Various Artists – Music For Portable Pleasure [Compilation] [2020]

Various Artists – Music For Portable Pleasure [Compilation]
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01. FloFilz & The Deli – Blueshift
02. Freddie Joachim – Water & Sand
03. Suff Daddy – By The Liter
04. Dr. Dundiff – Tumeric
05. Ivan Ave & Fredfades – All G
06. Bluestaeb & Arena – Seen You
07. Melodiesinfonie – Dboogyie
08. K, Le Maestro – Relaxurmind

Various Artists – Music For Portable Pleasure


MF DOOM & FloFilz – Coco Mango (Flofilz Remix) [Single] [2020]

MF DOOM & FloFilz – Coco Mango (Flofilz Remix) [Single]
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01. MF DOOM & FloFilz – Coco Mango (Flofilz Remix)

MF DOOM & FloFilz – Coco Mango (Flofilz Remix)


FloFilz⎪Beats on Boat #1 (Full Set) [Video] [2020]

FloFilz⎪Beats on Boat #1 (Full Set) [Video]

Beats on Boat – Presenting live sets with music from the artists you know and love and music which takes a step out of their comfort zone into a brave new world of unexplored terrain.


FloFilz – Karru [E.P.] [2020]

FloFilz – Karru [E.P.]
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01. Acacia (ft. Anthony Drawn)
02. Wilderness (ft. Hubert Daviz)
03. Karru
04. Ekhaya

FloFilz – Karru

In 2019 we invited FloFilz to our beatseries party “SXT Tracks” to play one of his dope sets. He did and now, almost a year later, we are happy to release this little EP. For “Karru” he compiles 4 songs, inspired by the semi-desert landscape in the plateaus of South Africa.
Guest appearance by cologne homie Hubert Daviz and saxophon player Anthony Drawn.

Beat Tape

FloFilz – Transit [Beat Tape] [2019]

FloFilz – Transit [Beat Tape]
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01. Checkinthru
02. Arcade feat. Alfa Mist
03. Lanai Gardens
04. Hoxton Hoops feat. K Le Maestro
05. Ramen For Breakfast
06. The Don
07. Telegraph Hill Park
08. Crepuscule (Interlude)
09. You & Me feat. Barney Artist
10. Bad Self
11. Camberwell feat. Alfa Mist
12. Tube Trouble
13. Transit(ions)
14. Lucid Daze
15. Inside Out feat. Biig Piig
16. Montclare St.
17. Jacamar
18. Far Off

FloFilz – Transit

Also Available On: Gatefold LP (with 20 page photo booklet)

“Transit” is FloFilz’ third album for Melting Pot Music. It is deeply inspired by the UK jazz and hip-hop scene and features collaborations with Alfa Mist, Barney Artist, Biig Piig and K, Le Maestro.

FloFilz previous albums “Metronom” (2014) and “Cenário” (2016) were dedicated to the cities of Paris and Lisbon. The visuals for all albums have been created by acclaimed photographer Robert Winter.

“Transit” is available digital and on LP (limited gatefold edition includes a 20-page photo booklet by Robert Winter).

“Jazz (We’ve Got)” was the title of the second single from A Tribe Called Quest’s iconic album “The Low End Theory”. It was released in 1991, the same year FloFilz was born. Similar to Tribe FloFilz resurrects jazz for a new generation. He has been doing this for a while now and is pretty good at it, as you might know if you are familiar with his previous works “Metronom” and “Cenário”.

In 2019 things have changed. Today jazz is not only about diggin’ old records and learning about Bird and Trane. Jazz is very much alive and the city of London has become one of its epicenters. The UK jazz scene is happening because it is deeply connected with hip-hop, soul and club music. A perfect setting for FloFilz. Over the last 18 months, he has collected serious Eurostar miles, heading from Aachen to London – going to gigs, hanging out with musical allies and recording new material.

This is why he calls his new album “Transit”. Through 18 tracks FloFilz translates the current London vibe in his very own style and fashion and I dare to say that “Transit” may be the best album he has treated us with so far.

