Vanilla – Pointbreak [E.P.] [2021]

Vanilla – Pointbreak [E.P.]
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01. Pointbreak
02. Surfin’ Summer
03. Remember
04. Breeze

Vanilla – Pointbreak

Also Available On: Limited Edition 7″ Vinyl

Beat Tape

Cristóbal Dión – The Healing Sound Of The Lost Temple [Beat Tape] [2020]

Cristóbal Dión – The Healing Sound Of The Lost Temple [Beat Tape]
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01. Ritual Chants
02. The Lost Temple
03. The Kalimba of Happiness
04. Pure Vibes

Cristóbal Dión – The Healing Sound Of The Lost Temple

Instrumental Album Instrumentals

Bry.Zen – No Hope For Tomorrow [Instrumentals] [2020]

Bry.Zen – No Hope For Tomorrow [Instrumentals]
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01. Split
02. Gamma Rays
03. Remains
04. Exodus
05. Flashblindness
06. Body High
07. Eternal Inflation
08. Microbes In Motion
09. Primordial Soup
10. M.A.D.
11. Isotopes

Bry.Zen – No Hope For Tomorrow

Also Available On: [Cassette] No Hope For Tomorrow


George Fields – The World Of A Tiny Insect [Instrumentals] [2020]

George Fields – The World Of A Tiny Insect [Instrumentals]
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01. Hatching
02. Wasp
03. Brimestone Butterfly
04. Swarm Of Ants
05. Shrubs
06. Down By The River
07. Tangled Webs
08. Dragonfly
09. Morning
10. Earthworm
11. Grasshopper
12. Woods
13. Honey Bee
14. Ladybird
15. Danger
16. Mushed

George Fields – The World Of A Tiny Insect

Beat Tape

paul blackford – night shift [Beat Tape] [2020]

paul blackford – night shift [Beat Tape]
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01. Affogato
02. Sheltered
03. New Jack City
04. Night Shift
05. Esprit
06. The Theme From Doctor Electro Fingers
07. Tempest
08. Smooth My Soul

paul blackford – night shift


Potatohead People – Mellow Fantasy [Album] [2020]

Potatohead People – Mellow Fantasy [Album]
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01. 1st Light
02. In The Garden
03. What It Feels Like (feat. T3, Illa J & Kapok)
04. Hidden Levels (feat. Clear Mortifee)
05. Potatohead People & De La Soul – Baby Got Work (feat. Posdnuos & Kapok)
06. Proof Is In The Pudding
07. Break Even (feat. Kendra Dias)
08. Ungodly (feat. Kapok & Moka Only)
09. Island Delivery
10. Bring The World A Little Closer (feat. Reggie B)
11. Kettle Boiling (feat. Bunnie)
12. Ode To Mr Jacobs
13. All The Way (Bonus Track)

Potatohead People – Mellow Fantasy

Also Available On: Limited Edition Gold Vinyl or LP w/ Black Vinyl

Beat Tape Instrumental Album

Hugo Kant – Far From Home [Instrumental Album] [2020]

Hugo Kant – Far From Home [Instrumental Album]
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01. Melancholia
02. Before Midnight Tonight
03. The Second Sun
04. Sure The Sun Will Rise
05. Everything Is Transformed
06. One More Step
07. High Gravity
08. 2001 Light Years From Home
09. Koka
10. It’s An Unkown Jungle
11. Come With Me

Hugo Kant – Far From Home

Beat Tape

Sweeps & NK Music – Motives & Thoughts [Beat Tape] [2020]

Sweeps & NK Music – Motives & Thoughts [Beat Tape]
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01. tryna get somethin’
02. a chance to give
03. pathways
04. motives and thoughts
05. all we want
06. it’s never happened before
07. shaded
08. endless season
09. way back when

Sweeps & NK Music – Motives & Thoughts

Beat Tape

Dirty Art Club – FMTI [Beat Tape] [2020]

Dirty Art Club – FMTI [Beat Tape]
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01. Default Dev
02. Tell It To Your God
03. FMTI
04. Videotape
05. Transcendental Levitation
06. Leant
07. Cartoon Wasteland
08. Floor Drug Vampire
09. Slime
10. Golden Graves

Dirty Art Club – FMTI

Also Available On: Black 12″ Vinyl & Cassette


Cristóbal Dión – Discovery (FREE EP) [E.P.] [2020]

