E.P. Instrumentals

ElectroBluesSociety – Riffs & Blues EP [E.P.] [2020]

ElectroBluesSociety – Riffs & Blues EP [E.P.]
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01. Aciamaj
02. Umbrella
03. Nasty Dog
04. Slow And Heavy
05. Shuff Enuff
06. Up And Down

ElectroBluesSociety – Riffs & Blues EP

Beat Tape

Leroy “FatVonFree” Freeman Jr. – Lateral [Beat Tape] [2019]

Leroy “FatVonFree” Freeman Jr. – Lateral [Beat Tape]
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01. Sneaker Pimpz
02. Indian Rosewood
03. Shifting Away
04. Danielle’s Lament (Shake Juntz & 40 Water)
05. Mahogany
06. Cry For Help II
07. Cheers To A New Beginning

Leroy “FatVonFree” Freeman Jr. – Lateral

Beat Tape

SK The Greatest – Signature Sounds [Beat Tape] [2017]

SK The Greatest – Signature Sounds [Beat Tape]
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01. Scratching The Surface (feat. DJ Berlin)
02. January 26th (feat. Carter Arrington)
03. WD40
04. Cruise Control
05. Starlight
06. The Pied Piper
07. Nobody’s Fool
08. The Secret
09. Back To Ohio
10. L.O.V.E.
11. Untitled (Dedicated to The Memory of Daniel J. Skeens)
12. A Mother’s Cry
13. Memorial Day
14. I AM
15. Act III
16. Take Your Mind
17. SK’s Revenge

SK The Greatest – Signature Sounds

This is a journey through sound. Blending genres such as Rock, Funk, Blues, and Jazz with Hip-Hop. Signature Sounds chronicles a 3 year experience spoken without words. Dedicated to the life and memory of Daniel J. Skeens. Brother, Father, and Son.

Its highs and lows conjure feelings of peace, laughter, joy, love and life. But also pain, sorrow, suffering and loss. Perseverance. Signature Sounds is designed to create a rather unique listener experience. Each song’s progression tells a part of the story, and the tracks are arranged to flow from beginning to end.

As always, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.



B.B. & The Underground Kingz – The Trill Is Gone (Prod. by Amerigo Gazaway) [Remixes] [2015]

B.B. & The Underground Kingz – The Trill Is Gone (Prod. by Amerigo Gazaway) [Remixes]
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01. Pimptro
02. The Trill Is Gone feat. Mr. 3-2 & Ronnie Spencer
03. Make Love To My Car
04. Country Cousins feat. Talib Kweli & Raheem DeVaughn
05. They Luv That feat. Bubba Sparxxx
06. Int’l Blues Players Anthem feat. Outkast & Eric Clapton
07. Lil’ Ghetto Woman feat. Lil’ Wayne & Marlena Shaw
08. What Means The World To Pimp feat. Ludacris
09. Intermission
10. Pop It For Pimp feat. Juvenile
11. Same Old Story feat. P.O.P.
12. I Want A White Gurl So Bad
13. The Truth Hurts feat. Scarface
14. That’s Gangsta Life
15. Pourin’ Up
16. Get Out The Way
17. Shoutro
18. Smoke Sumthin’ feat. Trill A.G. (Bonus)

B.B. & The Underground Kingz – The Trill Is Gone

Under the Soul Mates Project banner of “collaborations that never were,” Amerigo Gazaway’s latest imagines a recording session between Blues great, BB King, and Texas rap legends, UGK. Aptly titled “BB & The Underground Kingz: The Trill is Gone,” the producer seamlessly bridges the gap between hip-hop and its predecessor, the blues.

Crafting the album’s bedrock from deconstructed samples of King’s electric blues hits, Gazaway re-imagined what might have happened had King and UGK actually recorded in the same time and space. Tapping UGK historian and documentary film maker, Sama’an Ashrawi, for unreleased interview audio, the producer cleverly uses the soundbites to help build his project’s narrative. Strategically looping and lacing Lucille’s guitar licks and B.B.’s road tales with Bun B & Pimp C’s southern fried storytelling, Gazaway finds a sweet spot in the overlapping themes of his subjects’ respective catalogs.

Beat Tape

NJF – Beatape #1 [Beat Tape] [2014]

NJF – Beatape #1 [Beat Tape]
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01. This Gritty City
02. Fist Full Of Copper
03. Wake ‘n’ Bake
04. Floating To Infinity
05. Gliese 581G
06. Feel My Pain
07. The World We Knew
08. Everythings Alright
09. Just Bussin’
10. Make My Own Way
11. I’m Not Alone
12. A New Day
13. Stay Stoned (All Night Long)
14. Believe Me Darlin

NJF – Beatape #1