David Begun – MosVillain [Mash-Up] [2021]

David Begun – MosVillain [Mash-Up]
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01. Save Our Accordions
02. Got Meat?
03. Bistro First Course
04. Sun Raid
05. America’s Most Ghetto
06. Speed Fit
07. Brown Curls
08. Do Not Rapp!
09. Hip Money
10. Do It Tomorrow feat. Busta Rhymes
11. Flying Figaro feat. Talib Kweli
12. Hardcore Thug
13. Strange Revelation
14. Fancy Love
15. Know The Villain
16. Life In All Caps
17. Life Is Great feat. Talib Kweli
18. Rhinestone Respiration feat. Common

David Begun – MosVillain


David Begun – Nas x Nujabes: NuMatic [Mash-Up] [2021]

David Begun – Nas x Nujabes: NuMatic [Mash-Up]
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01. The Genesis (Moon Strut)
02. NY State of Mind (Voice of Autumn)
03. Life’s A Bitch (Counting Stars)
04. The World Is Yours (Another Reflection)
05. Halftime (Waiting for Clouds)
06. Memory Lane (Luv (sic))
07. One Love (Mystline)
08. One Time For Your Mind (Spiral)
09. Represent (Blessing It)
10. It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Peaceland)

David Begun – Nas x Nujabes: NuMatic


David Begun – Beast the Jewels (Beastie Boys vs Run the Jewels) [Mash-Up] [2021]

David Begun – Beast the Jewels (Beastie Boys vs Run the Jewels) [Mash-Up]
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01. Movin’ Dope
02. Intergalactic Legend
03. A Christmas Rump
04. Want The Jewels
05. Out of Brookyn
06. Thursday Trouble
07. All My Roots
08. Shot Below
09. Darlin’ Ladies
10. Banana Rappers feat. Nas
11. Close the Spam
12. You Gotta Fight For Your Chain
13. Check Out Early
14. Thief It
15. Steal The Mic
16. Sea Legs Sabotage

David Begun – Beast the Jewels (Beastie Boys vs Run the Jewels)


David Begun – The PharTribe [Mash-Up] [2021]

David Begun – The PharTribe [Mash-Up]
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01. PharTribe Intro
02. Pass It Along
03. Sex on the DL
04. Runnin’ in El Segundo
05. Check That Type of Rhime
06. An Officer and a Scenario
07. Can I Kick Yo Mama?
08. Butter Bullshit
09. Oh (Shit) My God
10. Find A Groupie
11. 4 Better or 4 Suckas
12. Soul Clap
13. Dropped Again
14. Stop the B Boy
15. Otha Verses
16. Stressed Out Ending

David Begun – The PharTribe


David Begun – J Villain: Doomnuts [Mash-Up] [2021]

David Begun – J Villain: Doomnuts [Mash-Up]
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01. WorkinOnAir
02. Wave Grinder
03. Geek Print
04. Mash the Beat
05. Great Day
06. Gazillion Air
07. Clapper Mango
08. One Folder
09. Victory For Two
10. The Cakes of the Heart
11. Anti-America’s Most Blunted
12. It Ain’t Diff’rent
13. Thunder Melody
14. One for the Cellz
15. Guv’nor Says Go
16. Walkinonit
17. Raedawn Factory
18. Hi, Ghostwhirl
19. Bye Ladies
20. Last Sting of the Night

David Begun – J Villain: Doomnuts

Mix Remixes

David Begun – All Eyez On The Hussle [Mash-Up] [2020]

David Begun – All Eyez On The Hussle [Mash-Up]
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01. Introduction
02. Most Wanted Words
03. California Confidential
04. Detached Life
05. Running From Temptations
06. Short Ocean Views
07. Rearview Status
08. Only Greats Can Judge Me
09. Overlord
10. Miraculous Changes
11. All About Wat Hoes Do
12. Tommy Gun Ambitionz
13. Still Racks In the Middle
14. Money To Live and Die
15. Forever On Some Heartz Shit
16. Krazy Outro

David Begun – All Eyez On The Hussle

Nipsey Hussle was dubbed by many people as his generation’s 2Pac. From his music and words to his tragic end, he embodied the spirit that Pac had and left behind. This mashup puts Nipsey’s powerful lyrics against the backdrop of music from Pac’s catalog. Their combination blends together and it seems almost as if Nipsey’s words were destined for the vibe that 2Pac himself rapped over almost two decades ago.

