Flamingosis – Daymaker [Instrumentals] [2021]

Flamingosis – Daymaker [Instrumentals]
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01. First Light
02. Daybreak
03. Is It Love ? (Remix)
04. Wild Summer
05. Return To Oasis
06. Make It Happen
07. Sunnyvale
08. Breakdown
09. Since I Met You
10. Aurora
11. Daymaker
12. Avenue Of The Fireflies
13. Cosmic Feeling

Flamingosis – Daymaker

Instrumental Album

Flamingosis – Flight Fantastic [Instrumental Album] [2018]

Flamingosis – Flight Fantastic [Instrumental Album]
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01. Ignition
02. Return of The Love Jones
03. Flight Fantastic (w/ Birocratic)
04. You Were Meant For Me
05. A Mile High
06. Cruise Control
07. Can’t Seem To Shake It
08. Bob Saget Gets New Real Estate (w/ The Kount)
09. Two Steppin’ Into Fantasy
10. Bruncha Nova (w/ Tokyo Megaplex)
11. Tumbao
12. Auowww!!
13. Jet Skis & Hennessy
14. Another Time
15. Last Stop

Flamingosis – Flight Fantastic

This album is a continuation of the groovy hip-hop sound that I enjoy to make. As always, thank you to all the supporters, old and new, for sticking with me and welcoming my music into your life. Hope you enjoy it !

Beat Tape

Flamingosis – A Groovy Thing [Beat Tape] [2017]

Flamingosis – A Groovy Thing [Beat Tape]
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01. A Groovy Intro
02. don’t lose the feeling
03. want me (need me)
04. that’s cold
05. soul crusade (feat. Engelwood)
06. otaku mode (feat. Birocratic)
07. keep shining (feat. The Kount)
08. come & get it (feat. Yung Bae)
09. persevere (feat. Kyle Greene)
10. flute salad
11. A Groovy Thing
12. long distance
13. never felt a feeling like this
14. not like the others
15. get yourself together
16. guilty pleasure
17. high tide (feat. Stereocool)
18. breezy (feat. Mtbrd)

Flamingosis – A Groovy Thing

Beat Tape

Flamingosis – Bright Moments [Beat Tape] [2016]

Flamingosis – Bright Moments [Beat Tape]
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01. Bright Moments (Feat. The Kount)
02. Make me late for breakfast
03. Next to you
04. Flight of The Flamingo
05. feelings of sentimentality due to getting curved
06. Believe in Me
07. Brunch at the bodega
08. All Natural (feat. Tom Ribbons)
09. An 8 ball affair
10. Casanova
11. Airplane Mode
12. what went wrong?
13. Sunset Park
14. Ohhh Baby
15. Passing By (feat. Birocratic)

Flamingosis – Bright Moments

This album is a continuation of the hip-hop/funk hybrid sample based music that I’ve been making for the past few years. Hope you all can find your own “Bright Moment” in these tracks. Big ups to The Kount, Birocratic & Tom Ribbons in being an instrumental part in helping to create this album with me. And to everyone else who continues to support what I do, thank you so so so much. I owe you a bodega sandwich sometime.

Beat Tape

Flamingosis – Great Hair [Beat Tape] [2016]

Flamingosis – Great Hair [Beat Tape]
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01. Hidden Attraction
02. Frugal Livin’ (Feat. Ian Ewing)
03. Riding the L
04. Getting Close to You
05. I met a funky lady
06. Saturday Night Fever
07. Momento
08. I’ll Be There (Feat. Tendencies)
09. Oakland (Feat. Bollywood Life)
10. Sun Whisperer
11. Breakfast Poutine
12. Snacks on Snacks
13. Elevator Pass (feat. Tokyo Megaplex)

Flamingosis – Great Hair

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The New Jersey native has mastered the art of sampling to a level where he is praised both by Future Funk & Hip Hop heads. “Great Hair” is a true example of how Flamingosis flips samples with his own signature; switching from boom-bap, to disco, boogie, soul, funk and chill wave.

“The cover picture was taken in 1977 at The World Frisbee Championships in Pasadena, California. My father is on the left of the picture & my uncle is on the right and they both went on to win their 2nd World Frisbee Freestyle pair title. The name ‘Flamingosis’ comes from a freestyle frisbee move that my father invented.” – Flamingosis

Beat Tape

Flamingosis – Newski [Beat Tape] [2015]

Flamingosis – Newski [Beat Tape]
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01. Holiday
02. Taken
03. Hey Girl, u like rising crust pizza?
04. If Only
05. One For Madlib
06. Nardis (Reprise)
07. Sunday
08. Trippin’
09. Tacos
10. Aries
11. All I Know
12. Never Again
13. KahunaStyle
14. A Touch of Spring
15. Summer Solstice

Flamingosis – Newski


Flamingosis – Flamingosis [Instrumentals] [2014]

Flamingosis – Flamingosis [Instrumentals]
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01. Rose Bowl (Intro)
02. 1978
03. Extra Lovely
04. Porno Music
05. Those Eyes
06. All Night Long (Ft. Timeless One)
07. Two Hearts (Ft. Ian Ewing)
08. I Like It (Interlude)
09. Feels
10. Broken
11. Santa Cruz
12. Still Lonely
13. Surface

Flamingosis – Flamingosis [Instrumentals]