E.P. Remixes

J.PERIOD – March 9 Remix EP [2021] {Feat – B​.​I​.​G​.​, Nipsey Hussle, Dead Prez & Future} [E.P.] [2021]

J.PERIOD – March 9 Remix EP [2021] {Feat – B​.​I​.​G​.​, Nipsey Hussle, Dead Prez & Future} [E.P.]
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01. “Spit Yo Commas [March 9 Remix]” feat. B.I.G., Dead Prez & Future
02. “B.K. Confidential [March 9 Remix]” feat. Nipsey Hussle & B.I.G.
03. “Party & Dom [March 9 Remix]” feat. B.I.G.
04. “Truffle Biggie [March 9 Remix]” feat. B.I.G.
05. “BK, Blow The Whistle [March 9 Remix]” feat. B.I.G.

J.PERIOD – March 9 Remix EP [2021] {Feat – B​.​I​.​G​.​, Nipsey Hussle, Dead Prez & Future}


Oneirodes Collective – Compilation Vol. 4 [Compilation] [2018]

Oneirodes Collective – Compilation Vol. 4 [Compilation]
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01. drowse. – aimless
02. s0iLL – campfire
04. H _ L o o p – Calm
05. O d e e n o – Allndnothng
06. defMute – 6 0 4
07. ASHORTTIMELATER – Do us a flovour
08. p_11_x – spuntino1AM
09. Bronco – Δngelzsong [tributetodillΔ]
10. JetYawar – Calmatensa
11. blkldg – G-low
12. Bao – Close Contact
13. JESVS LO5T – mute^
14. eelxb – cold mugs
15. mycatisflying – fckn spaceship
16. SINTAnQ9 – Obsidian
17. shibachan1979 – void meets girl
18. dwELL. – _22palms
19. Igor Amokian – Robot Wrist
20. Cinturon Negro – Not Stealing Toys
21. D r i p s Z a c h e e r – Seabikes & beers
22. Oui Lele – 1995
23. Wild Mofo – Clumsy
24. Ulle Kamelle – Camera shy
25. bluørangee – lostyou4ever
26. teams – its no use
27. Dennis Kasfikis – funny vibes
28. nelson nerd – black soul
29. R d m – Vast universe
30. Y.F.N.D.D. – Life’s A Beach
31. quieto – chuviscando

Oneirodes Collective – Compilation Vol. 4

4th compilation for Oneirodes Collective
31 artists from all over the world combine their lofi / future beats

Beat Tape

Roden – Libations [Beat Tape] [2018]

Roden – Libations [Beat Tape]
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01. Libations ft. Jack Droze
02. Space Base
03. Swivel
04. Rick
05. Gun Play
06. Libations Pt. II ft. Jack Droze
07. Right Out the Air
08. Roger
09. Stroll Through
10. Trey Flip
11. Hoodie

Roden – Libations

Michigan native, with roots planted in Pontiac, Detroit, and the surrounding Metro area, Roden is a producer/engineer who draws inspiration from dusty hip hop beats, to rock, electronic, and the yet unexplored sonic territories of the auditory world. Hard hitting drums, lush atmospheres and textures, and a taste for the dirt and grime of old vinyl records are at the forefront of Roden’s sound. Having worked with many local artists, producers and DJ’s over the years, as well as established Hip Hop creators such as OneBeLo of Binary Star, while curating and performing in numerous homegrown events, Roden is poised to take his sound and styling’s from the studio, to the eager ear canals of today’s music eaters.

Beat Tape

Lester, Nowhere – Extra [Beat Tape] [2018]

Lester, Nowhere – Extra [Beat Tape]
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01. 2017
02. Homeboi
03. I tole Ya
04. Mom Says You Lazy
05. Luvsung
06. STUDY!
07. Clarity (feat. Bzkt)
08. Feels Like
09. Space Camo
10. Wormholes in My Lawn
11. Saucer
12. Real To The End
13. Mars Is Brighter Tonight
14. Extra Cheese (Bonus)

Lester, Nowhere – Extra

Radio Juicy presents “Extra” by young Italian beatmaker Lester, Nowhere. Slowly moving in an hazy atmosphere, like a dark room filled with smoke and people dancing slowly almost like a slow motion rendered by stroboscopic light spot. This album is Lester, Nowhere’s take and homage on Memphis Phonk and he delivers. The tape feels inspired, fresh and original. If you are already familiar with Lester, Nowhere then this will be a nice surprise if not this is a great introduction to the talented beatmaker.

Beat Tape E.P.

