Collective Resonance – Resonance Vol. 5 [Compilation] [2019]

Collective Resonance – Resonance Vol. 5 [Compilation]
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01. Potato Moons – Grazie a Giuseppe
02. Prozak Morris – Evil Science
03. Dusty Ohms – Cut Lemon
04. S U N J E T – Abra
05. SPELLWRKS – Reflections
06. Broken Keys – Hilarious Right?
07. Prof.Logik – oprimido
08. Moonside – no sleep
09. amani cove – Crimson 88
10. Alexander Aultman – Even Out

Collective Resonance – Resonance Vol. 5

Beat Tape

Collective Resonance – Christmas Bumps [Beat Tape] [2018]

Collective Resonance – Christmas Bumps [Beat Tape]
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01. Kaelin Ellis – IDK
02. Broken Keys – Christmas 2K18
03. Jon Dis – Memories
04. Nextwon – Friends With Ho’s
05. BlkrKrt – It’s the Thought That Counts

Collective Resonance – Christmas Bumps

A mini Christmas compilation. This one is exclusive to Bandcamp and all proceeds are going to WWF. Check out for more information about this charity. Merry Christmas to everyone; we’ll catch you in 2019.

Beat Tape Compilation

Collective Resonance – Resonance Vol. 4 [Compilation] [2017]

Collective Resonance – Resonance Vol. 4 [Compilation]
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01. IV The Polymath – Super Flow
02. grimelabinc – CrazyHigh2
03. KUPLA – Fluidity (free)
04. Dusty Ohms – Who Flipz?
05. G-noF – Higher
06. Khüdósoul – Lost In The Forest
07. ±±DING±± – Drafting
08. René Schier – Origin
09. Tyler Ambrosius – 9textural
10. SuMi – Where Can You Pee?
11. Hexproof – Manic
12. Rhakim Ali – Hampton
13. Broken Keys – Before The Beachland Show
14. RICK M∆UN – Takemeaway
15. TV Blonde – Bedsheets
16. Hipnotic Jazz – Creative Defiance
17. Dan Matic – Zoo
18. Yclept Insan – Fluxuation
19. Nextwon – ACES
20. walla C – Prism

Collective Resonance – Resonance Vol. 4

My name is Damien and I run Collective Resonance. I just wanted to say that “Resonance Vol. 4” was originally going to come out on May 26th, but we decided to release it earlier. We also originally intended to donate all proceeds to Oxfam, but there has been a bit of a change of plan on that one too. Any donations made via Bandcamp, will now go to both Cancer Research UK and to my sister-in-law Stacey. This lady is my brother’s partner of roughly twenty years and she has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She is a 36-year-old mother of three young boys (my nephews) and this came as quite a shock. She is currently having chemotherapy and also trying some popular alternative treatments on top of that.

Today is Mother’s Day where I am in England and she planned to have a picnic with some close family and friends in the park. Sadly she couldn’t make it and had to go back into hospital because of some pain and complications. It was a little bit heartbreaking seeing all the other mothers with their children there. Then looking at my nephews, who are starting to have to get used to not seeing their mum so much as of late.

Anyway, any donations for downloads would be greatly appreciated. With 50% going to Cancer Research UK and 50% to Stacey. We are also going to be distributing this release to all the major online services at a later date. This will include iTunes, Google Play and Spotify. Proceeds from sales via those services will still be going to Oxfam, the charity we originally planned to donate to.

Finally, I’d like to say that I’m deeply grateful to all the artists that got involved with this compilation. You are all helping to make the world a better place by sharing these creations with us and the world.

Beat Tape Compilation

Collective Resonance – Resonance Vol. 3 [Compilation] [2016]

Collective Resonance – Resonance Vol. 3 [Compilation]
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01. Prozak Morris – Noise Box
02. Cor Stidak & John Looke – Mood Ring
03. Warren Xclnce & Tiger Tsunami – Nite Vibrations
04. BläpDëli – Hunku
05. C Y G N – Fairytale
06. Kaelin Ellis – Sound
07. Auxx – She’s Glitching Out
08. Man Of The Downtrodden – Travel Expenses & Ruminants
09. ZeMauno – Squaresaw Love
10. Broken Keys – A Little Cooler
11. Ben Jamin – I Came Up
12. Phillipe Edison – Love Is Real
13. Prof.Logik – Stay Above The Clouds
14. Alexander Aultman – Time Lapse Bloom
15. Handbook – Not Here
16. Peter Beardsworth – Dreamtime
17. Kensho – The Interstellar Jazz Connection
18. Scott Xylo – Afrodelic
19. Dreamtree – Moon Reflecting – Sweet Clouds (Dreamtree Remix)

Collective Resonance – Resonance Vol. 3

Resonance Vol. 3 features various members and affiliates of Collective Resonance. This compilation will be available to stream/download in full as of August 26th, 2016. It will be available here on our Bandcamp, as well as from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Juno and most major online stores. We will be releasing a new track off of it every week, right up until that official release date of August 26th. We hope you enjoy the sounds.

P.S. – If any radio people, DJ’s, bloggers etc want a download code for an exclusive/advance digital copy of the compilation, please contact us and we’d be happy to help!


Collective Resonance – Show #44 (Guest Mix By Evolv) [Mix] [2014]

Collective Resonance – Show #44 (Guest Mix By Evolv) [Mix]
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01. Show #44 (Guest Mix By Evolv)

This week we kicked things off with some selections from host Damien Connell and then got into a guest mix from Stephen Perez A.K.A evolv of the Indelible Niche Collective.

Collective Resonance – Show #44 (Guest Mix By Evolv)

Show #44 (Guest Mix By Evolv) by Collective Resonance on Mixcloud