Various Artists – Music For Portable Pleasure [Compilation] [2020]

Various Artists – Music For Portable Pleasure [Compilation]
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01. FloFilz & The Deli – Blueshift
02. Freddie Joachim – Water & Sand
03. Suff Daddy – By The Liter
04. Dr. Dundiff – Tumeric
05. Ivan Ave & Fredfades – All G
06. Bluestaeb & Arena – Seen You
07. Melodiesinfonie – Dboogyie
08. K, Le Maestro – Relaxurmind

Various Artists – Music For Portable Pleasure


Underground Canopy, Bluestaeb, S. Fidelity – Bluestaeb & S. Fidelity Present Underground Canopy [E.P.] [2020]

Underground Canopy, Bluestaeb, S. Fidelity – Bluestaeb & S. Fidelity Present Underground Canopy [E.P.]
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01. Stoopid Game
02. Feelm Intermission
03. Nebrasko
04. Decisions
05. Tony Sendo
06. Danse Dorée
07. UC Visions

Underground Canopy, Bluestaeb, S. Fidelity – Bluestaeb & S. Fidelity Present Underground Canopy

Emerging from endless improvisation sessions and re-interpreting their heroes, Paris-based band Underground Canopy presents their first body of original work via MENACE : “Bluestaeb & S. Fidelity present Underground Canopy” drops on January 31st, 2020. 
The debut EP was produced, recorded and mixed by critically acclaimed Jakarta Records artists Bluestaeb and S. Fidelity in London. The five-piece band’s neo soul- and jazz-infused instrumental hip-hop is heavily influenced by like minded acts such as Yesterday’s New Quintet, BadBadNotGood and Butcher Brown.

Underground Canopy officially formed in 2016 after jamming and playing covers of Flying Lotus, Madlib and J. Dilla for several years. Band members Jonathan Aréna (Keys), Warren Dongué (Bass), Necky Gomis (Trumpet/Flugelhorn), Alfredo Grooveton (Drums) and Jeremy Talon (Guitar) members met in the south of France during their 20s and immediately connected over their shared passion for hip-hop and instrumental music. The approach to compositions was always to transform the vibe of jazzy hip-hop into hand made live music. They’ve played dozen of shows throughout France, including support slots for Alan Mion’s legendary jazz funk outfit Cortex and rising Japanese jazz band WONK.

Instrumental Album

Bluestaeb – Everything Is Always a Process [Instrumental Album] [2018]

Bluestaeb – Everything Is Always a Process [Instrumental Album]
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01. No Time for Small Talk
02. MR (feat. Noah Slee)
03. Hey
04. Left & Right
05. All Smooth (feat. Ash Shakur)
07. No Way (feat. Harleighblu)
08. How It’s Done
09. Complete
10. Alright
11. Hot Shit
12. Mind (feat. Noah Slee)
13. What It is
14. All Day (feat. Pete Flux)
15. Last Minute Session Cut (feat. Melodiesinfonie & S. Fidelity)

Bluestaeb – Everything Is Always a Process

Also Available On: 1LP vinyl edition including Inlay.

Bluestaeb is one of the key figures of a new generation of up and coming HipHop beatmakers, who have emancipated from genre thinking and instead merge old school aesthetics with a new school attitude and organic instrumentation.

In 2015, his critically acclaimed sophomore album “Rodalquilar”(via Jakarta Records), set a blueprint for this approach by
combining warm samples, futuristic synth melodies and tight drum
programming. The album is dedicated to the Andalusian town of the same name, a mythic place in the south of Spain, where Bluestaeb spent much of his childhood and where still continues to gather inspiration from.

Influenced by Madlib’s “Shades Of Blue” and trained in African drum techniques such as Djembé and Darbuka, Bluestaeb had been crafting his own beats since his teenage years and gradually found his sound identity through experimenting with HipHop and Jazz – first to be heard by a broader music community in 2013, when he released his debut album “1991 Extraterrestrial” (Radio Juicy). Since then the prolific young artist has released numerous solo and collaboration projects (“B.L.U.E. Friday” in 2015 and „Sidekicks“ with S. Fidelity in 2016).

Beat Tape

Bluestaeb – Rodalquilar [Beat Tape] [2015]

Bluestaeb – Rodalquilar [Beat Tape]
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01. Tomorrow We Will Love Again
02. Valle de Rodalquilar
03. Yap
04. Message From The Inner City Blue
05. Come On
06. Didn’t Cha Know
07. Rodalquilar
08. Ta Carrière
09. One For Papa
10. Huebro
11. Both Worlds feat. Blameful Isles
12. ALP-826
13. Outro

Bluestaeb – Rodalquilar

Also Available On: Rodalquilar Vinyl LP


Bluestaeb – B​.​L​.​U​.​E. Friday [E.P.] [2015]

Bluestaeb – B​.​L​.​U​.​E. Friday [E.P.]
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01. Just A Staeb Ahead feat. Anthony Drawn
02. Come On
03. The Real feat. Galv
04. 21 Questions
05. No Stars feat. Knowsum
06. Where You Goin’ feat. Berlin Zoo and JuJu Rogers

Bluestaeb – B​.​L​.​U​.​E. Friday

Also Available On: [10″ Vinyl] B.L.U.E. Friday *PRE-ORDER*

Back in January 2015, Radio Juicy started a new series called “BLUE Friday” in collaboration with Berlin based beatmaker Bluestaeb. For a certain period Bluestaeb released a new track every second Friday through SoundCloud. The idea behind the series is to make every track stand out on it’s own and to show the full versatility of production which might not fit together on one normal EP. Now here’s the vinyl version to the tracks that were released during this time and hey… They do fit very well together. Features Knowsum (Luk & Fil / Sichtexot) , Galv, Juju Rogers and Anthony Drawn (Sichtexot).