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Cindrome – The Silence Does Not Exist [Beat Tape] [2015]

Cindrome – The Silence Does Not Exist [Beat Tape]
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01. visible Words (74bpm)
02. Tired of hearing the moans of depression (82bpm)
03. Desnudame (90bpm)
04. Simplicity is beauty (90bpm)
05. Rock love (95bpm)
06. Your song (84bpm)
07. Oasis (79bpm)
08. Delusions (72bpm)
09. Foot with sand (75bpm)
10. Viewing my might fall (72bpm)
11. Moving down pa (88bpm)
12. Deep inside (79bpm)
13. Today (87bpm)
14. My (91bpm)
15. Extinct Instinct (84bpm)
16. My horizon do not get it (86bpm)
17. YoRiego Borrego, VoRuega (72bpm)
18. sleepwalk (77bpm)
19. Animas discouraged (88bpm)
20. Tune Symphony (73bpm)
21. What I can tell (96bpm) (version 2015)
22. Unless Be Mine (80bpm)
23. Come to hide (75bpm)
24. My camel is now diler (84bpm)
25. To the bottom (78bpm)
26. The canteen was closed (87bpm)
27. Orgasms (92bpm) (version 2015)
28. Although it sounds (100bpm) (version 2015)
29. No longer (97bpm) (version 2015)
30. A piano played 2013 (90bpm)
31. Neither sweet nor trick, I want a joint (68 bpm)

Cindrome – The Silence Does Not Exist

Beat Tape

Cindrome – Polvazo [Beat Tape] [2015]

Cindrome – Polvazo [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Polen
03. No
04. Hoy la vi-o-le mire
05. Diferente
06. Algo que contar
07. Matame esquizofrenia
08. Hagamos un pacto
09. Sin descanso
10. Vida buena
11. Flores 2
12. Marchitan
13. Alguien llama
14. Angustia
15. Desde no llega el sol
16. Lalala
17. Tócame
18. Te lo digo a ti
19. Reventando
20. Agua
21. Paragua
22. Florecen
23. La falopa galopa
24. Si
25. Marooned
26. Soy solo ruido
27. El blues del sky
28. El sol no quiere salir
29. Miedo
30. Te vi
31. Relámpago
32. La flauta de pan
33. Respirando nada
34. Envuelto
35. Dime de que vas
36. Bals del desvelo
37. Aaah (2 versión)
38. Divano
39. Respirando paz
40. Quien soy
41. Pisando el suelo
42. Espíritus
43. Miedo
44. Anfibios con fobia
45. Vuelo en el infierno (versión 2)
46. Bacallo de 5
47. Misterioso
48. Quemando lo último
49. Atrapa almas
50. Corazón latero
51. Déjame 1 minuto
52. Why
53. El lado bueno de eso malo
54. Joven manos de lapices
55. La bóveda de Aqueronte
56. Recorriendo tu cuerpo
57. Espérame un cachito, diaulo (1 versión)
58. Déjame 60 segundos
59. Entre lov y lo obvio
60. Free o frío
61. Girando
62. Héroe
63. La muerte es simple
64. Domingo de resuereccion
65. Eliminandome
66. Los secretos de Virgilio
67. Me saque un 39
68. No hay tiempo pa eso
69. Pisando el cielo
70. Rap power
71. Síndrome de muerte
72. Terror terrícola
73. Una historia contada por el testigo
74. Volteando
75. No se que pasa
76. Relatos saturados
77. Sonriamos
78. Tú y yo
79. Una historia contada por el acusado
80. Sonrisas son rosas

Cindrome – Polvazo

There are times (many) voices (all) need bases (any) to express themselves. Some prefer silence, others like me do these (transparent) vessels to take that we carry inside, and cure whatever, or just have a fishing the next day. So I wanted to make these two hundred ten glasses, so some vicious (you) empty (whatever) without having to pay for it. That if the vessels vary in quality depending on the time of manufacture. Salú.- This bigbeattape inhabit some work to give away and that with the passage of time never heard from them. I realized that if I did not come all the give away, and it was. In addition there are jobs that believe (mostly 2015) for the occasion and others who had saved and decided to get here (2014). The use of any of these beat’s is totally free and free, so only 2 things I ask is that any madness you do with these get me here and here mentioned me as the creator of the beat (“Beat Cindrome” or “CindromeBeat’s”). The designs are on me. From Valdivia, Chile. All tracks were produced by CINDROME.