode, HOT16 takes us through an audio tour of the galaxy, structured as a journey outwards from the center of our solar system. Similar to NASA missions, Spacesuit’s tracks take their names and influences from celestial bodies, phenomenon, and/or Greco/Roman Gods. Crafted from the ground up with the intent to conjure the heavens, Spacesuit’s melodies invoke our ethereal imagination, while keeping us grounded atop earthly rhythms. This is the soundtrack to your late night voyage deep into space.

Spacesuit is carefully crafted, composed, and sequenced to provide a complete listening experience with maximum replay value from start to finish. Instrumental Hip-Hop, Modern Funk, R&B, and even House all find a home within HOT16’s sonic vision of our cosmos, and Liquid Beat couldn’t be happier to present it to you.

Please ensure that your seatbelts are unfastened, and that your seatbacks and tray tables are in their full reclining positions, because Spacesuit is now up for pre-order and will be available digitally, and on limited edition cassette.

Flight time is approximately 40 mins.”