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Furcifer – Bal​-​Marön [Album] [2020]

Furcifer – Bal​-​Marön [Album]
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01. Introduction
02. Theme of the Great Savanna
03. Entering Zxankapur
04. Xzankapur’s Suite
05. The Withered Gorge
06. Crying Caves of Withered Gorge
07. The Curse of Svæmpur
08. Min-Min, The Light of Svæmpur
09. Trek to Bosq-Dorf
10. Rest at Bosq-Dorf
11. Moq-Gamōn
12. Gamōn’s Fruit
13. Bogür’s Lair
14. Attack of Bogür
15. The Chase
16. Fleeing to the Sequoia Spires
17. Mystic Forest
18. Discovery
19. The Bringer of News (death)
20. Triumph

Furcifer – Bal​-​Marön

Also Available On: Furcifer II: Bal-Marön Tapes on Book Edition (cassette & comic)

Beat Tape

Furcifer – Oneirology of Children [Beat Tape] [2018]

Furcifer – Oneirology of Children [Beat Tape]
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01. Prepare for REM
02. Entering Realization
03. The Door
04. Illuminator (feat. B Moore)
05. Dark Corner
06. Mare (dwarf tourniquet)
07. Neurological Adventurer Narrator
08. Ptolemy
09. Gates
10. Wo…ke… (feat. B Moore)
11. Shotoku (the sorrow)
12. The Forge
13. Battle at Amygdala (feat. B Moore)
14. Cliff Plunge
15. Last Breath
16. Discovering Realization
17. If You Leave
18. Meaning of Life
19. Attributes of Want
20. Oneirology of Children Analog Version Side A
21. Oneirology of Children Analog Version Side B

Furcifer – Oneirology of Children

Also Available On: Oneirology of Children Audio Cassette


An adult whom had suffered chronic sleep paralysis, and has suffered under the weight of an inexplicable being throughout your life. In order to make sense of it all, you decide to visit a hypnotist to take you back to the dreams you had as a child. Travel through strange dreamscapes and beatscapes, defeat the Mare, with a little guide to help you along the way.

“Why did I have these attacks? What does life really mean?”