Lightfoot – Momentum Is Fleeting [E.P.] [2018]

Lightfoot – Momentum Is Fleeting [E.P.]
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01. Momentum
02. Coffee And Cream (ft. Catman)
03. Washed Up
04. GMM (Good Morning Moose)
05. Shower Jams
06. Give Me A Brush
07. Do The Werk
08. Fleeting

Lightfoot – Momentum Is Fleeting

Momentum Is Fleeting is an instrumental EP inspired by early mornings and late nights and the beautiful feeling of creating while most minds are asleep.

I hope you enjoy. And remember… get it while you can cause momentum is fleeting


Aviary Bridge Records – Summer Compilation Album [Compilation] [2018]

Aviary Bridge Records – Summer Compilation Album [Compilation]
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01. Davnnk – Surfin’
02. Drchamploo – Turtle Island
03. Behind Clouds & sar.casm – Life of a Dreamer
04. PHÁSIN – Broken Arrow
05. sar.casm – Daydreaming in the Summer
06. Padma Purana – Never Alone
07. Sub Hero – Afterhours
08. Sro – Thoughtful Sunset
09. Safe Place – Insomnia
10. Noirea – Coastal Drive
11. Nomenclature – Transfer
12. Santport – Hansei
13. Elleodin – Just Let me Go
14. Paul Wilbury – Falling
15. Hip Chimp – California
16. LeVirya – Lush
17. Sazetrax – 4 AM
18. Potelin – If I Lose Myself

Aviary Bridge Records – Summer Compilation Album

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette + Digital

Aviary Bridge Records’ fourth seasonal compilation album, “Summer” will be released on 31th August, bringing the series around full circle as we begin to enter Autumn once again. For the final seasonal challenge, Aviary Bridge Records once again gave their roster a theme and an image to base their music around. This time the challenge was to capture the essence of a summer evening, where the sociable nights are long and comfortably warm due to the lingering sunlight.

Though “Summer” was created with social evenings in mind, the result is a surprisingly contemplative and introverted collection of songs, juxtaposed with powerful beats and hard-core sub basses. The album certainly reflects summer sunsets and city life, with the exception of “Surfin’” by Davnnk and “Turtle Island” by Drchamploo (which lean more towards your traditional high afternoon sunshine and islands vibes), with an abundance of city-foleys and gorgeous bittersweet synths. Throughout the social happy moments, the tracks are interlaced with fleeting feelings and perhaps a knowledge that all summers must come to an end. “Summer” makes for a unique road trip cassette tape, perfect for staring out the window at the ever changing landscape.

Beat Tape

Namo – The Neanderthal Is Running Scared [Beat Tape] [2017]

Namo – The Neanderthal Is Running Scared [Beat Tape]
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01. The World Spins At Thirty Three And A Third
02. The Nomad
03. A World Gone Mad
04. Human Swine Flew
05. When Morning Comes
06. Gandhi Goes Aggro
07. Peninsula Riot
08. The Dark Half
09. Nine Past Midnight
10. By Cavelight
11. Perfect Yesterday
12. Open Your Ears
13. On The Road
14. Slower G Notes

Namo – The Neanderthal Is Running Scared

Beat Tape

Monochrome Echo – I Remember My Dreams [Beat Tape] [2017]

Monochrome Echo – I Remember My Dreams [Beat Tape]
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01. I Remember My Dreams
02. According To Who
03. Nubs
04. Harpoons
05. String Theory
06. Deep Breath -Interlude-
07. One Minute
08. Duneish
09. Balletic
10. Glass Cave
11. Submerged
12. Mix Side A

Monochrome Echo – I Remember My Dreams

Available On: Monochrome Echo – I Remember My Dreams Ltd. Ed. Tape

Somewhere between waking and sleeping, Monochrome Echo combines lush synths and dreamy soundscapes with organic electronica and hypnotic off-kilter rhythms in this eclectic dream-sequence soundtrack. Just waiting for them to make the film…

Beat Tape

Exitstance – MORETHANONCE [Beat Tape] [2017]

Exitstance – MORETHANONCE [Beat Tape]
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01. Sustainability
02. What
03. Like A Machine
04. Lowercase
05. Nevertheless
06. Catch This
07. Zirconium
08. Texture
09. Explained
10. Attack At Nightfall
11. Press Play
12. Everything
13. Overlay


Also Available On: Cassette Tape + stickers


Various Artists – Traditional Assortment (1st Birthday Compilation) [Compilation] [2017]

