Instrumental Album

Erik Jackson – Starlight Grooves [Instrumental Album] [2021]

Erik Jackson – Starlight Grooves [Instrumental Album]
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01. Waves
02. Firmament
03. Tides
04. Night Bird
05. Currents
06. By Starlight
07. OG
08. Grace
09. Morning Star

Erik Jackson – Starlight Grooves

Beat Tape

Erik Jackson – For Your Intentions [Beat Tape] [2019]

Erik Jackson – For Your Intentions [Beat Tape]
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01. Downtown
02. Face Yourself
03. Flex
04. For the Ones We Lost
05. Inner Self
06. Just a Day in the 90s II
07. Life
08. Move Forward
09. Night Meditation
10. Night Step
11. OG In The AM
12. Refelctions
13. Stolen Moments
14. To Where I Need To Go
15. Walks and Thoughts
16. The Creator
17. It Began In NY

Erik Jackson – For Your Intentions

Beat Tape Instrumental Album

Erik Jackson – Long After Midnight [Instrumental Album] [2018]

Erik Jackson – Long After Midnight [Instrumental Album]
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01. Erik Jackson & Vicky Flint – Vibin
02. As the Record Slowly Spins
03. With New Eyes
04. Into The Unknown
05. Falling Upwards
06. Just a Day in the 90s
07. Lost
08. Children of the Night
09. Natural Pose
10. Folding Time
11. Jazz Stacks
12. 178 7th Ave
13. Until Next Time

Erik Jackson – Long After Midnight

This album was a look back at my nights walking the streets with my headphones on. Whether in a dangerous area or not, I was in another time and place. This, until the batteries died or my tape was eaten by my Walkman. Then it was back to 13th and Park to get another bootleg tape or generic batteries. Music was an escape. It was always with us. In sad time and in good. In failure and in growth. I look back at those times waking the streets of Sanford and reminisce. It wasn’t all good or all bad. It was just life. This album began as a look back it ended on looking at my current phase in life and a reminder to enjoy it as much as possible. I hope this album will help you enjoy as well.

Instrumental Album

Erik Jackson – Night Street [Instrumental Album] [2017]

Erik Jackson – Night Street [Instrumental Album]
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01. Welcome To Night Street (Intro)
02. Just You ft. Vicky Flint
03. Rain Puddle Reflection
04. Too Fresh ft. DJ Mentos
05. As The City Passes By ft. Vicky Flint & Oka Miles
06. Dust Brothers ft. Mr. Moods
07. Being Dad
08. Moments ft. Vicky Flint
09. Streetlight Serenade
10. Midnight Drive
11. From Where I Was
12. Signing Off

Erik Jackson – Night Street

Night Street was a look back. During the creation of this album, I was also getting Rainy Days remastered and pressed on vinyl. I had lost many of the files and had to dig through endless folders and tape reels to find everything. It was fun to look back through all of the old folders and files and think about how much my life has changed in just a few years.

The concept of Night Street is simple.

Moments in life pass by so fast, kids grow, family members get older, times change and life seems to speed up. Sometimes it is good to stop and think about our past. The people and places we are from. I think is important to remember who we are and where we are from, to move forward. Night Street became a term in my mind that means to look back. I would sit down and turn on my MPC and look down my Night Street for influence. Maybe it sounds foolish, but it is true.

It took about a year to create this album. During that time, I was able to visit many places including my home state and was able to look at the streets I used to play on as a young kid. I walked down one of those streets on a cool October night and I wanted to bottle that feeling. I didn’t want to forget those memories. I do not want to forget the memories I am making now with my family. This is my retrospect. My look back, to remind me to enjoy the present because this will one day be my past as well. This is my Night Street. I hope you enjoy.

Beat Tape

Erik Jackson – Almost Dark [Beat Tape] [2016]

Erik Jackson – Almost Dark [Beat Tape]
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01. For The Lonely ft. Vicky Flint
02. Change Of Season ft. Vicky Flint
03. Phased In
04. Chops For Dilla
05. Come Evening ft. Vicky Flint
06. Lifetime In The Wind
07. Beyond & Back
08. Under The Stars
09. For The Night ft. Lou Mistrau
10. Solitude ft. Jenova 7

Erik Jackson – Almost Dark

Welcome back. With this album I wanted to return to my roots of music production. I dusted off the MPC and started digging through old records. I took inspiration from many places during this 7 month journey. Digging through old records and old pictures was more like time traveling than producing. Every song on the album with the exception of “For The Night” was created with an Akai MPC and Akai s900.

I enjoyed the time creating this album. I hope you enjoy as well.