Cristóbal Dión – Discovery (FREE EP) [E.P.]
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01. Chronica (Exoterra EP)
02. Dark & Mysterious (Erotismo EP)
03. Witches (Magnum Opus EP)
04. Dead Man’s Jazz (Satori EP)
05. Dark Days (Day of the Dead EP)
06. Ghost Ronin (Satori EP)
07. El amor y la muerte (Day of the Dead EP)

Cristóbal Dión – Discovery (FREE EP)

Instrumental Album

Amerigo Gazaway – Gratitude [Instrumental Album] [2020]

Amerigo Gazaway – Gratitude [Instrumental Album]
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01. Nature
02. Sunshine
03. Joy
04. Peace
05. Romance
06. Flowers
07. Butterflies
08. Home

Amerigo Gazaway – Gratitude


Mosek – Soulitude [E.P.] [2020]

Mosek – Soulitude [E.P.]
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01. Soulitude
02. Soulitude (Foeniks Remix)
03. Soulitude (Funky Fella Remix)
04. Soulitude (Fokus Remix)
05. Soulitude (Lego Boy Remix)

Mosek – Soulitude

Also Available On: Mosek – Soulitude (CDR)


The Gaslamp Killer – Heart Math [Album] [2020]

The Gaslamp Killer – Heart Math [Album]
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01. Forged By Fire ft. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
02. One Take Jake ft. Roberto Schilling
03. The Cat’s Meow ft. Amir Yaghmai
04. Moving On
05. God Willing ft. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
06. Nullen Void ft. MRR & Amir Yaghmai
07. Hooked On Classic’s ft. The Heliocentrics
08. Markets Of Marrakech ft. Gabe Noel
09. Hjorth ft. Mophono
10. Blue Butterfly ft. Kid Moxie
11. To Fathom Hell or to Soar Angelic ft. Sorne & Rogê
12. Midnight Music
13. Malcolm’s Library ft. Roberto Schilling
14. Blind Dog ft. Black Flower
15. Heart Math ft. Amir Yaghmai

The Gaslamp Killer – Heart Math

After a short hiatus, The Gaslamp Killer has returned with turbulent, moody, and gorgeous symphonies on his third full-length album, Heart Math. An intense and emotional masterpiece, it reaffirms why he remains one of the best DJs and instrumental hip-hop producers of his generation. This is a work conceived and creative with every last ounce of love and pain, all of it made in turmoil and psychic unrest, with music providing the only form of solace or opportunity to find even a fleeting moment of happiness. It is as pure as catharsis gets. Heart music to survive a season in hell.

Beat Tape

Entdecker. – Abenteuer [Beat Tape] [2020]

Entdecker. – Abenteuer [Beat Tape]
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01. Imagin Skit
02. Things I do
03. Barbecue
04. Meer Africa
05. Eye On
06. Faszination
07. Have a Dance with me

Entdecker. – Abenteuer

E.P. Remixes

paul blackford – Together [E.P.] [2020]

paul blackford – Together [E.P.]
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01. Together (featuring Oli Spackman)
02. Together (Wilhaeven remix)
03. Together (Mossman remix)
04. Together (umbromaniii remix)
05. Together (Chef Mike feat Burnt Bakarak remix)
06. Together (KQVC remix)

paul blackford – Together

Paul Blackford is a staple of top tier music production in several electronic music genres. From his Electro releases with Breakin Records, to hybrid drum n bass / machine breaks appearing on CPU, Tudor, Militant Science, Tokyo Electro Beat and more. A quick look at his website inevitably becomes a deep dive through decades of fantastic releases on numerous imprints with several self-released gems.

Woodwork is enchanted to say the least, at this occasion to have Paul stretch his hip hop legs with this deep, jazzy single – a collaboration aptly titled “Together”, no less, with drummer Oli Spackman. Oli lays down a tight, funky live kit track, and Paul reciprocates with lush keys, a smooth layer of sub bass, and some tasty samples. The track is a soothing call to unity and gratitude. It has an uplifting feel that also inspired a collection of creative and characteristic remixes.

Wilhaeven (a parallel downtempo alias of Woodwork artist, Ki) works his deep, emotional magic and turns out an expanded, organic jam that features new layers of Rhodes and jazz flute.

Mossman harnesses a more abstract, cut-up feel with a deep collage of layers, ambient fx, triggered sample hits and sideways fills.

umbromaniii notches up the pace with more of an electro-funk approach, utilizing 303 and 808 for that authentic palette, while applying some step-wise chordal movement under the familiar samples.

Chef Mike’s masterclass version kicks off with an amusing phone chat, some scratch fills, and then straight into some deep, lo-fi, classic, old-school business.