Beat Tape

(DJ) NOBOD¥ – All Too Familiar [Beat Tape] [2019]

(DJ) NOBOD¥ – All Too Familiar [Beat Tape]
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01. Watery
02. Nothing To Do (Don’t Mind The Time)
03. Petrichor
04. Smash Yr Radio
05. Sweet Feeling
06. Pale
07. Seventy Seven
08. High On Silver Ridge
09. Sculptures
10. Liquid Shards
11. Jejune
12. Full Circle

(DJ) NOBOD¥ – All Too Familiar

Also Available On: Nobody “All Too Familiar” Single LP & Nobody “All Too Familiar” CD

Hypnotic, hazy and floating on a heavy but effervescent cloud, Nobody’s “All Too Familiar” album sees the producer delving into his formative years as a college radio DJ when his sonic palette blossomed. With hip-hop as his foundation, and a newly found affinity for indie and alternative rock leading him to pick up a guitar, the doors to creating music outside of samples was opened. Equal parts Can, Radiohead, Tortoise, plus early DJ Shadow/Mo Wax and the amalgamation of all these sounds has brought forth his first fully instrumental solo record sans samples and primarily written on his guitar.

Beat Tape

(DJ) NOBOD¥ – Puzzles [Beat Tape] [1996/2015]

(DJ) NOBOD¥ – Puzzles [Beat Tape] [1996/2015]
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01. 9th Inning Now
02. Crushing Dust
03. Sioux’s Reign
04. Melancholy Madness
05. Lumberjacks
06. Process of Elimination
07. Kataba
08. A Lot On It (feat. Ellay Khule)
09. Untitled #1
10. Unititled #2
11. Untitled #3
12. Untitled #4
13. Telecommunications (feat. Ellay Khule)
14. Sioux’s Reign Pt. II

(DJ) NOBOD¥ – Puzzles

Also Available On: “Puzzles” Limited Edition Cassette Reissue (300 copies)

This is a limited edition reissue of the first beat tape I ever released myself, way back in 1996, which was limited to 100 copies. I tracked the beats from my Roland DJ-70 straight to DAT at DJ Hive’s Treetop studios in San Pedro. I then made a CD of the DAT and ran the copies myself. This edition is straight from the master CD. The Untitled tracks are from a beat tape I gave to RAW aka 6Blocc way back in the summer of 1995. All done on a sequencer without quantizing. Both Ellay Khule songs are from 1996 and are my first vocal collaborations. Sioux’s Reign Pt. 2 is from 1997 and comes from the DAT for the original follow up to Puzzles, which eventually became Soulmates.