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Enllo*Abby – Thanksgiving Aftermath: The Black Friday Chronicles [Beat Tape] [2019]

Enllo*Abby – Thanksgiving Aftermath: The Black Friday Chronicles [Beat Tape]
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01. Golden Cutlery
02. Mash Potato King
03. Cornbread Woes (It Is What You Make it)
04. Holy Mac & Cheese
05. Peach Cobbler and Hennessy
06. Don’t Forget to Say Grace
07. Dinner To Remember (Crying Keyz)
08. ThankFULL
09. Wash It Down With Wine (Outro)
10. Black Friday (Feels Like A Setup) **BONUS**

Enllo*Abby – Thanksgiving Aftermath: The Black Friday Chronicles

Beat Tape

Enllo*Abby – SOUL PROlogue: Vol. 3 [Beat Tape] [2019]

Enllo*Abby – SOUL PROlogue: Vol. 3 [Beat Tape]
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01. Genuine Love
02. Just You And I
03. Ease My Mind
04. Mesmerized
05. Last Regrets
06. What Love Is
07. Life is Viewtiful
08. Lock Me In Your Love
09. Lost Soul
10. Faint Calling (I Still Hear You)
11. Red Sun
12. Luminescence
13. Lunar Lillies
14. The Ocean Waves (And The Sun Says Good Night)
15. Make You Proud (Interlude)
16. Natural Instincts
17. Memories (Where We Left Off)
18. Moonlight
19. Odd Odyssey
20. Only At Night
21. One Night Stand
22. Your Memories
23. Positive Thinking (We’re Together)
24. Rebels By Nature
25. Majestic Midnight
26. River Of ill-usions
27. Seduction
28. Seduction (The Desire)
29. Sun S H I N E
30. The LONE Wolf
31. Thinking of You (Can’t Help Myself)
32. This Love (Don’t Let It Stop)
33. Stay With Me
34. Something Surreal
35. You’re The One
36. Together (I Wanna)
37. What I Go Through
38. When Love Calls
39. WILLPower
40. Without You
41. You Let Me Down
42. You Want Me
43. You’ll Never Go Away
44. Soulful Rebuttal
45. You’re My Reminder (of the 90’s)
46. This Is The ((End?))

Enllo*Abby – SOUL PROlogue: Vol. 3

Beat Tape

Enllo*Abby – SOUL PROlogue: Vol. 2 [Beat Tape] [2019]

Enllo*Abby – SOUL PROlogue: Vol. 2 [Beat Tape]
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01. Can’t Get Over You
02. Another day
03. Again and Again (Love me)
04. Black Snow
05. Abstract Thoughts
06. Always Together
07. Confusion
08. Aura of Elegance
09. Autumn Leaves
10. Bittersweet Life
11. Black Pearl
12. Casanova
13. All The Way
14. Celestial Beings
15. Clear View
16. Cloud Runners
17. Continuous Struggle
18. Convalescence
19. Dance With Me
20. Decisions (Wrong From Right)
21. Echoes (Never Forget)
22. Didn’t I (Interlude)
23. Don’t Know (Show Me How)
24. Don’t See Me Cry
25. Everything You Say (I’ll Do it)
26. Forever
27. Fallen Angel (Redemption)
28. Got To Be There (Interlude)
29. Grass is Greener
30. Hurt Me In So Many Ways
31. Follow Me (Away From Reality)
32. I Hope I Get You (Right Here With Me)
33. I Need More
34. I Walk Lonely
35. I Wish it Would Rain
36. I’ll Die For You
37. This Time (I Won’t Mess Around)
38. No Love
39. I’m All Alone (Now That You’re Gone
40. Infatuation
41. Instincts of a Dreamer
42. Learn To Love
43. Everything Or Nothing
44. Ohh (Interlude)
45. Let Me Down
46. I Need To Know
47. Nocturna
48. Nothing But A Fantasy (Let Me Be)
49. The Darker Shades of Blue
50. You Lied to Me
51. Slots (One Chance)
52. You Treat Me Like a Stranger

Enllo*Abby – SOUL PROlogue: Vol. 2

Beat Tape

Enllo*Abby – Synths Don’t Lie​.​.​. [Beat Tape] [2019]

Enllo*Abby – Synths Don’t Lie​.​.​. [Beat Tape]
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01. Blank Thoughts
02. Give The Drummer a Synth…
03. Abstract’s Dreams
04. Love Yourself
05. Dance With Destiny
06. S.P.B

Enllo*Abby – Synths Don’t Lie​.​.​.

Beat Tape

Enllo*Abby – SOUL PROlogue [Beat Tape] [2019]

Enllo*Abby – SOUL PROlogue [Beat Tape]
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01. Against The Odds
02. Cloud Lounging
03. Feelings
04. It’s Hard Without You
05. Days Ahead
06. Don’t Leave Me
07. I Know(How They Hurt You)
08. With You
09. Underestimated
10. Too long (I’ve Waited)
11. Something You Don’t Know About Me
12. Not Tonight
13. Things Will Be Fine
14. Sweet and Clear
15. You’re The Only Girl (Interlude)
16. You’re My Everything
17. I Need You (Come and be my Lady)
18. Inside Me
19. It Used to Mean So Much (Interlude)
20. I’ve learned
21. It’s All Because Of You
22. You Were Gone
23. Show Me
24. Listen to the SOUL
25. Left Me (For Another)
26. Missing You
27. Maybe, It’s LOVE
28. Someone Else (Lover’s Eulogy)
29. Love Never Fades Away
30. Love Returns
31. Reaching Out For You
32. Like Magic (Interlude)
33. Love You More
34. Owl In Flight
35. Never Give In
36. Never Enough
37. P.R.O.M.I.S.E
38. Sincerely Yours
39. Walk Through The Streets
40. JOY!
41. Surreal Galaxy
42. Night Time Flight
43. Reminisce
44. Saxophone Sadness
45. Silent Cry
46. I’d Give You The World
47. I’ll Wait To See
48. Looking For The One (Listen to Your Heart)
49. Out Of Control

Enllo*Abby – SOUL PROlogue

The SOUL PROlogue series, a collection of my earlier work all scattered into three prominent LP’s. Majority of this collection was created in between 2010 to 2014, during some years of High school, but were never released or the Original project stems were lost.

Hate to admit the fact that in the course of 2 laptops, a total of 500+ projects were lost due to life and its unpredictability. Went through depression, years of self-loathe, and Personal issues, but losing majority of my music was the pinnacle of my downfall; I nearly gave up on my dreams.

With some encouraging words from two great friends, Curtis Metcalf (Dee Rock More) a walking Hip-Hop historian and Music connoisseur, and Diggs Duke, a wondrous Jazz, neo soul, philosopher and Instrumentalist with a great ear for the anchor sounds, and the birth of my daughter; Because of them I gathered the courage to make music a reality for me, and follow my desires to become a great producer.

A PROlogue is an introduction that leads to another event in time. With that being said, I welcome you to listen to my SOULful PROlogue; The introduction of my musical dreams. Indulge in soulful sounds, obscure progressions combined with a boom bap feel to uplift the spirits and represent the culture that is Hip-Hop.