Myka 9 & Profound – Joy & Pain (Feat – Blu) (Official Lyric Video) [Video] [2020]

Myka 9 & Profound – Joy & Pain (Feat – Blu) (Official Lyric Video) [Video]


MYKA 9 & PROFOUND – JOY & PAIN [E.P.] [2020]

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Blu & Damu The Fudgemunk – Ground & Water [Album] [2019]

Blu & Damu The Fudgemunk – Ground & Water [Album]
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01. Both Of Them
02. Feet on the Ground
03. Beast Mode ft. Cashus King, Shawn Jackson, Yamin Semali & Local Blacc
04. Share The love ft Raw Poetic
05. Get On Down
06. Ground & Water ft Damu the Fudgemunk
07. Rhymes & Gemstones
08. Grey Heaven

Blu & Damu The Fudgemunk – Ground & Water

Also Available On: Limited Edition Colored Vinyl


Blu & Oh No – The Lost Angels Anthem [Single] [2019]

Blu & Oh No – The Lost Angels Anthem [Single]
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01. Blu & Oh No – The Lost Angels Anthem

Blu & Oh No – The Lost Angels Anthem


Colemine Records – Head Above Water [Single] [2018]

Colemine Records – Head Above Water [Single]
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01. Colemine Side: The Rugged Nuggets – Head Above Water
02. Coalmine Side: Smoke DZA, Fly Anakin & Blu – Head Above Water (feat. DJ Revolution)

Colemine Records – Head Above Water

To celebrate Record Store Day 2018, Ohio-based Funk/Soul label Colemine Records, and the Brooklyn-based indie Hip-Hop label Coalmine Records, have teamed up for a limited-edition 7-inch release, “Head Above Water.” The double label venture boasts a new Soul jazz groove from the LA-based Funk/Soul collective, The Rugged Nuggets, B/W a reinterpretation of the track, flipped by Coalmine’s go-to producer, Small Professor, which features blistering verses from Smoke DZA, Fly Anakin and Blu, with cuts by the incomparable DJ Revolution.

Side A, as referenced on the Blue Note-flipped donuts as COLE SIDE effortlessly demonstrates why the The Rugged Nuggets are the newest collective to carry the torch of instrumental music. Emerging from the tight-knit Los Angeles Funk/Soul community, the 7-piece live band deliver a sound on “Head Above Water” that’s as inspired, realized and refreshing as the city landscape and culture that the musicians reside within.

Side B, as noted on the “buoy-themed” donut as COAL SIDE, represents a coast-to-coast Hip-Hop flight as DZA kicks things off by putting on for his hometown of Harlem in a major way. His verse is pure braggadocio-tinged flames and brimming with bars, among them his NY Jets-referencing closing line of “I’m Broadway Joe with my mink on drag.”


Beat Tape Co-Op – Beat Tape Co-Op Radio #002 [Mix] [2018]

Beat Tape Co-Op – Beat Tape Co-Op Radio #002 [Mix]
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01. pjzero – Radio
02. Priesemut – Catalyst
03. Deep – OG Testament
04. Big Malk – Can’t Stop
05. DJ Design – Sparkdala (Madlib & Quasimoto)
06. Sun Raw – 08
07. Blu & Nottz – Creme Of The Crop (Feat – Versis & ScienZe)
08. The Mixtapers – Bloom [Instrumental]
09. KLIM beats – Boom Bap
10. Shon J – Advanced Meditation (Inhale Wisdom)
11. Brous One – Nostalgia
12. Evil Ed – Great Expectations
13. Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program – The Arrival
14. Math-Mic – One Two
15. Homeboy Sandman & Edan – #NeverUseTheInternetAgain
16. Hi-Tek – The Illest it Gets (Feat – Buckshot)
17. 〄 DJM 〄 trio – Won’t Do (J Dilla)
18. Slum Village – Oh!
19. Exile – Eggsyle
20. MelloWolf – Piano
21. The Alchemist – Judas [Instrumental]
22. Smoke Trees – Central Park

Beat Tape Co-Op – Beat Tape Co-Op Radio #002

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David Begun – A Sense of Blu [Remixes] [2018]

David Begun – A Sense of Blu [Remixes]
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01. Soul Resurrector
02. I Used to R.E.L.A.X.
03. Watermelon Lemonade
04. Book of Akfam feat. The Grouch
05. Check The Man
06. Nuthin’ To Due feat. Chuuwee
07. Bluism
08. WBLU
09. Thisislove w/Ta’Raach
10. Jungle Juice feat. MED
11. Clean Chapter
12. Maintain Peroxide feat. MED
13. God’s Resurrect Remix feat. Co$$ & Definite Mass

David Begun – A Sense of Blu

This newest mashup album combines the lyrical verses from California’s own Blu with mid-90’s boom-bap instrumentals from Common’s Resurrection to create A Sense of Blu. A production classic featuring works from No I.D. and Y-Not, Resurrection was a seminal hip-hop album and a classic in every sense of the word. Blu’s style has always been considered a throw back to this same lyrical period and this project imagines what it would be like if he truly were thrown back into 1994 and the golden era.

