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Various Artist- Interpretations Of Web Web [Compilation] [2020]

Various Artist- Interpretations Of Web Web [Compilation]
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01. Web Web, Glammerlicious – The Oracle (Glammerlicious Remix)
02. Web Web, L One – Alternate Truth (L One Remix)
03. Web Web, Twit One – Meh Te (Twit One Remix)
04. Web Web, Glammerlicious – Red Sunrise (Glammerlicious Remix)
05. Web Web, C-Ras – Unreal Prediction (C-Ras Remix)
06. Web Web, Harry Crotch – Dada (Harry Crotch Remix)
07. Web Web, Don Philippe – Safar (Don Philippe Remix)
08. Web Web, Sátyr – Dada (Sátyr Remix)
09. Web Web, Sepalot – The Oracle (Sepalot Remix)
10. Web Web, Glammerlicious – Nonviolent Constellations (Glammerlicious Dark Forest Remix)
11. Web Web, Flip – Safar (Flip Remix)
12. Web Web, L One – Alternate Truth (L One Alternate Remix)
13. Web Web, L One – Dada (L One Remix)
14. Web Web, C-Ras – Maroc Blues (C-Ras Remix)
15. Web Web, C-Ras – Safar (C-Ras Remix)
16. Web Web, Glammerlicious – Nonviolent Constitution (Glammerlicious 6/8th Samba Remix)
17. Web Web, L One – Dada (L One Dadaism Remix)
18. Web Web, Jan Doe – Agowu (Jan Doe Remix)
19. Web Web, ditu – Safar (ditu Remix)
20. Web Web, C-Ras – Balini (C-Ras Remix)
21. Web Web, L One – Unreal Prediction (L One Remix)
22. Web Web, Goldfingah – Nonviolent Constellations (Goldfingah Remix)
23. Web Web, Don Philippe – Journey To No End (Don Philippe Remix)
24. Web Web, L One – Journey To No End (L One Remix)
25. Web Web, Glammerlicious – Nonviolent Constitution (Glammerlicious Cave Remix)
26. Web Web, Jan Doe – Agowu (Jan Doe Beat II Edit)
27. Web Web, Glammerlicious – King Of Forbidden Lands (Glammerlicious Remix)
28. Web Web, L One – Nonviolent Constellations (L One Remix)
29. Web Web, C-Ras – The Ring Part 1 (C-Ras Remix)
30. Web Web, C-Ras – The Ring Part 4 (C-Ras Remix)
31. Web Web, Glammerlicious – Unreal Prediction (Glammerlicious The Swarm Remix)
32. Web Web, L One – Alternate Truth (L One Deep Remix)

Various Artist- Interpretations Of Web Web

Also Available On: 2LP

Web Web is a highly acclaimed band of award winning German jazz musicians, labeled as German jazz super group (Süddeutsche Zeitung) and Compost’s best jazz outfit. They have released three albums in three years, since 2018, while the forth is already recorded and in the pipeline for a winter 2020/21 release.

Last year, in 2019, we were confronted with respected hip hop producers who were sampling Web Web, and shared those beats in the web. Furthermore we were kindly asked by one of these beatmaker if he can use a Web Web jazz sample for his production. That was the initial origin idea to ask several other beatmakers touching hands on Web Web’s great spiritual output.

Since sampling has been becoming a revive state of art in hip hop music again and hip hop producers all around the world, categorized as beatmakers, are releasing tons of cool hip hop
beats with warm, jazzy, abstract or obscure samples, we thought it’s a great idea to let some chummy beatmakers touch their hand on Web Web‘s jazz tracks.

As said and done: in the end we‘ve got 32 tracks by 12 famous hip hop beatmakers:


Beat Tape

C-Ras – Temples [Beat Tape] [2018]

C-Ras – Temples [Beat Tape]
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01. The Gate
02. Spectre
03. Kitsune
04. Boogeys
05. Oooh
06. Bhoots
07. Nachtwandler
08. Visitors
09. Bogles
10. Appearance
11. Temples
12. Shrines
13. Sacrifice
14. Mt. Zion
15. Duppys
16. Nyaman’s Rage
17. Shadows
18. Wraiths
19. Spook
20. Lost Faces

C-Ras – Temples

Also Available On: LP & Cassette

A temple is a place of rest and mediation. A place where you can find yourself and cleanse your mind. In the Rastafarian belief, this is not a special place or building but your very own body. It needs no institution or monument to be closer to oneself and the divine. Consequently, each temple is individual and each individual is a temple. On 20 beats C-Ras tells about his spiritual journey to himself and allows the listener an insight into his temple. The young Municher discovered the Rastafarian faith during his countless travels to the land of his father, the Caribbean island of Barbados.