E.P. Instrumental Album

Jumbled & Eben Dennis – Orsulak [Instrumental Album] [2020]

Jumbled & Eben Dennis – Orsulak [Instrumental Album]
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01. 93
02. Falling Stars w/ Swampwalk
03. Saddle
04. Stupid
05. Tiny Bell
06. Leadoff
07. Let Go w/ Sarah FM
08. Turnaround
09. Swing and a Miss w/ CodyCodyJones

Jumbled & Eben Dennis – Orsulak

Also Available On: Orsulak 8″ lathe (orange logo) or Orsulak 8″ lathe cut records – Yellow logo

In Summer of 2018, Jumbled was approached about creating a film noir style song for use in a film…so he reached out to friend and old band mate, guitarist Eben Dennis.

The two had collaborated on tracks before; including ‘Sam Adams’ from Jumbled’s first album Wish it Was Longer, creating a track for a Twin Peaks tribute album, and playing in Baltimore band Soft Peaks.

While the film never came out, Jumbled is proud to present a new project called Orsulak (a nod to lesser known baseball journey man Joe Orsulak).

Instead of collaborating on just one track, Dennis sent 15-20 isolated guitar tracks that Jumbled chopped up into these 9 songs. Adding some bass and other layers, he then reached out to a few friends for vocals.

This is his first time adding sung vocals to his beats, working with Swampwalk and Sarah FM. While each take a different approach, both flow over the tracks. The final track on the EP, “Swing and a Miss,” is another home run from Jumbled and CodyCodyJones.

The performances from Swampwalk and CodyCodyJones (both living in Pittsburgh) alongside Baltimore’s Jumbled and Sarah FM, make a fitting tribute to Orsulak- who spent time with the Pirates as well as the Baltimore Orioles.