Various Artists – Traditional Assortment (1st Birthday Compilation) [Compilation]
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01. Lou.E.G. – Next Steps (Intro)
02. Tihkal – Eternal Seeds
03. Sim – ErOs
04. Train Robbers – March of the Penguins
05. K Tano – Urban Flora Trip
06. TWELVEBIT – Nine Sixty Kilo Hertz
07. Masta Noice – Phazedd
08. Sim – Scuba
09. Dead Classic – Play
10. Zodalitt – Waltz Me To The Moon And Back Again (Interlude)
11. Pine Martyn – Lazio
12. Bramston Pickle – The Heist
13. Colonel Mu$tard – Dance of the Samurai
14. Frank T – Daym
15. Dean Marroni & Sim – Sweet Soul
16. Aircraft – In the Mist
17. WeztjG – Clvss!k
18. Vigilante – Where Where You?
19. Masta Noice – Moving
20. Zodalitt – Age (Outro)
21. Sim – Sweet Soul Instrumental (Bonus)

Various Artists – Traditional Assortment (1st Birthday Compilation)

After 1 year of solid music we bring you another compilation with a mash of styles from all over the world to show we have extended our UK sound and aim to provide something new for a platform of creative artists to thrive and be apart of something wonderful. From Sweden, Italy, Russia, Norway, Texas and all over the UK including London, Bristol, Devon and Sheffield, While operating partially from Spain, We bring you 21 free tracks to say thanks for the support so far with out previous 17 official releases and plays on various radio shows across the year.

We aim to bring you a project every 4 weeks during our second year and wish to push some more experimental elements and dabble with more genres. So feel free to join us on our journey as we are all the music community and working together allows to to achieve the impossible.


DAILON – Creations [E.P.] [2017]

DAILON – Creations [E.P.]
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01. Step Two
02. Play/grind
03. Rainlight
04. The Flow

DAILON – Creations

Beat Tape

Moo Latte – Tubism [Beat Tape] [2016]

Moo Latte – Tubism [Beat Tape]
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01. Water Loose
02. Flint
03. Lean de Vang
04. Karsten Fasanvej
05. Freddie’s
06. Forum
07. Brama
08. Square Crown
09. Havn
10. Amajor Bridge
11. Øresund
12. Amber Clay Park
13. Skinny Beach
14. 5 Ears
16. Boy in Airport

Moo Latte – Tubism

“Tubism” is an album combined of 16 seamless compositions and many layers of expression and inspiration. The main concept of the project is a musical definition of 16 tube stations between artist’s home and the Kastrup Airport in Copenhagen, the main inspiration are his first observations and impressions after moving to a new city and the main workshop is a home studio backed by skills in playing jazz, writing film scores and composing for instrumental ensembles.

What you can hear, in every track of this “organic lo-fi beats with jazz and folk flavor” album, is not just a typical DAW setup. Moo Latte did a great job layering many artificial and organic sounds, including underground field recordings and such instruments as: electric bass, double bass, guitar, grand piano, analog synthesizers and homemade percussives. Despite overall lo-fi character and a wide variety of sounds used for the project, even the shortest click sits perfectly where it belongs.

Come aboard our train, press play and don’t mind the gaps!

Beat Tape

O-D – Lost Time Found Space [Beat Tape] [2016]

O-D – Lost Time Found Space [Beat Tape]
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01. Lost Time (Intro)
02. Winter Beach Side
03. Loft Lounge Soul
04. Voice Lessons
05. A Vibe Called…
06. Dream (Inner-Lude)
07. L(one)ly Girl
08. Ahmad’s Keys
09. #Revolution
10. Temples of the Mind
11. 3:10 AM
12. Late Night Checklist (ft. Paul Yutaka, MaLLy, & K.Raydio)

O-D – Lost Time Found Space

Also Available On: Limited Edition Compact Disc or Limited Edition Cassette

Lost Time Found Space is a new album released by Minneapolis-based hip-hop producer O-D. Born in the U.S. with family roots in the Seychelles islands (Africa/Indian Ocean) and the UK, O-D’s diverse background informs his sound and set of influences, which continue to evolve on this new project. Building off the funk, soul, and jazz sound of “One Drop”, his collaboration with soul singer K.Raydio, O-D explores more trap, house, and future beats on Lost Time Found Space, taking his sound into newly explored sonic territory.

Beat Tape

JH – SHADES [Beat Tape] [2016]

JH – SHADES [Beat Tape]
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Beat Tape

Ile Flottante – Beats of a Third Kind [Beat Tape] [2016]

Ile Flottante – Beats of a Third Kind [Beat Tape]
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01. Jupiter
02. Lights On
03. Bassment feat. j rush
04. Last Dance
06. Tense
07. Yuplayin
08. Wompz
09. Play Anutha
10. Can Ya Feel It
11. Always Fightin
12. The Shaolin GFUNK

Ile Flottante – Beats of a Third Kind

Also Available On: 50 x Ltd Ed Stardust Cassettes w/ Neon Cases