Beat Tape

Betty Ford Boys – Retox [Beat Tape] [2014]

Betty Ford Boys – Retox [Beat Tape]
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01. Two
02. All Up On My Nutz
03. What They Do
04. Raymonds Lamont
05. Kick Shit In (Interlude)
06. Henny Lean
07. Physical Fitness
08. Everyday Day Pt. 2
09. Shut Up
10. The Recipe
11. Higher Than You
12. Friend (Interlude)
13. Insanity Clause
14. Hypnotize’em
15. The Symphony (Jeeep Volume)
16. Earland Journey

Betty Ford Boys – Retox

Also Available On: Betty Ford Boys – Retox (LP) & Betty Ford Boys – Retox (CD)


Betty Ford Boys – Uppers / Downers [E.P.] [2014]

Betty Ford Boys – Uppers / Downers [E.P.]
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01. So Fine
02. Crispy
03. Let It Go
04. Rita
05. Watch My Bacc
06. 9 MM

Betty Ford Boys – Uppers / Downers

“Uppers / Downers” is the first release by the Betty Ford Boys (Suff Daddy, Dexter, Brenk Sinatra) since their 2013 album “Leaders Of The Brew School”. It is a limited hand-stamped & sealed 10”. 1.000 Copies. “Uppers / Downers” will only be available during the “Retox Tour” in October / November. Remaining copies might pop up at selected vinyl stores later on. The six songs from the EP will not be on the album.