John Memorex – Part. II [Exclusive Set] [Mix] [2020]

John Memorex – Part. II [Exclusive Set] [Mix]
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01. Dibia$e – Reflectin
02. KLIM Beats – You Baby
03. Astronote – 90’s Love
04. mikedecline – Free Speech
05. Aspect One – Look
06. Godai – Rainy Days
07. Chief – Domuno
08. KanKick – Herb Honey
09.Ayatollah – Eagle
10. P.U.D.G.E – AwnMyDawn
11. ES-K – Elevation
12. Sir Froderick – returnofthedoodoomaster94
13. Ras G – Bell Bee
14. Broke / – Born To Be Bruce
15. 6Fingers – Movement Number 4
16. Subtitle –
17. Fonetik Simbol – Suprise

John Memorex – Part. II

The Part. II of John Memorex appearance to showcase a mix for us all today. He’s been heavily involved in promoting so many releases during the years, and i feel it’s just right to show appreciation towards his movement. We’ve spoken from time to time, and it’s always a blessing when he support all of the artists on the movement.

In the mix, you will hear many different vibes, of his favorite style & groove and they are all making your head nod naturally – He’s for sure one of the great selectors of hip-hop beats out there with a long experience in the scene.

For over 12 years there’s been daily activity on his website, which you can check out here – with recommendations of albums, singles, EP’s and much more, a great source for anyone that enjoy hip-hop in general.


Thanks to for another opportunity to do another mix. Hope everyone enjoys.!  


Chief – Astronaut (Quasimoto rework) [Single] [2017]

Chief – Astronaut (Quasimoto rework) [Single]
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01. Astronaut (Quasimoto rework)

Chief – Astronaut (Quasimoto rework)

This is my cover of Quasimoto ”Astronaut”.
I played everything, no sample ->

Beat Tape Instrumentals

CHIEF & DEHEB – Leaf [Beat Tape] [2015]

CHIEF & DEHEB – Leaf [Beat Tape]
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01. Welcome to the Wood
02. Betina
03. 500 Feet High
04. These are the Songs
05. Elements
06. Day 5
07. Night Flower
08. 404 Combo
09. Path
10. RNGS
11. Obrigado


Also Available On: Vinyl+Download card or Vinyl + Tote Bag Bundle

Chief and Deheb join forces to bring you “Leaf”, a full-length instrumental album showcasing the seamless result of two deft beatmakers merging their individual signatures into a unified craft.

Both artists each have a long history in beat-making, Chief and Deheb have worked alongside but never together, and to share a task that’s usually tackled by one seemed like a challenge and a new thrill to the two.

The use of samples taken from original Brazilian music in the two producers’ collections was the starting point for the creation of ”Leaf”. Using the gorgeous textures and atypical sounds to fashion an atmosphere rather than make a typical beats album with over-used long samples was the end goal.

The result of this synthesis between two seasoned beatmakers’ flair is an elaborate, slow-paced and subtle collection of instrumentals that materializes each contributor’s ideas into a solid and distinctive new identity.

A collection of eleven laid back instrumental pieces that submerge you in a lavishly soulful atmosphere, “Leaf” is yet another must-have contribution from the Feelin’ stable to the beats scene.

For fans of: Savath & Savalas, Jneiro Jarel, Madlib,…

Beat Tape Instrumentals

Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice – Slow Burnout [Instrumentals] [2015]

Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice – Slow Burnout [Instrumentals]
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01. Acknowledgement (Get Out Of Here Ghost)
02. Cool Ranch Lunatic
03. Vanishing Vantage Point
04. Dusty Ventilator Talk Radio
05. Blend (Moonwalk, Don’t Run)
06. Romantic Decompression
07. Nature Meets Ego
08. The Only Truth You Know
09. Payback Cycle
10. Slow Burnout

Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice – Slow Burnout [Instrumentals]

Remixes Single

ℂo∆chMoTΣl – Everywhere Remix [Single] [2015]

ℂo∆chMoTΣl – Everywhere Remix [Single]
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01. Everywhere Remix

ℂo∆chMoTΣl – Everywhere Remix

Remix ℂo∆chMoTΣl made to the track “Everywhere” of John Robinson & Chief new album.

Beat Tape

CHIEF – Echo Chamber – A collection of rough beats and random pieces [Beat Tape] [2014]

CHIEF – Echo Chamber – A collection of rough beats and random pieces [Beat Tape]
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01. Purple city
02. Tribute to ?
03. Low pass
04. All night long feat. Ghostape
05. Chamber
06. Plus60
07. Deep space
08. Sister love
09. Welcome to reality feat. Deheb
10. Happy Golden
11. Needle
12. Peanutt butter
13. Diva
14. Chief on the beat
15. Aaaaahhhh
16. Loopster
17. Mondayjazz
18. Up & down
19. Untitled fantastic feat. Deheb
20. Time machine
21. Breeezzzzzeeee
22. Break it
23. The106
24. Vin chaud et pain d’epice feat. Deheb
25. Just for u
26. Lucky
27. On a cloud
28. Gang bang
29. Cry baby feat. Deheb
30. Pubby
31. Fifty four

CHIEF – Echo Chamber – A collection of rough beats and random pieces

Beat master Chief has assembled a solid collection of 31 beats, demos and other goodies produced in 2013 to form “Echo Chamber”, the new project available now as a free download! This release is a close look at Chief’s multi-faceted productions, it features both previously available and yet-unreleased beats, collaborations with the likes of Deheb, Ghostape,… and much more! “Echo Chamber” further showcases Chief’s evolution as a beatmaker, embracing different influences and ambiences to widen his musical spectrum while retaining the sound signature he came to be known for.
Chief has spent 2013 busily working in the studio and touring, now he’s about to announce a string of releases for 2014 on Feelin’ Music.