– Olski, April 2019

Compilation E.P.

Various – Seasons in Jakarta [Compilation] [2019]

Various – Seasons in Jakarta [Compilation]
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01. FloFilz x The Deli – Green Flash
02. Otis Junioer & Dr. Dundiff – The Touch
03. K, Le Maestro – Café
04. Like – Sorry Not Sorry

Various – Seasons in Jakarta

SEASONS IN JAKARTA is compiled by Jakarta Records, alongside an impressive list of featured artists who have provided exclusive tracks for the release – including Ta-ku, JuJu Rogers, Suff Daddy, Ill Camille, K Le Maestro, J.Lamotta and many more.

To be released over three separate drops, initially exclusive for one week with Apple Music, the first four tracks from SEASONS IN JAKARTA (listed below) bring together lo-fi hip hop, rnb, and rap from true masters of their craft.

Kicking it off with the head-nod inducing instrumental hip hop vibe of FloFilz X The Deli, Otis Junior & Dr. Dundiff follow up by bring their funk filled rnb flow with the second exclusive track. K Le Maestro’s jazz influenced hip hop beat shines through to lead the way for the final track in the initial drop – a smooth as silk hip hop joint from Like.

Instrumental Album

FloFilz – Re​:​verse [Instrumental Album] [2017]

FloFilz – Re​:​verse [Instrumental Album]
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01. Keineideeistneu (Instrumental)
02. Sippin (Instrumental)
03. MVP (Instrumental)
04. The Look of Love (Instrumental)
05. Gitdown (Instrumental)
06. Keepitreal (Instrumental)
07. Whirlwind (Instrumental)
08. Broad Factor (Instrumental)
09. Getdismoney (Instrumental)
10. Onceagain (Instrumental)
11. Left n Right (Instrumental)
12. Soul (Instrumental)

FloFilz – Re​:​verse

FloFilz delivers a very nice present to his fans for the holiday season!

Re:verse is the instrumental album of the two remix EP’s by FloFilz we released years ago. Keineideeistneu and Some More Remixes. This album comes on digital with 12 instrumentals. The vinyl edition out on NEWTOLD has the remixes & instrumentals all together on a 2LP limited edition that can be found at

Beat Tape

FloFilz – Cenário [Beat Tape] [2016]

FloFilz – Cenário [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro Azzul feat. Olivia Wendlandt of Relaén
02. Sesta
03. Twosome
04. Cabaceira
05. Escuro (Interlude)
06. Dulce
07. Tilezeit
08. Passagem
09. Jooly
10. Taxi Bossa
11. Brilhante (Interlude)
12. Jazzchains
13. Ruamarelo
14. Bairro Alto
15. Nuvem feat. Olivia Wendlandt of Relaén
16. Last Pastel

FloFilz – Cenário

Also Available On: FloFilz – Cenário (LP Gatefold)

“From Paris to Lisbon. “Cenário” is the follow-up to “Metronom”, FloFilz’ first album on Melting Pot Music which we put out two years ago. Since than FloFilz has been to many places and spaces. He finished his master degree in music, released the album “Speakthru” on Jakarta and travelled the world with his music. From Germany’s premier hip-hop festival “Splash” to “Le Mellotron” in Paris” to “Boiler Room” in London, his beats are cherished by hip-hop and jazz aficionados worldwide.

Beat Tape

FloFilz – Speakthru [Beat Tape] [2015]

FloFilz – Speakthru [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Shinethru feat. Ivan Ave
03. Hamptons
04. Basement Jazz feat. Blu
05. One4Jakarta
06. Method of Madness feat. Cashus King (Co$$)
07. Corners
08. The Art of Abstraight Rap Display feat. JuJu Rogers
09. 202 Skit
10. A Lil Bit Of feat. Chiara Noriko
11. Wrong Turn
12. The Verb (Herb) feat. Barney Artist & Anthony Drawn

FloFilz – Speakthru

Also Available On: Speak Thru Vinyl