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Beat Tape Co​​​-​​​Op – Presents The Foundation Producer Series 011 Introducing DJ Nio [Beat Tape] [2021]

Beat Tape Co​​​-​​​Op – Presents The Foundation Producer Series 011 Introducing DJ Nio [Beat Tape]
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01. Guarachar
02. Casabe
03. Deyanira
04. La Zorra y El Cuervo
05. Calle Amargura
06. Regla
07. Cubaney
08. En el cuarto
09. Pinar del Nio
10. Terroir [Killawea Mix]

Beat Tape Co​​​-​​​Op – Presents The Foundation Producer Series 011 Introducing DJ Nio

DJ Nio a.k.a. Killawea is an international artist from Genova, Italy.

He moved his first steps into Hip Hop Culture as a young teenager, learning how to rap, DJ-ing and doing Graffiti in 1993, while studying classic guitar and has being very curious about World Music; he started to produce his own beats in Y2K with an MPC2000XL.

Since then he has provided beats for dozens of international artists all over the world: he has collaborated with heavyweight female MCs Sa-Roc and Invincible, grammy-nominated artist Kokayi (U.S.A.), Senegal’s top political rappers Keur Gui and PPS, Cuba’s LGBT queens Krudas Cubensi, Syrian-American activist Omar Offendum, Trinidad-Tobago’s reggae vet Metric Man, Italian funk soul brother #1 Bobby Soul, multi-lingual MCs Nomadic Massive from Canada and Ceschi of Fake Four Inc., to name a few.

He founded his rap group – Zero Plastica – in 2001, with which he released 4 records, several mixtapes and has been guest of international Festivals in the U.S., Cuba and Europe, opening for DJ Kool Herc, KRS One, Jean Grae, Oddisee, George Clinton f. Parliament & Funkadelic, Shaggy, Alborosie and more.

Because of Hip Hop, he also travelled and performed in Senegal, Mauritania and Turkey, where he actually lives. One of latest works -“MammaLiTurki!”- is a multimedia project conceived in Istanbul, and includes a Beat Tape series, an EP, a photo book and a short-documentary.

Nio’s a cosmopolitan and, according to him, Hip Hop Culture is “the most powerful weapon that God and the Universe gave to the Youth of the World” and “Music is very practical way to make and build Peace” world wide.

According to his travels and needs, his equipment is composed by: Akai MPC 2000 XL, Sp404Sx, Laptop, Mic, Pt01 Portable, Serato Studio, Zoom H2, Vinyls + voices & sounds of the environment he’s around to. Also musicians are playing a fundamental rule into adding more Soul to Nio’s beats.

For more info, music, videos, photos & collabos:

Beat Tape Instrumentals

Dj Nio – Beats on the Bosphorus – #MammaLiTurki Chapter 2 [Instrumentals] [2021]

Dj Nio – Beats on the Bosphorus – #MammaLiTurki Chapter 2 [Beat Tape]
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01. Boğazı feat: Da Frogg
02. Boş ver – Guitar: Cağdas Akyüz
03. Sivriada
04. Jinn
05. Yeter – Darbuka: Oğuz Susam
06. Canım
07. Rajaa – Percussions: Sergio Limuti & Toni LaCorte | Keyboard: Toni LaCorte
08. Tekel
09. Deprem
10. Yani – Darbuka: Oğuz Susam
11. Karantina
12. Deniz – Keyboard: Toni LaCorte | Bass: Stefano “Step” Ruggieri
13. Rakı biter – Guitar: Cağdas Akyüz
14. Soğansız
15. Zen – Guitar: Zen Rahmoun | Darbuka: Oğuzhan Koçak | Bass: Stefano “Step” Ruggieri
16. Daff – Daff: Saina M.Baekhtiyar
17. Eminönü – Guitar: Emiliano Bugatti
18. Beyoğlu – Guitar: Emiliano Bugatti
19. Köpek – Produced by: Ess_Bi

Dj Nio – Beats on the Bosphorus – #MammaLiTurki Chapter 2

Beat Tape

Dj Nio – #MammaLiTurki – Chapter 1 [Beat Tape] [2020]

Dj Nio – #MammaLiTurki – Chapter 1 [Beat Tape]
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01. Kapı
02. Tarlabaşı
03. Bakkal
04. Açma
05. İstiklal
06. Devrim
07. Vapur
08. Yok
09. Deli
10. Simit
11. Azize
12. Fatih
13. Dolmuş
14. Yunus
15. Fulya

Dj Nio – #MammaLiTurki – Chapter 1


Dj Nio – MammaLiTurki EP [E.P.] [2020]

Dj Nio – MammaLiTurki EP [E.P.]
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01. Uskudar
02. Sağol
03. Dolapdere
04. Osmanbey

Dj Nio – MammaLiTurki EP

My new E.P. -“MammaLiTurki!”- is out on all digital platforms!!! Produced and recorded in Istanbul (Turkey), this is my first solo instrumental E.P. since I started to make beats in Y2K (2000).
I sampled some Turkish records and then I had some musicians adding their incredible touch with local instruments such as bağlama, daff and guitar.

This is the first part of “MammaLiTurki!” multimedia project and anticipates a Beat Tape series, a Photo Book and a documentary coming soon.