Beat Tape

Flakodiablo & Knowz – From Da Last Corner [Beat Tape] [2017]

Flakodiablo & Knowz – From Da Last Corner [Beat Tape]
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01. A1.Intro
02. A2.90s Progression
03. A3.Hellflip
04. A4.Straight Architect
05. A5.Blue Moon (One4LunarTapes)
06. A6.Astronomy
07. A7.Combination From Da Mastas Ft. Dj Jopsen
08. A8.Invernal
09. B1.The Corner
10. B2.Smooth Ft. Dj Ropo
11. B3.Can You Dig It
12. B4.Jazzy Technics
13. B5.On The Run
14. B6.Microphone Killaz
15. B7.SpaceJam
16. B8.Re-Formation Ft. Dj Ropo

Flakodiablo & Knowz – From Da Last Corner

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

In the course of a thorough digging on the border between Argentina and Chile we have discovered ruins of unknown origin…
After withdrawal of samples and examination: we received 40 minutes of rare material from two local underground beatmakers – Flakodiablo (Chile) and Knowz (Argentina). Present to your attention a joint cassette release called “From Da Last Corner”!