Butcher Brown – #KingButch [Album] [2020]

Butcher Brown – #KingButch [Album]
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01. Fonkadelica
02. #KingButch
03. Broad Rock
04. Cabbage (DFC)
05. Gum In My Mouth
06. Frontline (Intro)
07. Frontline
08. 1992
09. Love Lock
10. Hopscotch
11. Tidal Wave
12. For The City
13. IDK

Butcher Brown – #KingButch

Also Available On: CD & 12′ Vinyl

Album E.P.

Butcher Brown – Camden Session [Album] [2018]

Butcher Brown – Camden Session [Album]
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01. Pre-cut interlude #1
02. Fiat
03. Street Pharmacy
04. Pre-cut interlude #2
05. Camden Square
06. 918

Butcher Brown – Camden Session

Also Available On: Direct-to-disc Vinyl LP or CD

Album E.P. Instrumental Album

Butcher Brown – AfroKuti: A Tribute To Fela [E.P.] [2018]

Butcher Brown – AfroKuti: A Tribute To Fela [E.P.]
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01. Tales from the Shrine
02. Cross River
03. Benin City
04. Lagos

Butcher Brown – AfroKuti: A Tribute To Fela


Butcher Brown – The Healer [Instrumentals] [2017]

Butcher Brown – The Healer [Instrumentals]
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01. Intro
02. Tomahawk
03. Dream Catcher
04. The Healer
05. JamesRiver TunnelVision
06. Cactus
07. Syd
08. Demolition
09. Gondola
10. Moses

Butcher Brown – The Healer

Beat Tape

Butcher Brown – Virginia Noir [Beat Tape] [2016]

Butcher Brown – Virginia Noir [Beat Tape]
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01. Headlights
02. Penthouse Rendezvous
03. Fiat
04. Pontchartrain Causeway
05. Dusk on Crenshaw
06. Labyrinth
07. Virginia Noir
08. Last Call
09. World Tour
10. Rule #1
11. Round Table Montage
12. Fade to Black

Butcher Brown – Virginia Noir


Butcher Brown – A Very Butcher Holiday [E.P.] [2015]

Butcher Brown – A Very Butcher Holiday [E.P.]
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01. Lil Drummer Boi
02. Sleigh Ridin

Butcher Brown – A Very Butcher Holiday

Beat Tape

Butcher Brown – GrownFolk [Beat Tape] [2015]

Butcher Brown – GrownFolk [Beat Tape]
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01. Grown Intro (Feat. Marcus Tenney)
02. Strollin’
03. Bedroom Time
04. Bailar
05. Knock One Back (For SG and Iggy Francs)
06. JheriCurlJuice
07. Studio 69
08. Pimp Cane
09. Tambourine Gypsy
10. Chester’s Black Benzo
11. Moist
12. Slippery Earlz
13. Stop Fighting, Start Loving
14. Neighborhood Watch
15. Lay It Back (Throw It Back)
16. Stroke
17. Eyyo Wassup (From Polytoned)
18. Bank Robbery
19. Shake It For Meh One Time
20. Morning After

Butcher Brown – GrownFolk

Also Available On: Cassette

“Everybody grab your drink and sip on it with the grown folk! Butcher Brown is back in the building with another soundtrack for everyday life. Let the music breathe motion into the fingers that touch your soul. This album captures the spirit of all occasions; bringing you to life when the day begins, powering through the midday lull, or putting your mind at ease when you rest at night. These grooves will be sure to set your imagination free and let your heart run wild throughout the avenues of the universe. Strap on your seatbelt and prepare yourself for a journey to the upper echelon. Butcher Brown. Grown Folk. Enjoy.”

-Marcus Tenney