evolv – Thoughts Awaken : US [E.P.] [2015]

evolv – Thoughts Awaken : US [E.P.]
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01. Creating Our Future
02. Halation
03. we learn we grow [consciousness]
04. What an Interesting Creature
05. Hour Feathered Nest

evolv – Thoughts Awaken : US

Also Available On: Thoughts Awaken: US “Limited Edition CD”


one prodigious mountain
for the both of us to climb
challenging and rewarding
pushing each other onwards
listen to our heartbeats
the rhythm of our souls
no longer need to hide
behind these masks of isolation

a new journey awaits
we both said yes

Thank you so much to everyone who donated!!!! This album will help fund our honeymoon .

Beat Tape

evolv – Building Nothing, Laying Bricks REVISIONED [Beat Tape] [2014]

evolv – Building Nothing, Laying Bricks REVISIONED [Beat Tape]
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01. IsHelenafious (Toma)
02. ishfious (Steve Gibbs)
03. Helena (orbit over luna)
04. ishfious (Oathless)
05. Building Nothing, Laying Bricks (Solarein)
06. Building Nothing, Laying Bricks (Sky Flying By)
07. Building Nothing, Laying Bricks (Shumba)
08. Building Nothing, Laying Bricks (Good Weather for an Airstrike)
09. There Comes A Time (Startle The Heavens)
10. There Comes A Time (Ottö Solänge)
11. Colours (Tim Hay)
12. Colours (blakblakblak)
13. Colours (De-Paul)
14. Strange Lights (Kkaytoh)
15. Strange Lights (kwanduit)
16. Indistinct Memories (Ommetis)
17. Indistinct Memories (Beatoven)
18. Darkness Matters (K. Novotny)
19. Darkness Matters (Eddy Spirit)
20. Darkness Matters (06515)
21. Darkness Matters (Mr.Kwazi)
22. Darkness Matters (S A G E)
23. Wavering Between Extremes (The Echelon Effect)
24. Wavering Between Extremes (The End of Science)
25. oscillate (Twisted Perspective)

evolv – Building Nothing, Laying Bricks REVISIONED

Also Available On: BNLB: REVISION cassette

over the past few months; I have asked some close friends and music acquaintances to “REMIX” some songs off my latest album dedicated to my son Silas. It has been a great journey thus far ..with 25 amazingly diverse sounds (MORE B-SIDES TO COME) we bring you this full catalogue of renditions @ Name your own Price of course . All donations will go towards Silas’ savings account just like the original albums proceeds. A big thanks again to all who contributed took time to make something so special . spread l o v e


Collective Resonance – Show #44 (Guest Mix By Evolv) [Mix] [2014]

Collective Resonance – Show #44 (Guest Mix By Evolv) [Mix]
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01. Show #44 (Guest Mix By Evolv)

This week we kicked things off with some selections from host Damien Connell and then got into a guest mix from Stephen Perez A.K.A evolv of the Indelible Niche Collective.

Collective Resonance – Show #44 (Guest Mix By Evolv)

Show #44 (Guest Mix By Evolv) by Collective Resonance on Mixcloud