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Cut From The Team – See U [Beat Tape] [2015]

Cut From The Team – See U [Beat Tape]
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01. Kickz
02. See U
03. Ride with us
04. Insert Cartridge
05. Dhalsim Fire
06. Super Denjin
07. Game Over
08. Gotta Go
09. Stickerz

Cut From The Team – See U

Also Available On: Cassette / Digital Download

See U is a beatific and euphoric instrumental hip hop album and the champion URBNET release from producer, Cut From The Team. This 9 track album sounds like daydreams about an island in East Asia; because that is exactly what inspired it.

“The entire record is very personal to me …
Sounds from a place I have an outstanding longing for …
As a kid I always wanted to visit Japan and still do …
Japan is a huge inspiration to me.” – Cut From The Team

See U is the soundtrack to a fantasy day in Japan and what the producer, Cut From The Team, would do with his time in this dream destination.

“Waking up in the morning, just walking around …
Soaking up the atmosphere, skating …
Visiting places I adore, seeing my friends, cruisin’ together.” – Cut From The Team

The day that sounds sweet to Cut From The Team,fueled his creativity and gave this album a dreamy heart. Instrumental hip hop that is electric and lovely — you can almost feel the height of Tokyoskyscrapers around you, or the breeze from Mount Takao.