The Drum Broker – !llmind – KING Z3US Acapella, Create Your Remix to Win Blap Kits + More from the Drum Broker [Contest] [2016]

The Drum Broker – !llmind – KING Z3US Acapella, Create Your Remix to Win Blap Kits + More from the Drum Broker [Contest]
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Grammy Nominated Producer !llmind is best known for his production work for 50 Cent, Ariana Grande, J Cole, Drake as well as the mastermind behind creating the “Blap-Kit” drum pack series.

!llmind recently produced the new hot single “Cosmos” for Harlem’s KING Z3US on his own imprint Roseville Music Group. KING Z3US and !llmind have teamed up again with the Drum Broker to have the Blend community remix “Cosmos” for an opportunity to win some cool prizes.

Here How It Works:

  • Pull “Cosmos” from The Drum Broker
  • Create your remix
  • Publish your update by February 29th 2016 

The Drumbroker and !llmind will reward the Grand Prize Winner with credits to the Drum Broker store and 2 runner ups will receive the Blap Drive Platinum Bundle with 16GB of samples valued at $149.00


Soulful Stems 3 Vinyl + Sample Flip Challenge

Soulful Stems 3 Vinyl + Sample Flip Challenge

**Please Read**

Step up your production game and enter our famed Soulful Stems 3 sample-flip challenge! Your pre-order will secure your contest entry AND also provide you with the limited edition Soulful Stems 3 vinyl that will ship in late August. The Soulful Stems 3 project will officially drop after the contest winner is announced on August 28th. Peep the details below!

Contest Entry Details:

Pre-order The Soulful Stems 3 Limited Edition Vinyl and receive the untagged sample download to use in contest ( &
Submit track in .mp3 format to
Entry must contain obvious reference to sample download
Submit entry between July 24th – August 21st
Winner will be announced August 28th
Official project will drop on August 28th and your vinyl order will begin shipping during this timeframe
Winner will receive: SS3 Vinyl credit, Ion USB Turntable, Drum Machinery Poster, MPC60 USB flash drive with SS3 stems loaded, and Behind The Beats video with Scratch Magazine TV featuring the winner track
Note that this pre-order price will change once official project is out. Take advantage!
**Again, please note that your contest entry does include the vinyl version + digital copy of the Soulful Stems 3. The winner will have his pre-order money credited back!**

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

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