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Pikkoroh – Voix [Beat Tape] [2017]

Pikkoroh – Voix [Beat Tape]
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01. Onset
02. Therapy
03. Diagnosis
04. Neurosis
05. Psychosis
06. Panic
07. Delusional
08. Insomnia
09. Hypnosis
10. Lucid
11. Grief
12. Ghost
13. Devout
14. Ward
15. Suicide

Pikkoroh – Voix

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Paul Blackford – Inception [Beat Tape] [2017]

Paul Blackford – Inception [Beat Tape]
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01. Inception
02. Shepherd Meadows
03. Solaris
04. Polybius
05. Eternity
06. Fort Neuro

Paul Blackford – Inception

Beat Tape

Rah Zen – Midnight Satori [Beat Tape] [2017]

Rah Zen – Midnight Satori [Beat Tape]
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01. Lunar Eclipse
02. In The Air (Breathe)
03. Nightworks
04. Tree Of Life
05. Soular Eclipse
06. Into The Cosmos
07. Mindshift
08. Ohm (Interlude)
09. Hidden Place
10. Astral Love
11. For Unity
12. Waking Life (Interlude)
13. Ways Within Feat. Wavysight & Jeremiah Jae
14. Midnight Satori

Rah Zen – Midnight Satori

A Multi-Dimensional Journey Through the Waking Soul of a Dreamer

Beat Tape

Malik Abdul-Rahmaan – Field Research Malaysia [Beat Tape] [2017]

Malik Abdul-Rahmaan – Field Research Malaysia [Beat Tape]
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01. Flight To Malaysia
02. Up Above The Clouds
03. Kampung Baru Stroll
04. Thinking Of Buda
05. Bangsar Nites
06. Sidestreets + Streetlights
07. Five-O Lurk
08. Building With Fitz
09. Faraway Lands
10. Love Scene
11. The Moon and The Star
12. Elephant Stomp
13. Jalan Kapitan Keling
14. Leery Eyes
15. Little India
16. Boats Off Pulau Pinang
17. Mahdar’s Revenge
18. A Touch of Color
19. Meet Me At The Teastand
20. Shots For Joe
21. X+Y = Love
22. Grandmaster
23. Street Food
24. Sherifah’s Theme
25. On The Breaks
26. Boat To Langkawi
27. Salaamms To Ahmad
28. Funky Bangsar
29. Chinatown Radio
30. Heavy Mentals [For Arno]
31. Uncle Ang’s Gadget Shop
32. Rain Showers [Departure]

Malik Abdul-Rahmaan – Field Research Malaysia

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

“Very refreshing, well thought out soulful production.”
–Karriem Riggins

“Exotic cuisines from distant lands. Raw foods for the soul.”

“Paxico has been doing great things for awhile now. Malik’s album is another example.”
–House Shoes

“This is the project I hoped he would bless us with.”
–Count Bass D

“A tale as epic as The Odyssey”
–Chris Hound


Reflecting on my trip to Malaysia, I am reminded of the late night hunts for food through endless hawker stalls in Penang, the vibrant and thoughtful people greeting me at the turn of every corner, colonial style buildings nestled next to Buddhist temples next mosques, malls filled with electronic gear kiosks and flea markets offering everything under the sun. The intermixing of Malay, Chinese and Indian people and traditions made available for me an amazing array of flavor palettes, tonalities, style and rhythms quite unlike anything I have ever experienced in my travels through the world. You can’t ask for a better case study to get schooled in everything from geopolitics to the various versions of the national dish, nasi lemak……..all of which are telling about the music that I discovered in this magical place. From wandering around in 100 degree humidity with my field recorder picking up street sounds to tracking down the legendary Joe of Joe’s Mac at Amcorp Mall right outside of Kuala Lumpur. It was experiences like these that offered me the first visions for this project that I’ve come to call Field Research.

Field Research: Malaysia chronicles my hunt for record shops, sellers and collections in the country. It’s the haul of over 100 albums that I purchased out there; a cross section of local folk music, Bollywood, and East and South Asian funk, disco and rock. It’s the countless hours of the Islamic call to prayer recorded from my window, street vendors and other built and natural environments that I passed by on foot. I hope you’ll dig the tracks, but more importantly hear the sounds that are complex and unique to the story of this beautiful country. And before I sign off, I invite you to be my travel companion as I bring you elsewhere around the world. Until next time.


Malik Abdul-Rahmaan

Beat Tape E.P.

Exitstance – bits & pieces [Beat Tape] [2016]

Exitstance – bits & pieces [Beat Tape]
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01. Who
02. Them
03. That
04. This
05. Us
06. Where
07. Why

Exitstance – bits & pieces


Able8 – Program​.​02 [E.P.] [2016]

Able8 – Program.02 [E.P.]
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01. Prisoner (feat. Melody Myla)
02. Leader (feat. Elf Tranzporter & Syreneyiscreamy)
03. Crooked Crop (feat. Spider Jaroo)
04. Come Back (Badu Flip)
05. Killem (feat. Rayjah45)
06. Think Fast (feat. Manix)
07. Killem (feat. Rayjah45) Dusty Ohms Remix
08. Killem (feat. Rayjah45) Arctic Remix

Able8 – Program.02

Program.02 EP is an eclectic soundscape of Hip-Hop infused tracks that borrow heavily from genres such as UK Dubstep and Grime.

