Instrumental Album

Flying Lotus – Yasuke [Instrumental Album] [2021]

Flying Lotus – Yasuke [Instrumental Album]
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01. War At The Door
02. Black Gold feat. Thundercat
03. Your Lord
04. Shoreline Sus
05. Hiding In The Shadows feat. Niki Randa
06. Crust
07. Fighting Without Honor
08. Pain And Blood
09. War Lords
10. Sachi
11. Your Screams
12. Using What You Got
13. African Samurai feat. Denzel Curry
14. Where’s The Girl?
15. Kurosaka Strikes!
16. This Cursed Life
17. RoBomb
18. Taiko Time / Sacrifice
19. Your Day Off
20. Your Armour
21. Enchanted
22. Mind Flight
23. Survivors
24. Your Head / We Won
25. The Eyes Of Vengeance
26. Between Memories feat. Niki Randa

Flying Lotus – Yasuke

Also Available On: Vinyl / CD


Aesop Rock & Flying Lotus – FlyLo Rock [Mash-Up] [2020]

Aesop Rock & Flying Lotus – FlyLo Rock [Mash-Up]
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01. The Future Is Bright In 1983
02. Catacomb Sages
03. Whole Wide NY
04. The Fingers Author
05. Anything Off the Lawn
06. Mom’s Dark Heart News feat. Rob Sonic
07. Gumdrop City
08. One For The Whole Family
09. Robo Cook
10. Fall In Love With Pluto
11. Session Thieves
12. Slow Splash
13. Ganesh’s Getaway feat. Breeze Brewin’

Aesop Rock & Flying Lotus – FlyLo Rock

Underground legend Aesop Rock VS. eclectic super-producer Flying Lotus. The vocab extraordinaire takes his wide array of word delicacies and combines them with Flying Lotus’ unique blend of experimental jazz, hip-hop, and electronic compositions


Flying Lotus – Flamagra [Album] [2019]

Flying Lotus – Flamagra [Album]
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01. Heroes
02. Post Requisite
03. Heroes In A Half Shell
04. More (Feat. Anderson .Paak)
05. Capillaries
06. Burning Down The House (Feat. George Clinton)
07. Spontaneous (Feat. Little Dragon)
08. Takashi
09. Pilgrim Side Eye
10. All Spies
11. Yellow Belly (Feat. Tierra Whack)
12. Black Balloons Reprise (Feat. Denzel Curry)
13. Fire Is Coming (Feat. David Lynch)
14. Inside Your Home
15. Actually Virtual (Feat. Shabazz Palaces)
16. Andromeda
17. Remind U
18. Say Something
19. Debbie Is Depressed
20. Find Your Own Way Home
21. The Climb (Feat. Thundercat)
22. Pygmy
23. 9 Carrots (Feat. Toro y Moi)
24. FF4
25. Land Of Honey (Feat. Solange)
26. Thank U Malcolm
27. Hot Oct.

Flying Lotus – Flamagra


Beat Culture & the SP-404: Dibia$e, Flying Lotus and Ras G [Video] [2019]

In the early 2000’s, Los Angeles cultivated an underground hip-hop beat culture, where every budding producer were on the same wavelength, experimenting like mad scientists in laboratories, and producing their next instrumental masterpieces.
A community formed around these artists who crafted a lo-fi, gritty sound that warbled and hissed like worn cassette tapes and vinyl. Glitched effects, samples and loops—driven along by a minimal kick/snare/hat groove—were created and performed on the Roland SP-404 Sampler.
This video shares memories from Dibia$e, Flying Lotus and Ras G but barely scratches the surface of a scene that grew from the roots of Project Blowed, Sketchbook, Boombox and Low End Theory. Now, from dedicated YouTube channels to SP-based Beat Maker showcases to loyal online communities, this underground beat culture from L.A has now found a global home.

Flying Lotus – Post Requisite [Video] [2017]

Flying Lotus – Post Requisite [Video]
Official video for ‘Post Requisite’ by Flying Lotus, directed by Winston Hacking.


Flying Lotus – Masquatch (Feat – DOOM) [Single] [2014]

Flying Lotus – Masquatch (Feat – DOOM) [Single]
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01. Masquatch (Feat – DOOM)

Flying Lotus – Masquatch (Feat – DOOM)


DJ Skarface – Deltron 1983 [Mix] [2014]

DJ Skarface – Deltron 1983 [Mix]
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01. Intro
03. Roberta Mad
04. VRS
05. Mastermelt
06. Cam Upgrade There
07. Sangria Keeps On Clowning
08. B.L.S. (Battle Like Something)
09. Rick$haw 3030
10. Positive Situation
11. Outro

DJ Skarface – Deltron 1983

Some of you may remember DJ Skarface from his MadDILLAiny (Madvillain vs J Dilla) project! Now he took Deltron 3030’s classic 2000 concept album and blended it together with various album cuts, demos, remixes and other various productions by Flying Lotus. Enjoy!