“I guarantee you that I will spark the brain that will change the world.”
-Tupac Shakur


David Begun – Marvin Jay 2 [Mash-Up] [2020]

David Begun – Marvin Jay 2 [Mash-Up]
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01. Hitch Hike
02. What’s The Matter With You Baby
03. Too Busy Thinking About My Baby
04. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
05. Got To Give It Up
06. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
07. I’ll Be Doggone
08. Mercy Mercy Me
09. Pride and Joy
10. Trouble Man
11. Can I Get A Witness
12. Your Precious Love

David Begun – Marvin Jay 2


David Begun / Mad Star: Shades of Black [Mash-Up] [2020]

David Begun / Mad Star: Shades of Black [Mash-Up]
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01. Black Note Introduction
02. Return of the Stars
03. Distant Drama
04. Tomorrow’s B-Boy
05. Don’t Let Up
06. Day in Montara
07. Dice Rock
08. Love Me At Ease
09. Mystic Sugar
10. Stormy Hurricane
11. Forty Stars

David Begun / Mad Star: Shades of Black

Imagining the collaboration between one of hip hop’s greatest producers and one of its greatest duos. Combining Madlib’s Shades of Blue instrumentals along with a few other jazz-inspired tracks from the same era and mixing in the vocals of Mos Def and Talib Kweli to create Mad Star: Shades of Black.


David Begun – Childish Outkast [Mash-Up] [2019]

David Begun – Childish Outkast [Mash-Up]
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01. Put It In My Video (ATLiens)
02. Worldstar (Wheelz of Steel)
03. Freaks and Geeks (Chonkyfire)
04. Sweatpants (Elevators)
05. Let Me Dope You (Ova Da Wudz)
06. Do Ya Like (Elevators Remix)
07. Hold You Down (Southernplayalistic…)
08. Bonfire (Return of the G)
09. Sober (Roses)
10. L.E.S. (Ms. Jackson)
11. Heartbreat (Da Art of Storytelling)
12. Fire Fly (Mainstream)
13. Fuck It All (13th Floor Growing Old)
14. 3005 (Jazzy Belle)
15. This Is America (SpottieOttieDopalicious)

David Begun – Childish Outkast


David Begun – Marvin Jay [Mash-Up] [2018]

David Begun – Marvin Jay [Mash-Up]
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01. I Heard It Through the Grapevine
02. You’re A Wonderful One
03. It Takes Two
04. Sexual Healing
05. Let’s Get It On
06. What’s Goin On
07. Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing
08. Ain’t That Peculiar
09. I’ve Got My Music
10. Stubborn Kind of Fellow
11. If This World Were Mine
12. I Want You

David Begun – Marvin Jay

Blending the lush, soulful vocals from one of the greatest singers ever in Marvin Gaye with the production from the late J Dilla to paint a picture of what it would be like for the Prince of Soul to work with Detroit’s finest. Putting together pieces of Dilla beats across a range of albums to create unique tracks to layer in some of the most famous hits from Gaye’s collection. The result is what maybe it would look like if these two musical geniuses had not been separated by time and circumstance. Enjoy!


David Begun – Dr. OctoMobb [Remixes] [2018]

David Begun – Dr. OctoMobb [Remixes]
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01. G.O.D. Pt. 3000
02. Drop The Raw On Em
03. Girl Let Me Shook You
04. Flowers on Earth
05. Aware Eyes May Shine w/Xzibit
06. It’s My Earth feat. Nas
07. A Visit to the Conscious feat. Nas
08. Dr. Octagon Killaz w/Cormega
09. Uncut Raw & Crazy
10. Halfsharkalligatorhalfhoodlum
11. Quiet Flowers Revisited
12. Survival of the Waiting
13. Rare Species

David Begun – Dr. OctoMobb

Combining the dark and sinister music backdrop from the Kool Keith and Dan the Automator inspired Dr. Octagon album with the poetic lyrics from Prodigy and Havoc’s Mobb Deep to create the mashup Dr. OctoMobb.