Premiere vocalist from across the globe such as Elf Transporter (Combat Wombat), Syreneyiscreamy (Opiuo Band), Melody Myla (UK / Czech), Jaroo (UK), Manix (Panoptics, AUS) and Rayjah45 (NZ) bless the 8 track release, which also contains remixes from Arctic (Tumble Audio / Liminal Sounds) and Dusty Ohms (Millennium Jazz / Signaflo).

Beat Tape

illfigure – mindful but inactive (ep) [Beat Tape] [2016]

illfigure – mindful but inactive (ep) [Beat Tape]
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01. broken symphoni (ft. nelson)
02. orangejumpsuité
03. konsciousness
04. autokorrekt (ft. metvlmouth)
05. light (ft. solis)
06. solreaver
07. suzanna (ft. siyasha)
08. inaktyve
09. five.rmx (ft. andre)
10. timeklok (ft. blue november)
11. sages (ft. cameron butler)
12. whytemoth (ft. rhakim ali)
13. limitluss (ft. ny odus)
14. orion (ft. destiny x)
15. rootkrop (ft. isaiah the prophet)
16. hourglass (interlude)
17. winter1995′ (outrø)

illfigure – mindful but inactive (ep)

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette [Opaque Magenta] or Gameboy Edition Cassette [Cartridge Gray]

20-year-old Boston avant-garde beatsmith Illfigure offers his strongest collection of tracks yet on “Mindful But Inactive”. Dusty percussion and raw sample chops establish a gritty surrealism that effortlessly weaves the impressive eleven guest features together. “Timeklok (ft. Blue November)” features delicate piano melodies slathered with sprinkler hi-hats and complex sample flips, complimenting Blue November’s deep, monotone delivery. On the other hand, “Orion (ft. Destiny X)” laces an intoxicating, spiraling jazz progression with Destiny X’s gorgeous crooning. From front-to-back, this record is full of eclectic sounds and surprises, perfectly representing the diverse and insane potential of Illfigure’s future.

Now available on a limited run of hand-numbered cassette tapes for the first time via Granite Tapes. “Mindful But Inactive” comes packaged in clear cases with full color J-card artwork, wrapped in parchment and sealed in wax. Includes maple candy and digital download.

Beat Tape

illfigure – s​.​s vol2​[​bootleg] [Beat Tape] [2016]

illfigure – s​.​s vol2​[​bootleg] [Beat Tape]
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01. beenalwngtyme[Lft.u]
02. just_tri[max.bootlg]
03. letsjst[-Laydwn-]
04. giveubetter.
05. no moore trst.
06. her.tickr.Hrt_
07. last.minutMan.
08. kowardsDie[bootleg]
09. chuwyngGumtro.

illfigure – s​.​s vol2​[​bootleg]

Beat Tape

illfigure – superb⍤y [Beat Tape] [2015]

illfigure – superb⍤y [Beat Tape]
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01. lyteuh(p).
02. nowrneve(r).
03. bbyle(g).
04. kaskay(d).
05. mis.undrstnd(n).
06. karose(l).
07. kawtu(p).
08. do u (luv mee).
09. for(uuu).
10. prfctda(i).
11. bchmv(e).
12. lstle’bttl(e).
13. findr’s keep(r).
14. losr’s weep(r).
15. fearlssl(i).

illfigure – superb⍤y

Beat Tape

illfigure – MelodicEmpathi. (Lp) [Beat Tape] [2015]

illfigure – MelodicEmpathi. (Lp) [Beat Tape]
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01. nodrma.
02. southrnfryd_
03. expensvetryps_
04. popthngs.
05. krshon_u.
06. partidntstp.
07. warriorsng.
08. worldpreemo.
09. rydeordye.
10. slwpace.
11. wordofmouf.
12. dointhemelt_
13. glasstbles.
14. couhntf3.
15. upendw(n).
16. yurmyladi.

illfigure – MelodicEmpathi. (Lp)

Beat Tape

Philippe Edison – Star Ocean [Beat Tape] [2015]

Philippe Edison – Star Ocean [Beat Tape]
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01. Lift Off
02. Zero Gravity (CASSETTE TAPE ONLY)
03. Star Ocean I
05. Space Lion
06. In The Sky
07. The Outlaw Star (CASSETTE TAPE ONLY)
08. Divine Wind I
09. The Medicine Man__Ayahuasca
10. Jet Black’nd Emerald I
12. Jet Black’nd Emerald II
13. The White Room
14. Eyes Like Sapphires
15. In A Dream feat. Varth Dader
16. L O V E I S
18. Heavenyl Demonic
19. Far Out

Philippe Edison – Star Ocean

Also Available On – LIMITED CASSETTE


Anti.matter – Divine Beauty EP [E.P.] [2014]

Anti.matter – Divine Beauty EP [E.P.]
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01. Divine Beauty EP

Anti.matter – Divine Beauty EP

Beat Tape

MilLi3 & Iron Br11 – 0101 [Beat Tape] [2014]

MilLi3 & Iron Br11 – 0101 [Beat Tape]
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01. GradeA
02. Binnnnnnn
03. Koolin
04. Tra3
05. Sexodos
06. Moon
07. Dark Vibes

MilLi3 & Iron Br11 – 0101