DJ Wigs – The Joker EP [E.P.] [2019]

DJ Wigs – The Joker EP [E.P.]
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01. Guilty
02. I’m an Idea
03. 66 Cesar
04. Look Alive Wage Slaves

DJ Wigs – The Joker EP

When I was growing up as a kid in the 80’s I used to watch the 66 Batman series reruns and I’ve always been enthralled with the Joker. Sadistic as he is at times he’s motivated not by the typical tropes of money or power but by something either whimsical or driven by a greater purpose. And the way that he orchestrated his elaborate plots was always quite clever. So over the years I developed a fascination with the character and nowadays collect most anything with his likeness. This project is a tribute to the Joker’s finer moments in film and animation from the campiness of Cesar Romero, the classic brilliance of Jack Nicholson, the method acting genius of Heath Ledger, the maniacal anarchy of Jared Leto, and the standard bearing tone of Mark Hamill. Give this a listen to and from the new film.


DJ Wigs – Head Room [Mix] [2019]

DJ Wigs – Head Room [Mix]
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01. DJ Wigs – Head Room

DJ Wigs – Head Room

A sixty minute mix of forty-five original sample-based boom bap beats. Twenty-nine of the cuts are, until now, unheard outside of a small circle of heads. Many of the unreleased beats are from future Comfort Food Records’ releases coming this fall and early 2020 on vinyl and cassette. Every beat was made using either an MPC 1000 or an NI Maschine & my record collection. This mix represents my past and future as a beat maker and is presented in the way I know best – via two turntables.

::: Cover Art by Infamous JeanClaude :::

Beat Tape

DJ Wigs – BBQ & Baked Beats [Beat Tape] [2018]

DJ Wigs – BBQ & Baked Beats [Beat Tape]
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01. Citric Acid ft YoungFreeman
02. Memphis Dry ft DJ Wigs
03. Fresh Prince’s Hot Chicken ft SAMDAY
04. Al Greens ft DJ Wigs
05. Ludacrispy ft DJ Wigs
06. Ol’ Dirty Basted ft YoungFreeman
07. 2 Grainz ft Tengu
08. Turnip Table ft DJ Wigs
09. Macaroni ft DJ Wigs
10. Lettuce Raps ft Tengu
11. Tuna Turner ft Tengu
12. LL Cool Whip ft SAMDAY
13. Furious Five Bean Salad ft Sir Woods Brother
14. Hova D’oeuvres ft Tengu
15. Bobby Brown Mustard ft Tengu
16. NW Glaze ft Sir Woods Brother
17. Heil Seitan ft DJ Wigs
18. Afrika Bambattered ft SAMDAY
19. Medium Rare Snare ft YoungFreeeman
20. RUN DM Seasoning ft Sir Woods Brother
21. Planet of the Aprons ft Modifi
22. Stoneground Mustard ft YoungFreeman
23. Grillmatic ft DJ Wigs
24. Dilla Pickle ft YoungFreeman
25. T-Bone Thugs-N-Harmony ft Tengu
26. Grits Khalifa ft DJ Wigs
27. Plant Based God ft SAMDAY

DJ Wigs – BBQ & Baked Beats

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

Six different beat makers join forces to give you the backyard bbq vibes beat tape your boombox always wanted.