Beat Tape

Beyond Luck – Travelin’ Music Vol. 3 [Beat Tape] [2015]

Beyond Luck – Travelin’ Music Vol. 3 [Beat Tape]
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01. The Sun ft. Lailah Reich
02. Classics ft. Pugs Atomz
03. Brasil Groove
04. Brownies ft. Lailah Reich
05. Space Journey/Crown Chakra
06. Contact ft. RTST
07. Crowd Surf
08. Slow Burn ft. Carminelitta
09. Lake Shore Express ft. Lailah Reich
10. All Night ft. Lailah Reich & Brotha Chris
11. B-Boy Traveler’s Guide ft. Leo 123
12. Lake Shore Express (Fina Remix)

Beyond Luck – Travelin’ Music Vol. 3

A collection of tracks representing this exact moment in time…..NOW. The Chicago rooted trio consisting of Dj Moppy, Radius and Kenny Keys openly define their “style” as Beyond Genre Music, expressing their common love for Jazz, House, Prog Rock, Hip hop, Dub/Reggae, etc… The groups production setup includes but is not limited to Moppy on technic 1200s and Effects, Radius on the MPC 1000 and Kaoss Pads, and Kenny Keys on keyboards and synths. They have been creating and collaborating with various artists including Pugs Atoms, Domenichi Morris, Leo 123, Lailah Reich + more, compiling a library in anticipation of a Full Vinyl LP release. All proceeds donated to this first Digi-EP will go toward the completion of future releases.