Instrumental Album

E+RO=3 – The Restart [Instrumental Album] [2021]

E+RO=3 – The Restart [Instrumental Album]
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01. Forever young
02. The Restart
03. Who are you?
04. Goodnight
05. Cheers
06. 304
07. Proverbs
08. Feng Shui
09. Haiku
10. Truth
11. Mastery
12. Stylin’ (whop)
13. Badd Pt.2
14. Dandylions
15. Climax
16. Saint Peetie

E+RO=3 – The Restart

Beat Tape

E+RO=3 – The ILLusionist [Beat Tape] [2016]

E+RO=3 – The ILLusionist [Beat Tape]
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01. The ILLusionist
02. Whoodini
03. The Magician
04. The Greatest Show On Earth
05. World of E+RO=3
06. Must Be Italian
07. What It Is
08. Gettin Out
09. Rabbit From The Hat
10. The Soul

E+RO=3 – The ILLusionist

Also Available On: Limited Edition C27 Cassette

They say the hand is quicker than the eye, but the eye can play tricks on the mind. “The ILLusionist” is nothing short of a live theatrical motion picture soundtrack. A “living score” (in which we’ve heard as well). Zypher Un Label frontman E+RO=3 (pronounced E RO 3) also recognized as EROZilla, known for his brilliant and eyebrow rising cinema sound bites, doesn’t drop the bar with his first cassette tape release and first project with Bonding Tapes. A true master and student of “Beat Science”, ERO has an uncanny ability to stretch a simple chop (or sample) beyond the typical conventional sound of today’s music. A rare mixture of nineties boom bap and today’s electronic fuse, “The ILLusionist” should fit right in between your conscious and your feel good vibrations.