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Beat Tape Co-Op & Various Producers – The Black Book Tape [Compilation] [2019]

Beat Tape Co-Op & Various Producers – The Black Book Tape [Compilation]
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01. LoFidel: Session 1
02. Matt Bloom: Session 2
03. Edison: Session 3
04. Inner Sound: Session 4
05. Prozak Morris: Session 5
06. Ill Clinton: Session 6
07. IceRocks: Session 7
08. Ben Boogz of 2 Hungry Bros (Feat – Doc Reevez): Session 8
09. Deep of 2 Hungry Bros: Session 9
10. FredOnes: Session 10
11. Serringe: Session 11

Beat Tape Co-Op & Various Producers – The Black Book Tape

The Black Book Tape has taken some time to come together… but I don’t think it will ever be completed. The idea started roughly 3 years ago to have a blank cassette inside a black book and have it sent out to various producers to record anything they wanted on it. Along with recording on the tape I also said feel free to tag the book. Well… fast forward to the present and after some hiccups and delays I decided to just release what has been record so far on the cassette. The cassette will always be available to any producers in the states to record anything you want on it, until the cassette is full. I hope everyone enjoys what is available for your listening pleasure thus far and hope people can envision the idea I had for the project. It’s a one of a kind book & soundtrack. Enjoy

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Cover Art By: Kista

Beat Tape

Ben Boogz of 2 Hungry Bros – Love Handles [Beat Tape] [2018]

Ben Boogz of 2 Hungry Bros – Love Handles [Beat Tape]
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01. Love Intro
02. Sang Pham
03. Love Handles
04. No Quitin’
05. Biscuit Bullets
06. High Flavor
07. Flabbin Jax
08. Jamz N Jelly
09. Oh Lord!
10. Boss Hog
11. Blood Type – Ragu
12. Jazzercise
13. Funktry
14. King Of Hearts
15. Marble Cake
16. Crackzillla
17. Nostrillz
18. He’s A Changed Man
19. Metabolism
20. Midnite Snackz
21. Camuflabbage
22. Rumpa Tingz
23. Cholestorollz

Ben Boogz of 2 Hungry Bros – Love Handles

Also Available On: Love Handles Cassette + Digital Album

How do you make your drums so Punchy? That is a question Mighty Joe of Other Guys asked Ben Boogz once. My answer to Joe in reference to Ben’s drums is a Treacherous Three song, “HeartBeat”. “make you feel so sweet!” Enter Love Handles, Ben Boogz’s second solo Beat Tape endeavor. Ben Boogz rides soulful samples over “punchy” percussion to make your speakers knock and head nod with a twist. Ben holds onto what he loves about the Hip Hop by her Love Handles and composes some passionate beats for the culture. His love for the Mpc2000 keeps his style true to the 2 Hungry bros sound everyone’s enjoyed over the last decade. Ben Boogz’s love for Beat making is quite prevalent in this new beat tape of 23 varying boom bap compositions. No cheap effects needed to keep the pace moving just a real dope groove. And well, groove is in the heart, Love Handles.