Instrumental Album

Grooveman J. Grimes – Forgotten LP [Instrumental Album] [2016]

Grooveman J. Grimes – Forgotten LP [Instrumental Album]
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01. Invisible in The Wasteland
02. Isolation
03. Forgotten
04. Life in Hiding
05. Came out the Abyss
06. Life’s Perfect When It’s Not (and go from there)
07. Transformation
08. See Through The Darkness
09. Living Here/ It’s A Cold World/ Afterdark
10. Victory

Grooveman J. Grimes – Forgotten LP

Recorded in GrimeLab Studios The Forgotten Lp is about the isolation of living in a small town. It was inspired by night time walks by myself around the town of Turner Valley where I reside. The album is my attempt at using instrumental music to convey the emotions one feels when living in a place where you feel forgotten and disconnected from society. This theme led to this album being dark. But through isolation I was able to obtain a great deal of self reliance. I also was able to develop a sound that I am quite pleased with which has been a goal of mine since childhood. The Forgotten Lp is a journey through the process of achieving this sound and the acceptance of my place in this life as a hermit and outsider.