Count Bass D – CBD [Album] [2020]

Count Bass D – CBD [Album]
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01. Busy
02. Nobody
03. I Can’t Tell
04. Am I the Only One?
05. Nose Bone
06. One Man Roots
07. Be Mine
08. Someone Wonderful As You (Interlude)
09. Show Love
10. BYOB
11. Break Bread

Count Bass D – CBD

Also Available On: Vinyl 12″ LP & Download of ‘CBD’

Veteran MC, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Count Bass D’s life has been a musical miracle from the very beginning.
At age four he stepped up to the drum kit at his father’s church and kept a beat. By fourth grade the adolescent musician taught himself triads, inversions, and multiple progressions in all twelve keys on the organ.
After turning 21, Count Bass dropped his 1995 debut Pre-Life Crisis—a self-produced album that features him playing multiple instruments and minimal sampling. From there he laced Vitamin C’s self-titled platinum debut with a verse and produced a “Hey Ladies” remix for the Beastie Boys’ Criterion Collection DVD Video Anthology.
Not satisfied to merely play instruments, the ever-evolving creator immersed himself in sample-based production. 2002 saw the release of his Rolling Stone-reviewed Dwight Spitz and in 2004 he was the only artist besides MF DOOM to rap and produce on DOOM’s concept album Mm.. Food.
Count Bass then began an extended and prolific release schedule in 2009 that includes five full-length records with fellow MC/producer DJ Pocket, a slew of solo albums, and his 2017 Snoop Dogg collaboration “Too Much Pressure,” which was praised by the New York Times for its, “luscious, velvety, soothing, slow funk.”
After 25 years in the game Count Bass D is busier than ever, releasing the instrumental album Edibles in late 2019, the sequel Edibles 2 in early 2020, and his 10th vocal solo album CBD.

Beat Tape

Count Bass D – Edibles 2 [Beat Tape] [2020]

Count Bass D – Edibles 2 [Beat Tape]
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01. Oh Bless
02. Blessed Are They That Mourn
03. Give Me a Sign
04. This is Your Life
05. I May Not Be Around
06. I Can Tell
07. Smooth Like Water
08. All the Same
09. Bundled Up
10. L.A. Mike Salute
11. Life Hack
12. Treat Me Like a Dog
13. Fun Fact
14. Daniela in Iraq
15. Food Board
16. (After Prayer) Rise Before GOD
17. Please Don’t Pet Me I’m Working
18. No Longer a Victim
19. Set Free
20. ’05 Chop
21. Psalm 133 (Fellowship)

Count Bass D – Edibles 2

Also Available On: Cassette

Beat Tape Instrumental Album

Count Bass D – Edibles [Instrumental Album] [2019]

Count Bass D – Edibles [Instrumental Album]
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01. CBD Type Beat
02. Juggle
03. 1-2-3-And
04. Let You Go
05. The Way It Was
06. Pretticize
07. Until First Thing
08. Just Know
09. See You On The Map
10. You Still Care
11. When
12. Sweet
13. Farm To Shelf
14. Social Lobotomy
15. Just Pray

Count Bass D – Edibles

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette – Edibles album on Clear Cassette Tape


Count Bass D – Instantly New [Instrumentals] [2016]

Count Bass D – Instantly New [Instrumentals]
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01. Gotta Stop Saying (Instrumental)
02. We Don’t Say (Instrumental)
03. My River (Instrumental)
04. Hose (Instrumental)
05. Mind What You Say (Instrumental)
06. Ask Them (Instrumental)
07. Instantly New (Instrumental)
08. Eagle (Instrumental)
09. Grow (Instrumental)
10. No Infirmary (Instrumental)
11. Have (Instrumental)
12. Know It All (Instrumental)

Count Bass D – Instantly New


Count Bass D – Dwight Around Your Lips [Instrumentals] [2016]

Count Bass D – Dwight Around Your Lips [Instrumentals]
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01. My Blessing
02. Don’t Worry
03. Don’t Stay Away
04. Fancy Clothes
05. Jo
06. MPF
07. East Memphis
08. We Do What We Can
09. Under Planning
10. Better Than Just Any Man
11. Yeah Who
12. Far As Hell
13. Gerald and Sean 2
14. Humble Brag
15. Slick and Slight
16. Stadium
17. Next Album
18. So Happy (Bonus Track)

Count Bass D – Dwight Around Your Lips

Also Available On: Cassette (includes digital download)

While working on his next full length album, Count Bass D composed many instrumentals that did not fit the criteria. The first batch of instrumentals was released as Cloak and Dapper (August 2015). Dwight Around Your Lips is a collection of 17 beats (plus a digital bonus track) carefully crafted for cassette and intended to be played from start to finish. These beats complete the warm up for the March 15th release of his long awaited vocal album, Instantly New. An extensive Spring U.S. tour will immediately follow.

Beat Tape

Count Bass D – Cloak and Dapper [Beat Tape] [2015]

Count Bass D – Cloak and Dapper [Beat Tape]
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01. Para Los Tambores
02. All You Care For Is You
03. Going All Night Long
04. Yes I Do
05. Turned On By Everything
06. Steadfast
07. Choice Not Force
08. Purchase Necessary
09. Urban Deer
10. Fame Costs
11. Whatever Makes Me Happy
12. Dedication Like Medication
13. Brutal Honesty
14. Cloak and Dapper Theme

Count Bass D – Cloak and Dapper

Also Available On: CASSETTE TAPE

Beat Tape

Count Bass D – Handshake Vs. Dap [Beat Tape] [2014]

Count Bass D – Handshake Vs. Dap [Beat Tape]
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01. Born Day Turnout
02. All About The Love
03. Organess
04. That’s Off
05. Drowning In Your Love
06. Shook Question Mark
07. You Don’t Stop
08. Come What May
09. Yes I Know He Would Kill This
10. Your Love Is Wonderful
11. Francine
12. Huh, Yeah
13. Statement Scarf
14. Zamunda Funk
15. Handshake Vs. Dap
16. Harmonize [Never Normal Bonus]
17. Adrenaline [Never Normal Bonus]

Count Bass D – Handshake Vs. Dap

Also Available On: Count Bass D – Handshake Vs. Dap Cassette