Instrumentals Remixes

David Begun / LL Cool J – Mama Said Punch You Out! (Punch​-​Out Remix) [Remix] [2018]

David Begun / LL Cool J – Mama Said Punch You Out! (Punch​-​Out Remix) [Remix]
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01. LL Cool J – Mama Said Punch You Out!
02. LL Cool J – Mama Said Punch You Out! [Instrumental]

David Begun / LL Cool J – Mama Said Punch You Out! (Punch​-​Out Remix)

The first track off of an upcoming project that combines classic 80’s old-school hip-hop tracks with nostalgic video game music from the same era. This song mixes LL Cool J’s Mama Said Knock You Out with the music from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.


David Begun – A Sense of Blu [Remixes] [2018]

David Begun – A Sense of Blu [Remixes]
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01. Soul Resurrector
02. I Used to R.E.L.A.X.
03. Watermelon Lemonade
04. Book of Akfam feat. The Grouch
05. Check The Man
06. Nuthin’ To Due feat. Chuuwee
07. Bluism
08. WBLU
09. Thisislove w/Ta’Raach
10. Jungle Juice feat. MED
11. Clean Chapter
12. Maintain Peroxide feat. MED
13. God’s Resurrect Remix feat. Co$$ & Definite Mass

David Begun – A Sense of Blu

This newest mashup album combines the lyrical verses from California’s own Blu with mid-90’s boom-bap instrumentals from Common’s Resurrection to create A Sense of Blu. A production classic featuring works from No I.D. and Y-Not, Resurrection was a seminal hip-hop album and a classic in every sense of the word. Blu’s style has always been considered a throw back to this same lyrical period and this project imagines what it would be like if he truly were thrown back into 1994 and the golden era.


David Begun – Nasimoto Vol. 2: The Even Further Adventures [Remixes] [2017]

David Begun – Nasimoto Vol. 2: The Even Further Adventures [Remixes]
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01. Stillmatic Intro (J.A.N.)
02. Bridging the Gap (Bus Ride)
03. Hope (Bullyshit)
04. Made You Look (Greenery)
05. The Setup (Closer)
06. You Know My Style (Rappcats Pt. 3)
07. Got Yourself A Gun (Mr. Two-Faced)
08. 2nd Childhood (Bartender Say)
09. The World Is Yours (The Clown)
10. Fast Life (Hydrant Game)
11. Virgo (Fatbacks)
12. Affirmative Action (Another Demo Tape)
13. Hip-Hop Is Dead (Crime)
14. Nastradamus (Maingirl)
15. Street Glory (Players of the Game)
16. The Flyest (The Exclusive)
17. Hate Me Now (Shroom Music)
18. No Idea’s Original (Raw Addict Pt. 2)
19. Made You Look Remix (Raw Deal)
20. Destroy and Rebuild (1994)
21. One Mic (Tomorrow Never Knows)
22. BONUS: Yesterday’s Nas Quintet – Book of Rhymes

David Begun – Nasimoto Vol. 2: The Even Further Adventures

The 2nd installment of Nasimoto combines Nas’s lyrics over a musical backdrop supplied by the sequel to the original Quasimoto album, The Further Adventures of Lord Quas. Featuring more well known gems from Nasir against another production classic engineered by producer Madlib.


David Begun – Marshall & The Soul Brother [Remixes] [2017]

David Begun – Marshall & The Soul Brother [Remixes]
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01. Without A Little Soul
02. Waiting For The Real Slim Shady
03. Walking By My Closet
04. Take The D (on’t give a fuck) Train
05. Any Lesser Man
06. The Business of Pete’s Jazz
07. Shady Boss
08. Involving Stan
09. Soldier’s Frame of Mind
10. Get You Sailing Smooth
11. Give Y’All My Name
12. For The Guilty Conscience
13. Back On Da Block: The Encore
14. Hailie Plays At Night

David Begun – Marshall & The Soul Brother