E.P. Remixes

Blu x Union Analogtronics – LA Counting [E.P.] [2016]

Blu x Union Analogtronics – LA Counting [E.P.]
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01. LA Counting
02. LA Counting (Exile Remix)
03. LA Counting (Dibiase Remix)
04. LA Counting (Yann Kesz Remix)
05. LA Counting (Instrumental)
06. LA Counting (Exile Remix Instrumental)
07. LA Counting (Dibiase Remix Instrumental)
08. LA Counting (Yann Kesz Remix Instrumental)
09. LA Counting (Acapella)
10. LA Counting (Daz-I-Kue Remix)

Blu x Union Analogtronics – LA Counting

Hot off his collaboration with Madlib and MED (Bad Neighbor), SoCal ambassador Blu has teamed up with the Paris-based production team UNION to present “LA COUNTING”, the lead single off their forthcoming album Cheetah in the City. Featuring remixes by Exile, Dibiase, and Yann Kesz, this limited edition 10” delivers Blu’s lyrical love letter to Los Angeles while UNION’S synth-soaked production marks a stylistic sea change for the Below the Heavens MC.

Rippling with 808s and cinematic strings, LA COUNTING is an organic evolution from the signature keyboard-driven sound that put UNION on the map in 2012 with Analogtronics, their debut album featuring Talib Kweli, MF DOOM, Elzhi, Guilty Simpson, and more. Cheetah in the City will be released later this year on Fat Beats Records, but until then the world will have to keep LA COUNTING.

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blu -$200 Dollar Beats [Beat Tape] [2015]

blu -$200 Dollar Beats [Beat Tape]
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01. The Fronts
02. Lunch Money
03. Cali Funk
04. Yeah
05. I Never Sleep
06. Jackin’ Tacos
07. Walk By
08. Clean Cut
09. Beeper Buddy
10. Eastside
11. I Was One
12. The Machine
13. Moon Dance
14. Raw Phone
15. Sugar Grass
16. Same O’ Beat
17. Weekend Cuddle
18. Don’t Fall Off
19. The Second First Scarface Album
20. And The Viktor Vaughn Beat

blu -$200 Dollar Beats

Beat Tape

blu – $100 Dollar Beats [Beat Tape] [2015]

blu – $100 Dollar Beats [Beat Tape]
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01. Fav Her Monica
02. Our Very Latest
03. Money In L.A.
04. The New Bop
05. Bad Girl
06. Durango
07. So Much To Do Today
08. Dinner Receipt
09. The Biiz
10. Real Steel
11. The Monkey Suit
12. What ?
13. Blue Clinton
14. You Suck !
15. Count Sleep
16. Blow Up Ya Box
17. Pour Out A Lil Liquor
18. A Revlon Commercial (Extended)
19. Red Bull
20. Colors You Never Seen

blu – $100 Dollar Beats


Blu & Klaus Layer – The Boys (45) [E.P.] [2015]

Blu & Klaus Layer – The Boys (45) [E.P.]
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01. The Boys – Remix (Vocal Version)
02. The Boys – Remix (Instrumental)

Blu & Klaus Layer – The Boys (45)

Whether you’re here for the rhymes or the stereophonic instrumental, this is a surreal piece of work that’s worth adding to your collection. Los Angeles’s Blu offers up a semi-abstract “California Kaleidoscope” of track on which he paints a picture of police brutality, as German producer Klaus Layer’s stuttering / fluttering drums and organic samples weave themselves in and out of the dreamlike mix. “Stop the violence.”

Beat Tape

Jewbei – Jewbei Does Med & Blu [Remixes] [2015]

Jewbei – Jewbei Does Med & Blu [Remixes]
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01. Med & Blu – Burgundy Whip (Feat. Jimetta Rose) (Jewbei Remix)
02. Med & Blu – Belly Full (Feat. Black Spade) (Jewbei Remix)
03. Med & Blu – Peroxide (Jewbei Remix)

Jewbei – Jewbei Does Med & Blu

So its been just over a year since Jewbei Does Sean Price, and heres the new instalment of the Jewbei Does series. It takes me over a year to make 3 tracks… I need to sort my life out.

This time I’ve remixed 3 tracks from Med & Blu’s new collaboration. I don’t know why I decided to try and remix Madlib beats… its too hard.

Well anyway, hopefully you enjoy and as always the instrumentals are included only with the Bandcamp download!

PS. I know the hook on Burgundy Whip is out of tune with the beat, I can’t make beats for singing… Im just not that good.


Blu – Lemonade (Katrah-Quey Remix) [Single] [2014]

Blu – Lemonade (Katrah-Quey Remix)
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01. Lemonade (Katrah-Quey Remix)

Blu – Lemonade (Katrah-Quey Remix)

Beat Tape

Astronote – Astroblacked [Beat Tape] [2014]

Astronote – Astroblacked [Beat Tape]
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01. The Coming ft. Stacy Epps
02. BYM Pt.1
03. Astroblacked
04. Lightitup
05. Ka Libre ft. Rasheeda Ali
06. Transponder
07. Rhymes On Paper (Vivid) ft. Blu
08. BYM Pt.2 (IKYK) ft. Séou
09. Out Of The Unknow ft. The Forty Fivers
10. Ghost Funk ft. Ay. Avah
11. Emptiness Eaves ft. Ay. Avah
12. Souffle
13. Fisainana ft. Slikk Tim
14. MDMTM ft. Slikk Tim
15. World ft. Blakk Soul & Séou
17. IWLY ft. Nick Walker
18. Crunch Time ft. Illa J
19. POM ft. Mansool
20. To You (Bonus)
21. One (Bonus)

Astronote – Astroblacked


Blu – The Clean Hand (Katrah-Quey Remix) [Remix] [2014]

Blu – The Clean Hand (Katrah-Quey Remix)[Remix]
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01. The Clean Hand (Katrah-Quey Remix)

Blu – The Clean Hand (Katrah-Quey Remix)